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It is mandatory for every state to have a CNA Registry as per the federal mandate passed in 1991. After finishing the courses, the applicant is obliged to take the certified nursing assistant Certification Test, established and approved by the Registry.

If the student passes the exams, he obtains a nursing assistant License from the Nursing Aide Registry. The nursing aide Registry is used by the employers to verify the nurse aide’s status.

The employer verifies if the aide is eligible to work in a health care facility and if the nursing assistant has the required training and examination.

As a result, the nursing assistant is obliged to maintain an active status at the certified nursing assistant Registry and to continually update his personal information and activity.

The CNA Registry is responsible for the training and evaluation programs and for recording the details of the people qualified as Certified Nursing Assistants.

The Certified Nursing Assistant Registry in every state has the following functions:

  • Periodically renew the certification
  • Approve and monitor Training Programs
  • Keeping a record of all the Certified Nursing Assistants in the state
  • To establish the Final Examination for the applicants who want to obtain a CNA License
  • To update a database of client abuse
  • To reimburse students and different health care facilities the costs of nurse aide Training Programs

After finishing the training program and passing the final examination, the applicant becomes listed on the Registry.

First the applicant receives a temporary/ provisional license and after completion of all the formalities, a permanent registration is awarded by the Nursing Aide Registry.

Update the CNA registry

To work as a nursing assistant, it is required that the one has an active status on the CNA Registry, and has a clean record with no neglect or misappropriation charges.

The Registry may send the listed aide important documentation, for example the registration of the license as well as the renewal application forms are sent via e-mail or letter to the nurse assistant. That is why the aide has to regularly update of the current personal information.

License Renewal

The license is valid for two years in most states, however, some in states the license is valid only for one year. It is important to renew your license in order to continue working; if the license expires you can no longer work as a certified nursing assistant.

Usually, the CNA Registry sends the license renewal notice almost six days before the license registration expires. You can renew the license in two ways: at the License Registration office or through a secure online payment system. The online payment system is popular because it is faster and more flexible; more than 50% of the licenses are renewed through the online payment system.

The registry requires you to work for a minimum of 160 hours in the two years validity period of the license, but this may vary from state to state. If you fail to work the mandatory hours of work you have to enroll into a training program again and also give the certification test.

Duplication and revoke of license

The CNA Registry is also responsible for duplicating the certificate. If the certificate has been lost, destroyed, robbed or if the Nursing Assistant has changed her name, the Registry is responsible for issuing a duplicate of the nursing assistant’s Certificate.

The Nursing Aide Registry can also revoke a certificate in cases of misappropriation, neglect or abuse of a patient’s property. A background check is also done to seek information about any criminal charges against you. The nurse aide’s name along with the specific charges is listed in the Registry.

The CNA registry is under the health department of each state and has all the rights reserved for approving of licenses and renewing them.

Maintain a clean record, work the mandatory hours and keep the state updated with your contact information to avoid discontinuation of service.


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