Being a CNA Before Nursing School – Pros and Cons

The choice to become a CNA before nursing school is ultimately yours. There are pros and cons associated with the decision, which you should definitely take into consideration before making any decisions. Pros for Becoming a CNA Before Nursing School 1) The best part of being a CNA before nursing school is that you have … Read more

11 Funny Signs You’re a CNA Student

Ever wanted to know if you are a CNA student? Here are some tell-tale signs. You have to study for your certification exam, remember the acronyms HCA, CCU, and PACU, and be able to list all of the steps in caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. When people find out that you’re studying to become a … Read more

13 Signs That You are Going to Be a Great CNA

There are some signs and characteristics which can help determine whether or not you will make a good nurse aide. The 13 signs mentioned below indicate that you possess the right qualities and mindset necessary to become an excellent and well-respected CNA: 1. You are a people person Everybody loves you. You have a way … Read more

10 Things You Will Never Learn in CNA Training

A lot of people get their start in the medical field by becoming a CNA. But did you know that there are actually 10 things you’ll never learn in your CNA training? Here’s what we found: 1. What it’s like to be a part of other people’s lives You will work in a lot of … Read more

Is Stethoscope Allowed in Flight?

Is Stethoscope Allowed in Flight or not

Stethoscope is one of the most important medical devices for doctors. It is used by physicians to listen to the heart and lungs, check blood pressure, or diagnose lung problems. But can it be taken on an airplane? The answer may depend on what kind of stethoscope you are using. If it’s a disposable stethoscope … Read more