How to Get a CNA License in Connecticut

Having a Connecticut CNA license helps you get to work in the state or take up a job offer while your stay is considered legal. However, you need to satisfy some of the conditions required for you to be given the Connecticut CNA license. The CNA job has many takers and there are opportunities galore. The population is increasing and so is the demand for high tech and state of the art medical care facilities. Such facilities need to have Certified Nursing Aide as they are the ones who look after the basic needs of the patients.

A CNA usually, works in a team of doctors and registered nurses and his duty involves carrying out the instructions as given by the doctor. He plays the link between the doctor and the patient as it’s not always possible for the doctor to be in touch with the patient and take personal care of him.

This is where the role of CNA can’t be overlooked. Though the CNA stands fairly low on the hierarchy of medical professionals, it doesn’t imply that his responsibilities are less or he is less important. In fact, no health care facility can do away with the CNAs.

CNA Training for the License

Before a person starts working as CNA he has to go through many procedures such as he needs to have at least a high school degree and follow it up with a course in the CNA training. For those who can’t attend regular courses can always go for online training courses offered by various universities and colleges. The CNA training comprises of theoretical and practical courses.

Connecticut requires the candidate to have received at least 100 hours of training and work under a registered nurse for a minimum period of 2 years. The to-be certified nursing assistant should also complete 16 hours of training in the following areas:

  1. Infection Control
  2. Resident Rights
  3. Communication skills
  4. Emergency procedures
  5. Resident Independence

The certified nursing assistant’s training program should also comprise of all the basic theoretical components as described by the state. The CNA must be trained on 25 competency skills. During the test, any 5 of these skills are asked.

After the training is completed the CNA aspirant has to appear for the exam which comprises both theoretical and practical exams. The theoretical paper aims to test your understanding and grasp over the subject and usually is a set of 100 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in the stipulated time frame.

Similarly, the candidate has to appear for the practical test that checks your skills and requires you to perform them on a live model before the state examiners. You will be evaluated on your performance on 5 skills and you will be required to pass at least 3 of them to clear the practical exam.

However, the candidate has to clear both the exams to be declared pass. This enables the student to get a CNA certification and you get registered on the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry, besides, you get a CNA license that makes you eligible to work in any state of the USA without inviting legal trouble. But make sure that you get the license renewed when required so that you continue to enjoy your work. Make sure you take care of the following things:

Renewal of CNA license

The candidate needs to renew his CNA license before it expires. You may check the procedure on the state registry’s website or contact them. However, most probably you will be receiving a recertification form before 2/3 months of the expiry of the license.

The rule states that you must have completed at least 8 hours of paid work as a CNA and not as a volunteer, which doesn’t count as experience. If you fulfill the requirement you can fill-up the form and send it back to the concerned department along with the fee amount.

Transferring CNA license in Connecticut

This is particularly helpful if you want to shift to the state of Connecticut to pursue your job or want to take up a job offer from the state. You should meet the conditions as indicated by the concerned state health department.

The rule says that you must undergo thorough background checking to ensure that you do not have any offense that you may have committed in prior state and you are also required to submit your ID proof, fingerprints, passport size photographs, etc. You are also required to have undergone an immunization test within the last 6 months to make sure you don’t pose any health hazard to the patients and other people you will be dealing with.

In case you fail to meet the requites, as per the state law of Connecticut, you will have to take the CNA training and test all over again and pass it to be awarded a Connecticut CNA license to carry on with your job or move to the state to take up the job offer.

Once, you are in the possession of the CNA license, there so many opportunities that will knock your door. There are opportunities for you in various settings like hospitals, private nursing homes, clinics, laboratories, universities, community health centers, acute care centers, rehabilitation centers, Government health care centers, and also private homes of the patients.

The job sometimes can be very hectic as per the demand and you might as well have to report for duty during holidays or while you are on leave. But if you have the passion and motivation to serve the ailing, look no further as this is the right job for you.


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