Minnesota State Regulations for CNA Certification

The demand for nurse aides in Minnesota is increasing, but there is dearth of these professionals in the state.

If you want to join the healthcare industry and have a steady job, then you can definitely look forward to become a CNA or a certified nursing assistant.

However, you cannot practice without getting your CNA certification in Minnesota. This can be attained after you get trained through a recognized program and work hard to get your certification.

How to achieve CNA certification in Minnesota

Getting CNA certification in this state is much easier as compared to CNA certification in Michigan or any other state.

The number of hours required to get certification is the same as prescribed by the federal law of the country, i.e. 75 hours; most of the states make it mandatory to undergo training of longer duration.

When you decide to take up the job of a CNA, the best thing to do is to search for a program that is state recognized and has a good pass percentage of students take up the course.

Many schools conduct a screening procedure in which they might take an entrance test and a personal interview.

They also might ask you to get a background clearance to show that you do not have a criminal record or were never accused of consuming drugs.

Requirements for CNA certification Minnesota

If you want to become a nurse aide in this state, then you should undergo a training program that has been accredited by the state and offers you 75 hours of classroom training and 100 hours of hands-on training.

There are two curriculum’s that are approved by the state. One curriculum was designed by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the other one was developed by the American Red Cross.

The clinical training should have been conducted by a registered nurse who has at least 2 years of experience in US, and should have been employed for at least one year in a long term care facility.

You should also have a high school or a GED and should be at last 18 years old to get your certification.

After you get your test results, you should submit your fingerprints cards, copy of your social security number and photo identity proof along with your results.

You will get your certification only if the results of your background check reveal that you do not have a criminal background.

Cost of CNA training program in Minnesota

There are many low cost training programs in the state that offer you an all-inclusive package below $1000.

The cost can vary from one city to another. If you want to search a low cost training program, then you can either opt to take up a course that offers online training or you can contact your nearest community college to check if they offer any financial assistance.

You can also check if your school or college invites sponsorship’s who will cover the training cost and after the training is over, you will have to work for your sponsor.

If you get an offer letter from a hospice care facility to work for them before you have started your training program and you have taken your competency exam, then you will be provided training free of cost.

Another way to get free training in this state is to undergo training program that of provided by a recognized nursing home or a boarding care home.

After the training program is over, you should remain reemployed at the facility for a minimum of three months and should pass their competency test. The nursing facility will be obliged to reimburse the training fee within a year.

Some high schools offer this program free of cost. If you are still in high school, you can take up this training without any tuition fee.

Renewal of CNA certification in Minnesota

If you want to stay active on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry then you should have performed independently as a nurse aide for a minimum of 8 hours in the past 24 months.

You should have been paid for your services and your responsibility should have been similar to that of nurse aides in a nursing home.

If you have provided volunteer services or have undergone training, it will not be accepted for renewing your certification. You should also inform the Registry if you have changed your name, address or social security number.

If you have worked for the past 2 years in a health care facility which is not a day care facility, a recognized nursing home, or a home health agency, then you should get in touch with the Registry to find out if your current employment would be accepted by the authorities to renew your certification.

The nurse aides working in recognized nursing homes and other health care facilities should have received a minimum of 12 hours of training from their current employer.

If you want to transfer your CNA certification from any state to Minnesota, then you should have your certification active in your current state and in good standing, which means that you should not have a criminal record or have been accused of patient neglect or abuse.

The average salary in this state is about $27,000, which is a very decent pay. You can undergo further training in this field to increase your knowledge and open doors to a better future.

There are plenty of full time as well as part time jobs available in this field. So if you want to take up a full study course, you can continue working as a CNA.


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