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Many people believe that get into a medical profession needs a medical degree and a high amount of ingenuity. This may be true if one is thinking about doctors. However, there are many ways one can fulfil his/her dream of working in the medical field.

Especially, those who need not or cannot afford the burden of a course fee or wait for years to get a degree.

Thanks to the Arkansas CNA classes, that has made it possible to enter the medical sector without bringing in huge money and waiting for long.

Whether you care for ill, old or thinking about changing your profession, taking the Arkansas CNA classes will allow achieving both. You can even work independently as a freelancer-nursing professional with the certification you will be achieved after completing the classes and passing the exam.

If you are waiting for the right time for taking the nursing profession, then you must read the fact found by the U.S. Bureau of Labor that predicts a high demand of people educated with the state-approved training programs.

How to Become a CNA in Arkansas?

To leap in the direction of becoming a nurse aide, you must be 18 years old. Further, a high school diploma and clean background are essential to take admission in the certified nursing assistant’s classes and appear for the exam.

Zero tolerance of offensive, abusive or criminal background are the top priorities of all states offering a nursing assistant certification. By doing the background check, the government will protect the patients’ lives and their properties.

Find and take admission in any state-approved training program. The approval of the state is essential since It is your responsibility to find out the legalised program before staking in your money and time.

Complete the classes and appear for the exam. Before that, you have to complete and submit the exam application form. You can receive the application form from the institute you are doing the course, or by downloading it through the nursing websites designed and developed by the Arkansas State Nursing Board.

Submit a copy of course completion and the exam fee of $89 drawing a check or demand draft in the board’s name. The board will also ask to submit two fingerprint cards for a background check. The board will accept the application form only if you clear the background checks.

Prepare for the exam and clear it in the first attempt. You will have to retake the nurse aide classes if you are not able to pass the exam in three attempts.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses in Arkansas

Before pursuing this course, make sure you meet all the requirements for CNA courses. You must be criminally clean and pass a medical test. It will be better if you are a high school diploma holder or GED holder, as some facilities need it.

You must be calm, patient, and sincere. These may seem to be a regular thing, but it helps a lot in enhancing your performance. You must be a good conversationalist and must be polite while dealing with patients and doctors.

  • High School Diploma
  • At least 18 years old
  • Background check
  • Medical Test

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, it is also essential for applicants to possess good behavioural & communication skills. They should also have good writing skills to maintain records of patients. The applicants should possess good stamina & must be able to provide consistently good performance.

  • Good writing skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good behaviour

CNA Classes in AR Offering Low Cost/Free

You must enrol in a state-accredited CNA program to qualify for the certification exam conducted by the state health department.

There are many community colleges and nursing schools in Arkansas that offer training for aspiring nursing assistants. If the state body does not recognise these schools, they are not worth your time and money as the state has not permitted them to conduct such training.

As a moral responsibility towards its citizens, the Arkansas state has been encouraging many colleges and vocational institutes to offer classes.

The state is doing its duty by luring and exciting aspiring candidates to meet the anticipated demand of nursing professionals. The health department of Arkansas monitors these programs at timely intervals because those who complete this training will work in the sensitive medical field on passing the certification exam.

List of CNA training institute may offer free or low-cost classes.

Nursing Home Address Contact No.
Montgomery County Nursing Home 741 South Drive, Mount Ida, Arkansas 71957 (870) 867-2156
Brookridge Cove Rehabilitation & Care Center 1000 Brookridge Lane, Morrilton, AR 72110 (501) 354-4585
Legacy Health and Rehabilitation, LLC 3310 North 50th, Fort Smith, AR 72904 (479) 783-3101
Fianna Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 8411 South 28th Street, Fort Smith, AR 72908 (479) 648-9600
Innisfree Health & Rehab 301 South 24th Street, Rogers, Arkansas 72758 (479) 636-5545
Butterfield Trail Village 1923 East Joyce Boulevard, Fayetteville, AR 72703 (479) 442-7220
Greenhurst Nursing Center 226 Skyler Drive, PO Box 458, Charleston, AR 72933 (479) 965-7373
Paris Health and Rehabilitation, LLC 1414 South Elm Street, Paris, Arkansas 72855 (479) 963-6151
Shiloh Health & Rehabilitation Center 1092 West Stultz Road, Springdale, AR 72764 479-750-3800

Topic Covered During the Arkansas CNA Training

Classroom sessions cover all the technical or theoretical aspects of nursing, and in practical sessions, the students are subjected to hands-on clinical training. Practical sessions include practising all the clinical tasks that are to be performed by certified nursing assistants.

