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Graduating from a high school is a special moment in our lives. It makes us believe that we are about to enter into an adolescent stage, as we are getting ready to step into the college world. However, these days, many youngsters are in dilemma, as they could not decide what subjects they should specialize in.

Mainly, the current scenario in the job market has added to this indecisive state. Thankfully, there is still one profession that is regarded safe and with no boundaries of education and experience. One can join this ever-growing occupation with a high school diploma, and become a healthcare professional.

Certified nursing assistant’s profession is the occupation we are stressing about. If you have dreamed about working closely with doctors, nurses and helping patients, you must join CNA classes in West Virginia.

Since the word ‘classes’ is involved, you might think that you have to spend again few years in learning. That might be with other professions, but it is surely not with the West Virginia CNA classes.

At the most, you will have to spend two months to complete this course. Actually, the main motive of the course is to provide you fundamental knowledge of certified nursing assistant’s job.

When you receive the certification after succeeding in the exam, you can work in any legal long-term care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health settings.

As you are aware that medical industry is progressing, CNA position has become the most common one in this industry. You will find that many job advertisements published or uploaded on the Internet for this position.

For high school graduates, the CNA training program is a boon. It can be so for working professionals who are desperate to change their filed because of slow or no growth.

How to Become a CNA in West Virginia?

Becoming a certified nursing assistant means securing your career. Every day you spend with medical professionals and patients bearing different background, age and status will keep adding new skills and experience.

You will learn about life, death, emotion, attachments, etc. To work closely with the healthcare team and assist patients, you have to take CNA training.

It is not difficult to find training facilities in West Virginia since there are over 120 educational centers spread in 23 cities.

There has to be few community colleges and training centers in your area. Check the approval status and register for the course so that you can qualify for the exam.

You have to complete at least 65 hours of classroom training in the facility. For clinical practices, you need to complete 55 hours of working in a state-approved healthcare facility.

Apply for the competency evaluation test to receive the certification. Written and clinical tests are planned to test your skills. You have to pass in both the tests in order to find a place in the nurse aide registry’s database.

CNA Training Program in West Virginia

CNA training program is one of the popular courses in the U.S. states. Growing population is the only reason that has provided momentum to this course.

Today, nursing aides are in great demand in all the sectors of the healthcare industry. With a CNA certification, you will have financial power and stability in your life.

The most convincing and noticeable part of the course is that it just takes few weeks to complete it.

West Virginia approves 120 hours training programs for the certification exam. As per the rules, the course should be conducted in two parts.

Half the portion of the course must be held in the premises, and the remaining part in an age-old home.

Classroom instructions will provide technical knowledge through lecture, presentations, videos, and sharing thoughts through group discussion. Clinical practice will help in getting on-job experience.

