Details Guide to Join CNA Training in Wyoming

The health care and medical industry of Wyoming is currently experiencing a shortage of the entry level nursing professionals. They deal with the direct and elementary patient care to assist the doctors as well as senior registered nurses.

To meet this demand, the medical and health care settings have a large number of vacant positions for the certified nursing assistants. In Wyoming, it is very important to have the state certification in order to work as a nursing professional at any level.

That is why; the state offers many approved CNA training programs through various high schools, technical vocational academies, community colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, long-term care centers, independent programs and military academies too.

There are online courses also which provide the same training as the offline or in-campus programs. The students should search through a wide options and then select the best approved program for the certification as nursing assistants.

CNA Training Requirements in Wyoming

  • Minimum 16 years of age
  • High school diploma or an equivalent GED
  • Criminal background check proof
  • Negative TB test proof
  • Latest immunization proof

Overview of CNA Training in Wyoming

CNAs are popularly known as the certified nurse aides and are regulated by the Wyoming Department of Health.

The regulation as well as certification of the nursing assistants is looked after by the collective interference of state Board of Nursing and Health care and Licensing Surveys.

The total duration of a typical approved CNA course program is 75 hours which fulfills the minimum hour requirement. This duration is split into a classroom instruction and a clinical skills session. The minimum period for the clinical session is of 16 hours.

The classroom instruction takes place in the classrooms of the facility offering the classes and covers all the necessary theory part of nursing.

The students learn and understand the technical aspects of nursing through lectures, group discussions and interactive sessions too.

They are provided with the course material by the facility. In the next session of clinical skills practice, the students acquire and develop the manual skills which are the daily tasks of a CNA.

This session is conducted in a nearby living health care setting. Thus, along with the course instructors the nursing staff at the respective setting also guides and supervises the students. This is very beneficial for them at the time of state exam and job placement.

CNA Exam

After successful completion of the training program, the students have to go through the state approved exam for certified nurse aides. This exam is administered by the company named Pearson Vue. It involves 2 parts which are a written exam and a clinical skills competency test.

The written test asks 70 multiple choice questions based on theory and the students have to score at least 70% in this test.

The clinical skills test has any 5 randomly given manual tasks for the students to perform under the strict supervision of the course instructors and the nursing examiners.

Both these tests evaluate the students on the basis of their competency level. They are tested for their nursing talent as well as the clinical protocols. Based on the performance shown, the students are evaluated by the examiners.

Once the students pass in the state exam for CNA, they obtain their certificate within a short time. They can also apply for the license.

The certification and license are the proofs of the ability of the candidates to start the professional nursing practice at any health care.

The certified nurse aides from other states can also work in the state of Wyoming by following the reciprocity procedure. It allows them to get their previous credentials and license transferred to this state.

Free CNA Training in Wyoming

There are many facilities that offer free classes for becoming certified nursing assistant. The students can attend the course programs free of cost, provided that they should be willing to work at the same facility immediately after the certification.

This kind of mutual interaction between the students and the facility is of no harm; but is rather advantageous to both.

The students obtain valuable education and certification for free; while the facility gets qualified and skilled professionals without having to pay them.

The state also announces many scholarships, sponsorship’s and funding programs to provide financial assistance to the students who are worthy, but cannot afford to pay for the fees of the classes.

They have to apply and get selected for such programs after which they become eligible to get the full or partial financial aid.

As the health care and allied industry is falling short of nursing professionals, it is clear that there are unending employment opportunities for young aspirants there. It is thus, a good option to get enrolled in some approved CNA training in Wyoming.


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