5 Tips for Finding a Nursing Assistant Job Easily

Although finding a CNA job might seem to be a very easy thing for those who have had years of experience, but for those who have no experience in this field, think that finding a job as a CNA is a daunting task, you need to think again. This is because there are many ways of looking for the job of your choice.

Top 5 Tips to Find a CNA Job

All you might have to do is look for it in the right place. Try looking at the various ways to look for a CNA job. Below we like to give five tips that will help you to find a suitable job.

1. Contact Your Local Schools

Before taking up the course, find out if your vocational school will help you in your job search. Find out if they also have any programs that have a separate department or individual who can inform the students about the various vacancies available.

If your school is a well established one, then it will have an excellent resource for helping you in your job search. They are likely to have a list of the local employers where you are likely to find a job.

2. Make Good Relationship with Your Instructor

While doing the course, make sure that you have complete terms with your instructors and the nurses in the school.

They might know a great deal about finding a CNA job. They might know other colleagues employed at other hospitals or clinics where they would hire people like you.

The best thing about having good terms with them is that they can give their references, which will help you in establishing your credentials.

They might also guide you as to what places you should apply and what organizations you should avoid.

3. Use The Power of the Internet

Apart from searching the internet, make sure that you do not miss out on scanning the various nursing websites and publications.

These have advertisements of the local clinics and hospitals that are looking for CNAs. Register with a popular job search website where potential employers are likely to find you.

Modify your search by changing words a little and see what websites are shown by the search engine.

Ask your peers and other professionals about the websites which are very popular with the employers.

You can check the websites of individual hospitals or clinics. Click on their career section and submit your resume there.

You should also try doing cold calling to find a job. Make several copies of your resume and visit the various hospitals in your town or city. Check with their human resource department if they have any vacancies for a certified nursing assistant.

You should try cold calling because some employers might not have kept their websites updated, or might be thinking of listing the vacancy. If they have your resume before that, they might consider calling you for an interview before anyone else does.

Some hospitals do not list their vacancy at all; they just call candidates through references. If you visit these hospitals, you may be able to get a job.

4. Ask Your Friends & Family

Take the help of your family or friends to inform you about an acquaintance who might need your service at their residence. They in turn, might let others know about your qualification and help you get a job.

This is an excellent way of getting a job because if you have less experience, you can offer personalized services to individuals at slightly lower rates than someone who is experienced.

5. Get a Volunteer Job

If the above methods do not help you find a job, then you can always offer part-time volunteer services at a community center or hospital. You can take up some other part-time job simultaneously.

Even if they do not pay you well, it might help you in having some experience. You will be able to sharpen your skills and face interview more confidently.

Although finding a certified nursing assistant job is not an easy task, it is nevertheless an impossible thing to do. You need to put in some efforts in your job search, just the way you did for completing the course.

When you appear for interviews, make sure that you are aware of the salary that you are supposed to get and the challenges you will face. If you are willing to relocate to other cities, choose cities where there is a higher employment rate for CNAs. This will also increase your chances of getting a job.


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