Best Approved CNA Schools in Virginia State

Virginia is one of those states that have a mixed health record; the maximum health issues in the state are a reflection of people being obese or overweight causing illness.

This means that the healthcare needs of the state are very high.

But there is a shortfall of trained professionals in the state which has created great imbalance.

CNA nursing schools in Virginia are doing a great job of training people so that they can assist the nursing staff in providing basic healthcare needs of patients.

There are around 100 hospitals in the state and many more nursing homes and other medical facilities.

These require certified nursing assistants who can assist patients in bathing, dressing, moving around, exercising etc.

This reduces the burden of registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN).

Health assurance companies like Medicare advocate the profession of nurse aides as it cuts down the medical expenses in a big way.

To serve patients in a professional way fundamental training is required for aspiring nursing assistants and it is mandatory as per the law. CNA classes in Virginia offer the required training.

  • Alete Home Health Solutions in Lynchburg
  • Care Plus Nursing Services and Training Center, L.L.C. in Woodbridge
  • Russell County Career and Technology Center in Lebanon
  • Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Training Department in Fishersville
  • Greene County Technical Education Center in Stanardsville

Those are some of the well known nurse aide classes. The Alexandria and Richmond chapters of the American Red cross also offer training programs.

Becoming a Nurse Aide in Virginia

The Virginia Nursing Board under the department of health takes care of the rules and regulations of the training and certification of nurse aides.

The nursing board evaluated the training periodically and disqualifies programs that don’t meet the set standards.

To ensure that you qualify for the state certification it is mandatory that you enroll in one such approved program.

Every such program should provide a copy of Virginia law for criminal check which is required to work in healthcare facilities.

Other requirements for CNA certification in Virginia are that you must be 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent degree, you must be in good health and must undergo a medical examination to verify the same.

It is essential that you have no infectious disease like tuberculosis because you will be working in healthcare facilities.

The training cost varies from institution to institution and place to place. Those in the metropolitan area will have to roll out more money for training as compared to those in the country side.

The cost starts at as low as $300 and can go up to $1500. The programs that are offered at average cost of around $800 and more cover for expenses of books, equipment’s for practice, uniform and exam fees.

The costlier ones cover the FBI check and medical exam charges as well.

The American Red Cross program may be offered free of cost to those who are willing to take active part in the various social service programs conducted by them.

Others can get free training in nursing homes and facilities that have job openings for nursing assistants. These programs are can be beneficial to those who can’t afford to pay for the training.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Virginia?

It is mandatory for all approved training program to train students for at least 120 hours; these are further divided into 40 hours of clinical training and 80 hours of classroom work.

The clinical training involves learning the basic nursing skills, personal care, CPR and emergency skills.

The class work involves learning theory subjects and participating in debates and discussions to gain deeper knowledge of those subjects.

The last and the most important step to become a nurse aide is passing the state exam which has two papers.

The written paper has 70 multiple choice questions to judge your theoretical knowledge; the passing score is 70 percent.

You have to perform five skills picked by the examiner for the practical paper.

All the skills must be performed to the satisfaction of the examiner.

On successfully passing the exam you will become a certified nursing assistant and once your name is listed on the registry you will be issued a license which should be renewed every two years.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Virginia?

As a nurse aide you can earn anything from $17,000 to $33,000 and the median CNA salary in Virginia is $29,000.

Virginia is a prosperous state and the median per capital income in the state is very good, but the economic crisis has taken a toll on must industries.

This is a sustainable salary in these times and with the high demand for the next five years the salary is bound to grow.

If you have keen interest in nursing you can become a LPN or RN in the future; the average salary for these professionals is $48,000 and $80,000 respectively.

CNA nursing schools in Virginia thus offer a great career opportunity for aspiring nurses. If you have the flair for this profession this is just the right time to join one of the schools and get a head-start to your nursing career.


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