Is it Worth Taking a CNA Training Program?

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is one of the best careers building opportunity that has occurred in recent past decades. The main aim of a certified nursing assistant is to look after the patient’s overall development that comes for the treatment procedure. After completing the high school diploma degree or GED, you are eligible for enrolling for CNA certification from any institute with accreditation from the state government.

There are several institutes that offer CNA training program in the United States such as

  • Red Cross Society
  • University of Washington
  • University of California
  • Baker College, etc.

Amongst these, Red Cross is considered to be the best training institute for nursing in the USA. It also has its branches in Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world.

The best part of Red Cross Society is that it is. Another advantage is that this institute has highly advanced and equipped tools and technology, which are used for training purposes.

Before enrolling for certified nursing assistant certification, it is mandatory to have detailed information about nursing. There are two modes by which you can enroll for the nursing aide certification course, one is online mode and another is offline mode.

Under the online mode, you have to fetch for the authentic website of the institute or college and fill the application form as directed by the guideline given below whereas, under the offline mode, you have to visit the college and submit the application form along with the required document personally to the admission department.

Nowadays, online mode is preferred as compared to the offline mode.

After completion of the enrolling process, you will be provided with a time table as per the schedules of the classes and the other important details.

The CNA classes comprise of 2 sessions, one is the theoretical classes that include the basic knowledge about nursing, their roles, and responsibilities, etc..

And the other is the training session or clinical session in which you have to work under an experienced certified nursing assistant in any of the nursing homes or hospitals, as it helps you to know the exact duties of a certified nursing assistant as well as helps to strengthen your key skills.

The duties of a certified nursing assistant include:

  • Preparing the bed
  • Monitoring the vital signs such as body temperature
  • Heartbeat
  • Pulse rate
  • Blood pressure and respiration
  • Taking care of the patient’s diet by providing nutritious supplements and healthy drinks as directed by the dieticians
  • Preventing bedsore for bedridden patients
  • Changing the dressing of the patient’s wounds
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the surrounding
  • Providing medicines from time to time
  • Housekeeping
  • Taking care of the toilet needs and maintaining personal hygiene so that the patients do not catch any type of infection

In nutshell, a certified nursing assistant is responsible for observing the patient’s overall development.

There is great career advancement in the field of nursing and health care.

There are six levels in the nursing certification:

  • First is the six months of diploma course
  • Second is the two years of associate degree
  • The third is the 4 years of bachelor’s degree
  • Forth is the 2 years of master’s degree
  • And fifth is the two to five years of doctorate degree

After the completion of each degree, you will be promoted to senior level with a handsome salary increment. Licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), etc are some of the higher position in the field of nursing and health care.

The most attractive part of the CNA career is the salary of the certified nursing assistant that ranges from $25000 to $35000.

There are various other advantages of a nursing career such as it is a recession-proof job and allows flexibility in the timing of the job.

As the services of a certified nursing assistant are required 24×7, their duties are divided into two shifts, one is the night shift and another is the day shift.

People working for night shifts are paid more as compared to those working for the day shift. Even entry-level candidates can apply for the job of a certified nursing assistant, as the only requirement is a nursing certification degree along with a CNA license.

Since this position is required in every hospital and nursing home, therefore you can also relocate as per your requirements and you can easily get a job in other states.

Just you need to apply for the nursing license from the Nursing Aide Registry of the state, where you have to be relocated as well as you have to inform the Nursing Aide Registry of the current state, too.

Another important aspect is that you have to make sure that the organization in which you are joining should have a CNA insurance facility so that your future can be a safeguard.

Usually, this provision is given almost all the organizations, but there are some who do not provide the insurance facility.

So it is recommended to seek the insurance facility from any of the private company with all your requirements fulfilled. Make sure that you have gone through each and every detail of the policies in an appropriate manner so that it can help you to protect from any uneven problem that might occur in the future.


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