Authorized Free or Low Cost CNA Training in West Virginia

  • Ansted Center
    Contact Number: (304) 658-5271
    Address: –P.O Drawer: 400, Ansted, West Virginia 25812
  • Arbors At Fairmont
    Contact Number: (304) 363-5633
    Address: – 130, Kaufman Drive, Fairmont, West Virginia 26554
    Fax: (304) 363-8247
    Email Id:
  • Barbour County Good Sam. Ctr.
    Contact Number: (304) 823-2555
    Address: – Route 3, Box 15c, Belington, West Virginia 26250
  • Berkeley Springs Rehab & Nursing
    Contact Number: (304) 258-3673
    Address: – 456, Autumn Acres Road, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia 25411
  • Boone Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (304) 369-0986
    Address: – P.O. BOX NO. 605, Danville, West Virginia-25053
  • Braxton Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (304)765-2861
    Address: – 200, Days Drive, Sutton, West Virginia 26601
    Official Website:
  • Brightwood Center
    Contact Number: (304) 527-1100
    Address: – 840, Lee Road, Follansbee, West Virginia 26037
  • Broaddus Hospital
    Contact Number: (304) 457-1760
    Address: – Mansfield Hill, Philippi, West Virginia 26416
  • Cabell Huntington Hospital, Tcu
    Contact Number: (304) 526-2380
    Address: – 1340, Hal Greer Boulevard, Huntington, West Virginia 25701
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Cameron Nursing & Rehab Center, Llc
    Contact Number: (304)-686-3318
    Address: – Route 4, Box No.: 20, Cameron, West Virginia 26033
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Cedar Ridge Center
    Contact Number: (304) 984-0046
    Address: – 302, Cedar Ridge Road, Sissonville, West Virginia 25320
  • Clarksburg Nursing & Rehab Center, LLC
    Contact Number: (304) 624-6500
    Address: – 801, Davisson Run Road, Clarks
  • Camden Clark Memorial Hos
    Contact Number: (304) 424-2111
    Address: – 800, Garfield Avenue, Parkersburg, West Virginia 26102
    Official Website:
  • Dunbar Care & Rehab Center
    Contact Number: (304) 744-4761
    Address: – 501, Caldwell Lane, Dunbar, West Virginia 25064
  • Dawn View Center
    Contact Number: (304) 298-3602
    Address: – P. O. Box No.686, Fort Ashby, West Virginia 26719
  • E.A. Hawse Continuous Care Center
    Contact Number: (304) 897-5903
    Address: – P.O Box No. 70, Baker, West Virginia 26801
    Fax: (304) 897-5906
  • Eagle Pointe
    Contact Number: (304) 485-6476
    Address: – 1600, 27th Street, Parkersburg, West Virginia 26101
  • Eldercare Health & Rehab
    Contact Number: (304) 372-5115
    Address: – 107, Miller Drive, Ripley, West Virginia 25271
    Official Website:
  • Elkins Regional Conv. Ctr.
    Contact Number: (304) 636-1391
    Address: – 1175, Beverly Pike, Elkins, West Virginia 26241
    Fax: (304) 636-1371
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Fayette Nursing & Rehab Center, LLC
    Contact Number: (304) 574-0770
    Address: – 100, Hresan Boulevard, Fayetteville, West Virginia 25840
    Fax: (304) 574-1434
  • Golden Livingcenter – Glasgow
    Contact Number: (304) 595-1155
    Address: – PO Box No. 350, Glasgow, West Virginia 25086
  • Golden Livingcenter – Riverside
    Contact Number: (304) 768-0002
    Address: – 6500, Maccorkle Avenue South West, Saint Albans, West Virginia 2517
    Fax: (304) 768-5093
    Email Id:
  • Grant County Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (304) 257-4233
    Address: – 27, Early Avenue, Petersburg, West Virginia 26847
    Fax: (304) 257-4610
  • Guardian Elder Care, Wheeling, LLC
    Contact Number: (304) 234-0500
    Address: – Homestead Avenue, Wheeling, West Virginia 26003
  • Heartland, Beckley
    Contact Number: (304) 256-1650
    Address: – 100, Heartland Drive, Beckley, West Virginia 25801
    Fax: (304) 256-1657
  • Heartland, Charleston
    Contact Number: (304) 925-4771
    Address: – 3819 Chesterfield Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia 25304
    Fax: (304) 925-1343
  • Heritage Center
    Contact Number: (304) 525-7622
    Address: – 101-13th Street, Huntington, West Virginia 25701
    Fax: (304) 529-1366
  • Jackie Withrow Hospital
    Contact Number: (304) 256-6600
    Address: – 105 South Eisenhower Drive, Beckley, West Virginia 25801
  • Lincoln Nursing And Rehabilitation Center, LLC
    Contact Number: (304) 824-3133
    Address: – 200, Monday Drive, Hamlin, West Virginia 25523
  • Logan Center
    Contact Number: (304) 752-2273
    Address: – Rt. 10 3 Mile Curve   Logan, West Virginia 25601
  • Logan Park Care Center
    Contact Number: (304) 752-8723
    Address: – 1000, West Park Avenue, Logan, West Virginia 25601
  • Maples Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (304) 327-2485
    Address: – 1600, Bland Street, Bluefield, West Virginia 24701
    Fax: (304) 325-2120
    Official Website:
  • Mariner Health Care, Huntington
