Certified Nursing Assistant Certification in Iowa

If you want to become a CNA, then you need to get trained for a few weeks and clear certification exams to get certified as a nurse aide.

There are several good colleges and schools in the state of Iowa that provide you with this training.

So if you want to get CNA certification in Iowa, select a college that has faculty that trains to not just to become a CNA, it also provides you with such a training that will help you to help you pass your certification exams.

How to achieve CNA certification in Iowa

You can take up this training course right after you complete your high school. Before you decide to invest your time and money into a particular course, you need to check if the course is approved by the state. The CNA training course is available in several technical schools, community colleges, nursing homes and private institutes.

Many of these schools have an entrance test for the candidates, or they check if the candidates can read, write and speak in English correctly and can solve basic Mathematics.

They also verify that the applicants should not have any criminal record in the past, or should not have been accused of consuming drugs or undergoing treatment for it.

The applicants are also required to undergo a physical exam to prove that they do not have tuberculosis.

After you get accepted into a training program, you need to complete it and thereafter take your certification exam. This exam consists of two parts, the written exam and a skills test. If you want to get certified as a CNA, you need to clear both the tests.

If you fail in one, you need to retake that particular test. You will get three chances to clear your certification exam, and if you fail to clear it in the first three attempts, you will have to retake the training before you can take the exam again.

The written test will have multiple choice questions. The skills test will have five questions, and you will have to perform three procedures out of those five.

You will have to very thorough knowledge of the skills taught in the classroom. Make sure that you perform the steps in the correct sequence, and do not forget a step; otherwise marks will be cut for it.

Requirements for CNA certification Iowa

In order to get CNA certification in Iowa, you should have competed your training from a state accredited program that provides you with 75 hours of total training, out of which 30 hours should be part of class room training and the remaining 45 hours should be part of clinical rotation. The 45 hours should be divided into lab training and clinical training.

After you complete your certification exam, your background check will be done to see if you have any criminal record in the past.

Those who have one will be denied certification as a nurse aide. You will also be required to submit your photo ID proof and 2 passport sized photographs.

You will also need to submit your negative tuberculosis test and your diploma of your high school or GED.

Cost of CNA training program in Iowa

The cost of CNA training program in the state can be as low as $150. Most of the training programs are within $2000. However, most of the low cost programs indicate only the tuition fee.

They do not include the cost of the supplies like the training materials, text books, scrubs, uniform, shoes and so on.

Some programs that have a comparatively higher fee include not just the fee for the supplies, but also the fee for the physical exam, background check an finger prints.

If you do not have the money to pay for your course fee, there are many options available at the school where you want to enroll. They might ask you pay in installments, or ask you to take a loan.

You can try to find a long term facility where you will be accepted as a trainee and your employer pays for your training and the entire cost associate with it.

However, check if their program is recognized and how long you will have to work for them after you complete your course.

Renewal of CNA certification in Iowa

After you get your certification as a nurse aide, it will remain valid for the next 24 months just like CNA certification in Indiana.

You should get it renewed before it expires or else you will have to retake the certification exam and pay for both, renewing the license and the examination. Two to three months before license expires, you will get a reminder from the Nurse Registry of the state.

If you want to renew your license, you should have worked for pay for a minimum of 8 hours in the past 24 months and also have received a 12-hour in-service training from your employer.

After you get CNA certification from Iowa, you will get a lot of opportunities to work in long term facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. If you want to, you can also provide services to home bound patients.

Whatever facility you decide to choose, there is one thing that you can be assured that if you prove to be competent professional, you will never be worried about your finances.

Working as a CNA will provide you with job satisfaction and a stable career. Whether you are considering changing your career or considering entering the medical field after your high school, this is a very rewarding and noble career.


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