How to Find your CNA License Number Easily

You can find your CNA license number by checking the state’s public database. If they still issue physical licenses, it will be on file there as well! Make sure to keep this information handy and accessible at all times in case you need verification for anything- from employment opportunities or patient care services. Steps to … Read more

36 Money Saving Tips for Nursing Assistant Students

Money Saving Tips for Nursing Assistant Students

As a CNA student, you may be looking for ways to save money. Use this blog post as your guide on how to save money while in school. From tips about food and drink to saving cash by cooking at home, there are many easy ways that you can start saving now! So if you’re … Read more

Nurse Aide Registry in Florida

The Florida CNA license is your key to attaining outstanding career prospects as a CNA in this state. To continue working or looking for greater job opportunities, you’ll need a valid Florida CNA license. Florida is a health-care service state. Florida’s population is continuously increasing, as are the demand for high-tech and top medical services … Read more

30 CNA Interview Questions and Answers: Be Overprepared

CNAs are a very important part of the medical field. They provide care and support to patients, as well as work with doctors by administering medication and following doctor’s orders. CNAs also do a lot of paperwork, which can be one of the most tedious parts of their job. In order to become a CNA, … Read more

The History of CNAs

Have you ever wondered what a CNA is and how they make their place in today’s nursing field? This blog post will explore how CNAs came about and what obstacles they overcame along the way. How CNAs Came About In 1914, During World War I, the American Red Cross established a program called the Volunteer … Read more