Complete Starter Guide to CNA Training in Utah

There is an unending employment opportunity in the health care field. Considering the ever increasing demand for qualified, skilled and compassionate nursing professionals, the number of state approved CNA classes is also increasing predictably. The certified nurse aides in Utah are regulated and certified by the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry (UNAR).

The certified nursing assistants get jobs at medical and health care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinical settings, long-term care centers, convalescent homes, elderly care facilities, mental care centers. The job duties of the nurse aides require a lot of nursing talent and skill sets along with the inbuilt urge to serve for the unwell and disabled, compassion, sincerity and dedication.

If one has these basic qualities, then the nursing knowledge and skills can be obtained through the formal training courses for the certified nursing assistants.

The state of Utah has many high schools, technical vocational academies, community colleges, long-term care centers, nursing homes, independent programs which offer state approved training programs for CNA. They prepare the students to pass the state exam after getting trained and then work as successful professionals.

CNA Training Requirements in Utah

  • One should be 17 years old
  • One should have high school diploma or an equivalent GED proof
  • One should submit the latest immunization proof
  • One should submit negative TB test proof
  • One should submit the latest background check proof

Overview of CNA Training in Utah

The duration of a state approved program for certified nurse aide is 75 hours which fulfills the minimum hour requirement set by the national authority.

This total duration is split into 2 parts viz. a classroom instruction session and a clinical hands-on training session. Out of 75 hours, minimum 16 hours must to be spent in the clinical practice session; while remaining duration is given for the classroom instruction session.

The classroom learning is conducted in the facility’s classrooms and the course instructors cover the technical portion through lectures, interactive sessions, audio-visual seminars and group discussions.

The students are taken to a live health care setting for the second session of clinical skills. There they get to acquire and develop the manual skills and tasks of CNAs through hands-on practice.

They are guided and supervised by the nursing staff as well as their course instructors. The students get used to the actual clinical environment, real patients, actual tasks of the nurse aides and the emergency procedures.

Course Content of CNA Training in Utah

  • Basic science and human body mechanism
  • Medical terminologies
  • Basic patient care and safety
  • Personal and patient hygiene
  • Health and population science
  • Infection control techniques
  • Assisting the patients in their daily activities
  • Basic life support system and emergency services
  • CPR training
  • Taking vital signs of patients
  • Preparing health charts and reporting
  • Communicating between the patients and doctors

CNA Exam in Utah

Once the students accomplish the entire course work of 75 hours, they become eligible to appear for the state CNA exam. The exam is administered by D & S Diversified Technologies (Headmaster) and the Utah state.

It is taken in 2 parts – a written test and a clinical skills test.

In the written test, the students have to answer 100 multiple choice questions based upon the theory and they have to score minimum 75% in this test.

In second test, the students have to perform any 5 randomly selected manual skills from the available list.

They are constantly under strict supervision of the course instructors and the senior nursing examiners. They are evaluated on the basis of their competency level in both technical knowledge and the clinical skills competency.

The students need to pass in both tests separately in order to pass in the certification exam. Once they clear the state exam, they readily obtain the CNA certificate from the state board of nursing.

After getting certified, the license can also be obtained within a short time. Those candidates who are certified and licensed get listed on the Utah’s nurse aide registry. This registry keeps an updated record of the candidates’ professional working status which is useful for the employers as a database of the prospective CNAs across the state.

The certification and license enable the candidates to continue the nursing practice anywhere across the state.

If someone from other state is already certified as well as licensed; and wants to work in Utah, then it can be possible by the transfer of license through the reciprocity agreement.

Advantages of CNA Training in Utah

  • All the CNA programs in Utah; approved or not, render an excellent quality of education
  • All the training courses provide the students with the best clinical utilities
  • The best quality amenities are provided by the state approved programs
  • The certification as a nurse aide through Utah nursing board holds recognition in the nursing industry

It is indeed a good option to take CNA classes in the state of Utah, for it offers good quality education in a short time span and also provides with additional advantages.


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