Dummy’s Guide to Join CNA Training in Alabama

Stepping into the nursing field and becoming a certified nursing assistant is a rewarding decision for those students, who really want to become health care or medical professionals. CNAs suggest that they assist the senior nurses and doctors in the hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.

Certified nursing assistants have to practice nursing under the guidance and supervision of their senior nurses.

They perform various responsible tasks such as feeding and bathing the patients, providing them with medication, helping them to recover the disabilities, re-positioning them whenever required, keeping their health records, recognizing their vital signs and communicating between the patients and doctors.

All of these jobs require highly skilled knowledge of nursing which is acquired after taking CNA classes.

The nursing programs are offered by various schools, community colleges, vocational schools, health care facilities, medical schools, etc., in all the states.

CNA training in the state of Alabama was started after the passing of the Omnibus Finances / Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA – 1987).

There is an inventory of certified nursing assistants in the Alabama division of Well being and they are legally allowed to work as nursing assistants in long term care facilities.

As per the OBRA, the requirement for being a certified nursing aide is the completion of 75 hours of training materials and the Alabama state nursing exam; which are followed by the specified time of nursing practice.

Alabama CNA Training Pre-requisites

Unlike most of other states, the Alabama state nursing board has a few unique educational requirements. It does not mandate to possess a high school diploma or a GED (general educational development) test certificate.

The students here can also attend the training program even when they are pursuing their high school degree or diploma. The age of the students must be 17 years or above. This allows the students to prepare for the jobs while taking education.

Following aspects are incorporated in the CNA training in Alabama –

  • CPR certification
  • Vitals of basic nursing
  • Basic science
  • Medical terminologies
  • Basic patient care
  • Infection control
  • Skills related to nursing facility

The training program covers the advanced technical as well as clinical aspects of nursing which are indeed necessary for the students to become successful as certified nursing assistants.

The Exam Pattern for Alabama CNA Training

The candidates who have completed the course work of certified nursing assistant become eligible to appear for the Alabama state nursing exam.

This exam comprises of a two-part test.

The first part of the test asks to answer the technical questions based on classroom session; while the second part asks the students to perform clinical skills.

The students have to prove their competency in both of these tests so as to pass the exam successfully. Those who fail in exam once, can retake it; which can be tried thrice within the period of 2 years.

Otherwise, they have to re-enroll in the Alabama state for certified nursing assistant training. After passing in the exam, they get the certificate within a short time.

There are so many training programs in the state of Alabama which prepare the students for the evaluation of certified nursing assistant proficiency.

The only important thing is that the students must make sure that the respective training program is approved by the Alabama Department of health and holds recognition at the time of employment.

The reason behind this is that if the programs are state approved, they tend to render the standard nursing knowledge and train the students much effectively as compared to other programs.

Advantages of Alabama CNA Training

Generally, all the Alabama state approved programs of certified nursing assistant provide the students with all the necessary tools such as course material, 2 sets of uniforms, lab coat, a pair of shoes, a watch, stethoscope, a background check proof, TB screen report, etc.

Some of them also provide with the payment of the exam fees. No matter the course instructors are accredited or not, the courses do offer CPR training during the nursing course work is going on. These are some of the advantages of Alabama nursing aide training programs.

Once you get the certification and license of being a certified nursing aide in Alabama, your name gets registered on the Alabama state nurse aide registry.

To maintain the certificate and license active on this registry, one has to actively continue the nursing practice in the period of 24 months.

Failing to do so, the license and certificate is declared as ‘inactive’ or ‘expired’ by the registry and then, the respective candidates have to reapply for the same. Usually, this period of renewal is 2 years.

The candidates get to know about the renewal information well before the date of deactivation or expiry. Hence, one has to keep updating the personal information regarding mailing and postal addresses on the registry.

Attending the nursing aide classes in Alabama is very convenient and reliable to ensure the candidates about becoming successful nursing assistant professionals.


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