Theoretical Session
  • Basic science
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Infection control
  • Patient care and basic safety
  • Personal hygiene
  • Health education and population education
  • Patients rights, etc
Practical Session
  • Feeding patients
  • Providing them with medication as per the prescription
  • Bathing and grooming the patients
  • Relocating them whenever required
  • Maintaining their hygiene and safety
  • Taking vital signs
  • Keeping a record of patient’s health and reporting their health status to the doctors, etc.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA In Arkansas?

The state of Arkansas has made it mandatory for recognised training centres to provide for a minimum of 90 hours of training; the training includes theoretical study as well as practical training.

Initial Instruction – Part I 16 hours
Theory & Classroom Lab – Part II 58 hours
Practical Training – Part III 16 hours
Total 90 hours

Procedure for Applying CNA State Exam

After the completion of the CNA training program, you will be required to apply for the state exam to become a certified nursing assistant. This exam is administered by Prometric/Department of Health & Human Services Division of Medical Services Offices of Long Term Care. This exam will include both written & skills sections.

The applicant will be provided with two hours to complete the written exam involving 60 multiple-choice questions. The result of the clinical skills exam will be based on the applicant’s performance in the five skills that will be tested within a period of 25 to 40 minutes based on the selected skill set. We have practice tests for each section of the CNA exam. Visit our this practice test section here.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Theoretical Test 60 Multiple Choice 90 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Random Selected Skill 25 – 40 Minutes

A list of such skills can be found on the site. The candidates will be required to pay certain fees in order to give this certification exam. It is necessary for CNAs in Arkansas to successfully pass the written & skills exams to apply for certification & jobs.

After that, fingerprint cards will be submitted for approval. The state & federal background check will also be conducted. Once you clear the certification examination & all these requirements, you will get registered under the state Nurse Aide Registry. For more information on Registry and CNA license in Arkansas read our this post.

This license can be renewed after every two years. After achieving this registration, it will become possible for you to work as a registered nursing assistant in Arkansas in local hospitals, care centres, rehabilitation centres, clinics or any other section that provides nursing facilities.

How Much Does It Cost To Become a CNA in Arkansas?

The cost of training can range from $1000 to $2000 depending on the type of college or nursing school you enrol in. The fees cover all the expenses, including uniform, study material etc.

Written and skills exam $75
Written retake $20
Oral retake $20

The higher cost programs take care of the background check and medical checkup requirements mandatory for certification. The certification fee is $89 and if you enrol in cheap classes, you may have to pay for this fee as well as the study material.

For those who cannot afford to pay for the training need not lose heart as free CNA training is also available in the state of Arkansas.

There are some hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities which offer such free training to potential nurse aides to overcome the shortage of trained professionals.

They consider this to be a part of their social responsibility and even encourage their non-medical staff to take up the profession of the certified nursing assistant.

For those who are already employed and want to pursue a career in nursing can enrol in online nurse aide classes so that they can study as per their schedule; the only fix is you have to take time out for the mandatory clinical training classes.

Most community colleges and the nursing school also provide financial aid; the health department of Arkansas directs specific colleges and schools to provide for such financial aid so that more people can be attracted towards this profession to meet the growing demands in the state.

How Much Does a CNA Make In Arkansas?

According to statistics, the per capita employment for nurse aides in Arkansas is around 17 per thousand people which the fifth highest in the state; it proves that the career opportunities for nursing assistants in the state are excellent.

Another important point is that job opportunities in the medical field are stable irrespective of the economic situation so that you can look forward to a stable career.

Salary is another factor that will determine whether people will be attracted to a specific profession; The average annual payment for certified nurse assistant is USD 29,000. Entry-level can expect to earn around USD 17,000 annually.

Below mentioned is the average per annual salaries of CNAs working in different industries.

Designation Average Annual Pay
Pediatric Care Nursing Assistant USD 38,000
Psychiatric Aide USD 38,000
Nurse Aide in Long Term Care USD 33,000

LPN national median payment: USD 44,000

RN national median payment: USD 64,000

So if you think that a nursing job is what you have a liking for joining a CNA nursing school in Arkansas, and you can look forward to a good nursing career.


As there is a high demand for such nursing assistants in the state, the number of training classes for the same is also significantly higher.

In Arkansas, people become nursing aides for various reasons. Some find the work enjoyable and enough paying; some want to work for the disables in their times of suffering, some get a fair living and satisfaction of mind from that work. At the same time, some enter this field because they want to pursue further education in nursing and working as a certified nursing assistant serves as a beneficial step for them.

The most important plus point is that they are of concise duration, and one can become a nursing professional by taking just a simple training course. One can get the names of schools and facilities offering CNA programs available on the online dictionary provided by the state of Arkansas. This makes taking classes more comfortable and convenient.

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