CNA Registry in Nevada

Who maintains the CNA registry in Nevada?

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Public & Behavioral Health/Health Care Quality and Compliance
727 Fairview Dr., Ste E
Carson City, NV 89701
Attn: Sherry Crance, RN
Phone: 775.684.1055

Who investigates complaints in your state?

Sam McCord, BSN, RN
Nevada State Board of Nursing
5011 Meadowood Mall Way, Ste 300
Reno, Nevada 89502-6576
Phone: 888.590.6726

Nevada CNA license paves the way for an outsider to come and take up a job in this state as a certified nursing assistant. A valid Nevada CNA license makes your work in the state legal and lets you continue to enjoy your work. Nevada is perceived to be a state that has opportunities galore for the CNAs. The health care industry is booming and there is requirement of such candidates. Hence, there are many who prefer Nevada to start off their career.

CNA License Requirement in Nevada

A person wanting to become a certified nursing assistant should at least have a high school degree which is the minimum qualification required. However, the better the qualified one is, the better will be the career prospect of the candidate.

So, once you have got the qualification, next you should get admission in the state approved CNA training program which comprises of 75 hours of training with a minimum of 16 hours spent on both the classroom learning and the hands-on clinical training. This CNA training course is provided by many colleges and Institutes. Find CNA program in Nevada here.

After the successful completion of the training, the candidate needs to appear for the CNA test. This CNA test also involves a written as well as a practical test and you have to clear both of them in order to be declared as having passed the exam. Take our free CNA practice test online here.

Once you have passed the exam, you get listed with the Nevada CNA registry and you are eligible for CNA certification as well as CNA license. This CNA license allows you to work in any state in the USA even if you don’t originally belong to that state without getting into any legal hassle. However, you need to take care of the following:

How to Verify your CNA License in Nevada

To verify your CNA license open the URL given below and follow the steps.

Nevada CNA License Verification Portal

How to Renew your CNA License in Nevada

It’s important that you get your CNA license renewed every 24 months so that you carry on with your job. Usually, you receive prior notice from the Nevada State Board of Nursing before the expiry of the license. You need to fill up the recertification form with relevant data and send it across to the concerned department along with the requisite fee.

You must also submit proof as to your employment as a paid CNA with some registered health care provider. Remember that volunteering work doesn’t count as work experience.

Renewal Requirements

Minimum 24 hours of continuing education within 24 months

Minimum 40 hours of paid work within 24 months

Renewal Fee



24 Months

Time Required

Two to Three Weeks

Nevada CNA License Renewal

How to Transfer your CNA License in Nevada

This lets you migrate to Nevada from any state that you might be from in the USA. This makes you legal before the eyes of the law and keeps you away from legal issues associated with being a migrant.

The Nevada State Board of Nursing will carry out thorough background research so as to see to it that you are not guilty of any offense in the prior state and don’t have a tainted past.

You are also required to have undergone an immunization test within the past 6 months so as to confirm that you don’t have any health problems and thus aren’t a threat to the people you will be dealing with and the patients you will be attending to. You need to meet the criteria set by the state department so as to be allowed a CNA license transfer.

Note: Nebraska does not have any reciprocity from like other states. Contact Nebraska registry for more information.

Advantage of Licensed CNA in Nevada

A valid CNA license will see to it that you aren’t troubled by any legal issues if you have moved to this state from some other region. The population is growing and so is the need for high tech and advanced medical facilities to attend to the needs of people suffering from various health issues. There is no health care provider that can do away with the services of the CNAs who take care of every basic medical and non-medical need of the patients.

There is a shortage of qualified CNAs as against the volume required. Hence, there are many opportunities that exist in Nevada. Similar to a New Jersey CNA license, a person with a Nevada CNA license can get jobs in various health care units such as,

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Military hospitals
  • Private nursing homes
  • Mobile medical units
  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Community health centers
  • Government public health care centers
  • Acute care centers
  • Rehabilitation centers

Adult daycare centers and even the private homes of the patients requiring 24-hour medical care and attention.

A full-time CNA in the state of Nevada stands to make about $28,000 a year. Some, medical care facilities also offer employees other benefits like retirement saving plan, health insurance, paid leave and paid holidays besides the salary.

The CNA usually, works in a team of doctors and registered nurse and carries out the instructions as given by the doctor. He serves as the link between the doctor and his patient as the doctor may not always have the time to attend to the patient personally. A certified nursing assistant may stand fairly low on the hierarchy of the medical professionals but that doesn’t mean that they have less responsibility or they are not as important, the fact remains that all the medical service providers need the CNAs to be able to run their facilities.

The nature of a CNA job may at times be such that you will be left wanting for personal times, as you may even be called upon duty even when you are on leave or there is a holiday. But if you have the passion and the commitment to serve the helpless and the ailing, this is the job you will never regret having chosen this field.