    Contact Number: (304) 529-6031
    Address: – 1720, 17th Street, Huntington, West Virginia 25701
  • Marion Health Care Hospital
    Contact Number: (304) 363-2500
    Address: – 401, Guffey Street, Logan, West Virginia 25601
  • Marmet Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (304) 949-2000
    Address: – 1, Sutphin Drive, Marmet, West Virginia 25315
    Fax: (304) 949-4418
  • Mcdowell Nursing And Rehab Center, LLC
    Contact Number: (304) 448-2121
    Address: – PO Box No: 220, Gary, West Virginia 24836
  • Montgomery Gen. Elderly Care
    Contact Number: (304) 442-2469
    Address: – PO Box No.1010, Montgomery, West Virginia 25136
    Fax: (304) 442-8103
  • Mound View Health Care
    Contact Number: (304) 843-1035
    Address: – 2200, Floral Street, Moundsville, West Virginia 26041
    Fax: (304) 843-1504
    Official Website:
  • Nella’s Nursing Home, Inc.
    Contact Number: (304) 636-2033
    Address: – 200, Whitman Avenue, Crystal Springs, Elkins, West Virginia 26241
    Fax: (304) 637-6206
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • New Martinsville Care & Rehab
    Contact Number: (304) 455-2600
    Address: – 225, Russell Avenue, New Martinsville, West Virginia 26155
    Fax: (304) 455-2580
    Email Id:
  • Princeton Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (304) 487-3458
    Address: – 315, Courthouse Road, Princeton, West Virginia 24740
    Fax: (304) 425-1924
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • Roane General Hospital D/P
    Contact Number: (304) 927-4444
    Address: – 200, Hospital Drive, Spencer, West Virginia 25276
    Official Website:
  • Rosewood Center
    Contact Number: (304) 265-0095
    Address: – Glenmark-Genesis Grafton, West Virginia 26354
  • Shenandoah Health Village Center
    Contact Number: (304) 724-1101
    Address: – 219, Prospect Avenue, Charles Town, West Virginia 25414
  • Sistersville Center
    Contact Number: (304) 652-1032
    Address: – Genesis/Glenmark, Sistersville, West Virginia 26175
  • Springfield Center
    Contact Number: (304) 753-4332
    Address: – Route 1, Box No.101-A, Lindside, West Virginia 24951
    Fax: (304) 753-4334
    Email Id:
    Official Website:
  • St. Barbara’s Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (304) 534-5220
    Address: – “Maple Ter, Lady Lane”, Fairmont, West Virginia 26555
  • Summersville Mem Hosp D/P
    Contact Number: (304) 872-2891
    Address: – 400, Fairview Heights Road, Summersville, West Virginia 26651
  • Trinity Health Care Of Mingo
    Contact Number: (304) 235-7005
    Address: – 100, Hillcrest Drive, Williamson, West Virginia 25661
    Official Website:
  • Valley Haven Geriatric Center
    Contact Number: (304) 394-5322
    Address: – Rr 2, Box No.: 44, Wellsburg, West Virginia 26070
    Fax: (304) 394-1242
  • Weirton Medical Center, D/P
    Contact Number: (304) 797-6092, (304) 797-6527
    Address: – 601, Colliers Way, Weirton, West Virginia 26062
    Fax: (304) 797-6449
    Official Website:
  • Willows Center
    Contact Number: (304) 428-5573
    Address: – 723, Summers Street, Parkersburg, West Virginia 26101

We know it is difficult and overwhelming to embark on a totally new career. Especially, when you have already given few years to a different profession you are qualified in.

One thing we can assure you that taking CNA classes in West Virginia will never make you regret about changing your career.

In fact, after getting into the medical field, you will find new challenges each day. You will learn and help others in dealing with medical, physical and emotional problems.

CNA Certification Requirements in West Virginia

The state regulatory body decides what is expected from people aspiring to be a certified nursing assistant. To receive the certification, students have to complete training, and pass the competency evaluation exam.

No training program that runs for less than 120 hours is eligible for the certification. Students must verify with the training facility at the time of enrollment to avoid further disappointment.

Individuals completing the course and applying for the exam have to submit a certificate of course completion. They should also agree to let the board verify their background by providing two fingerprint cards.

They need to answer 70 multiple-choice questions to pass the written test, and demonstrate minimum five nursing skills to clear the practical test. When they succeed in both the tests, the nurse aide registry certifies them.

CNA classes in West Virginia offer many options in taking the course. The state approves courses conducted by community colleges, vocational schools, and nursing homes. The course is truly beneficial for students and professionals in taking a career that will provide them financial stability and freedom.

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