Detailed Guide to Join CNA Courses in Arkansas

It is very important to undergo a CNA course that is recognized by the Arkansas Office of Long-Term care if you are planning to pursue as Certified Nursing Assistant) from Arkansas. To get licensed under the state Nursing Assistant Registry, you will be required to pass the state issued certification exam.

There is a huge demand for Certified Nursing Assistants in the state certified professionals can find great opportunities with job security as the nursing industry is expected to grow.

CNA course in Arkansas include a minimum of 100 hour classroom/laboratory training & 75 hours of practical, clinical training.

Although this course schedule is considered by many approved programs, some may differ in their schedule when it comes to the number of hours meant for classroom training & practical, clinical training.

For this course program, the applicant will be required by many companies to be a high school diploma holder or GED holder in addition to certification.

This training program generally focuses on learning about basic nursing ethics, proper patient care, infection prevention & control, CPR certification, medical terminology, & other nursing related tasks.

Prerequisites for Nurse Aide Courses in Arkansas

Although it is comparatively easier to pursue CNA courses in Arkansas, there are some requirements that must be met by an applicant.

These include having a clean criminal background & passing a medical test.

Required Skills for CNA Courses in Arkansas

Before pursuing this course, make sure you meet all the requirements for CNA courses. You must be criminally clean and pass a medical test. It will be better if you are a high school diploma holder or GED holder, as some facilities need it.

You must be calm, patient, and sincere. These may seem to be a regular thing, but it helps a lot in enhancing your performance. You must be a good conversationalist and must be polite while dealing with patients and doctors.

In addition to the above mentioned requirements for nursing assistant courses, it is also essential for the applicants to possess good behavioral & communication skills.

This will ease their interaction with the doctors, nurses & the patients.

They should also have good writing skills in order to maintain records of patients.

The applicants should possess good stamina & must be able to provide a consistently good performance.

CNA Courses in AR Offering Low Cost/Free

Nursing HomeAddressContact No.Fax No.Website
Montgomery County Nursing Home741 South Drive,   Mount Ida, Arkansas 71957(870) 867-2156(870) 867-2049http://www.montgomerycountynursinghome.com
Brookridge Cove Rehabilitation & Care Center1000 Brookridge Lane, Morrilton, AR 72110(501) 354-4585(501) 354-1257http://brookridgecoverehabcarecenter.com
Legacy Health and Rehabilitation, LLC3310 North 50th, Fort Smith, AR 72904(479) 783-3101(479) 784-9072http://legacyfortsmith.com
Fianna Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center8411 South 28th Street, Fort Smith, AR 72908(479) 648-9600(479) 648-9673http://www.fiannahillsnursing.com
Innisfree Health & Rehab301 South 24th Street, Rogers, Arkansas 72758(479) 636-5545

Davis Life Care Center6810 South Hazel Street,  Pine Bluff, AR 1603(870) 541-0342(870) 850-7967http://davislifecare.org
Butterfield Trail Village1923 East Joyce Boulevard,  Fayetteville, AR 72703(479) 442-7220

Greenhurst Nursing Center226 Skyler Drive,PO Box 458,Charleston, AR 72933(479) 965-7373

New Hope Health & Rehabilitation1149 West New Hope Road, Rogers, AR 72758(479) 636-6290

Newton County Nursing Home610 Court Street, Jasper, AR 72641(870) 446-2333(870) 446-5133http://www.newtoncountynursinghome.com
Paris Health and Rehabilitation, LLC1414 South Elm Street, Paris, Arkansas 72855(479) 963-6151(479) 963-6773http://parishealthandrehab.com
Shiloh Health & Rehabilitation Center1092 West Stultz Road, Springdale , AR 72764479-750-3800

Timberlane Health & Rehab2002 Timberwood,El Dorado, AR 71730(870) 863-8090


Procedure for Applying for State Certification Exam

After the completion of the CNA course program, you will be required to apply for the state certification exam in order to become certified nursing assistant in Arkansas.

This exam is administered by Prometric/Department of Health & Human Services Division of Medical Services Offices of Long Term Care. This exam will include both written & skills sections.

The applicant will be provided with two hours to complete the written exam involving 60 multiple choice questions. The result of the clinical skills exam will be based on the applicant’s performance in the five skills that will be tested within a period of 35 minutes.

A list of such skills can be found on the site. The candidates will be required to pay certain fees in order to give this certification exam. It is necessary for CNAs in Arkansas to successfully pass the written & skills exams in order to apply for certification & jobs.

After that, fingerprint cards will be submitted for approval. The state & federal background check will also be conducted.

Once you clear the certification examination & all these requirements, you will get registered under state Nurse Aide Registry.

This license can be renewed after every two years. After achieving this registration, it will become possible for you to work as a registered nursing assistant in Arkansas in local hospitals, care center, rehabilitation centers, clinics or any other section that provides nursing facilities.

Arkansas CNA Reciprocity

If the candidate has gained license from any other state other than Arkansas & if he/she is willing to work in state, the candidate is required to contact the Nurse Aide Registry or OLTC (Of Long Term Care) in order to attain the reciprocity form.

After that, verification will be made by OLTC regarding the applicant’s status by contacting all other states of previous employment.

Then, notification will be made regarding whether he/she is eligible for the transfer or not. If his/her certification is not valid, he/she will be required to apply for the state certification exam.

Arkansas State offers the facility of transfer through reciprocity for the ones desiring to shift to Arkansas for employment.

For this, you must collect reciprocity form from Arkansas Nurse Aide Registry and submit it along with proving that you possess a CNA license in the state where you currently works.

It must be in good standing and you must have clean criminal background.

The state registry will verify the submitted documents and inform you about whether you are applicable for the transfer or not. If you are successful in meeting all the requirements, you will get a CNA license to work in that state.

CNA Salary in Arkansas

CNAs in Arkansas can expect a decent wage. Typically, the average annual salary of a CNA in Arkansas is around 19,600$.

Salary is bound to increase effectively with experience & additional certifications. It has been estimated that the nursing industry is expected to see a growth of 23% in nurse job openings in the state over the next ten years.

Hence there will be hardly any chances of not getting a job in future. Thus there is a huge scope for the aspirants in making a long & rewarding career in the nursing industry.


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