Positioning Patient on Side

Today, we are going to demonstrate another important CNA skill test which is Positioning the patient on the side. A nurse aide must change the position of bedridden residents at regular time intervals; or whenever a client requests. Ensure that the head of the bed is lowered and the bed is in a flat position. … Read more

CNA Skill: Assist With Use of Bedpan

In this post, We are going to explain how to assist a patient with the use of a Bedpan. This is an essential skill and CNA must know how to properly place the bedpan. Place the bedpan flat on the bed and not on the bedside table. Position the bedpan crack to crack and give … Read more

CNA Skill: Range of Motion Excercises

Assisting patients in motion exercises of the upper and lower body parts is an important skill of CNA. The nurse aide must be aware of all the upper body exercises like the rotation of wrist and fingers, touching the chest in curls, arm to back wall, snow angel, wiper motion etc. The lower body exercises … Read more

Feeding the Patient

In this post, we are going to explain another essential CNA skill which is, How to feed a patient? Raise the head of the bed and sit on the bed while feeding. Use a spoon but gloves are not required while feeding. Make sure the meal is according to the diet specified by the physician. … Read more

CNA Skill: Providing Mouth Care

Providing mouth care is an essential CNA skill test. In this post, We will demonstrate how to provide mouth care to a resident. While providing mouth care use of gloves is necessary. If the resident is unable to walk up to the basin provide them emesis basin; Raise the head of the bed and brush … Read more

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