Best Approved CNA Schools in Minnesota State

Minnesota is a state which has one of the most diversified economies in the country with various industries having strong roots in the state.

Even the healthcare sector has shown a consistent growth in the state. Minnesota is considered to be the healthiest state of America as maximum numbers of citizens are engaged in outdoor activities and regular exercise.

However with the high life expectancy the number of ageing people is on a high in Minnesota and this is where the need of trained healthcare professionals is high.

CNA nursing schools in Minnesota offer you with an opportunity to enter this profession if you have concern about the sick or old people.

The healthcare sector is led by two outstanding institutions;

The University of Minnesota Medical School and The Mayo Clinic along with a good network of hospitals across the state.

CNA classes in Minnesota provide training to aspiring nurses so that they will be able to assist patients in regular healthcare needs, monitor their health changes and report any changes to the supervising registered nurse (RN) or doctor.

Some of the reputed training centers in the state are

  • Accelerated School of Nursing Assistant in Brooklyn
  • Alexandria Technical College in Alexandria
  • Anoka Technical College in Minnesota
  • Anoka Ramsey Community College in Cambridge
  • Central Lakes College in Brainerd

The American Red Cross CNA training is also offered at couple of chapters in the Minnesota Metropolitan Area.

All these are state recognized programs and offer quality training as per the decrees of the state.

Becoming a Nurse Aide in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is the responsible body for the recognition of training programs, certification and license of the nursing assistants in the state.

If you wish to take the state certification exam you must enroll in a program that is accredited by MDH; the training is conducted by instructor who has minimum two years of experience as a nursing assistant in the state.

Out of the two years one year must be in a long term care facility.

To enroll in a program you must be 18 years of age and must have a high school diploma or GED as is the case with most states.

A criminal background check is required but the MDH does not keep a track of this, the Department of Human Services is responsible to carry out the check and maintain the records.

You must undergo a medical test which should report that you have no infectious disease; especially TB.

The cost of nurse aide training in Minnesota can vary from place to place, however, the average cost will be around $1000.

Some low cost programs are available online or at some local community colleges. However, if you seek employment at a nursing home or hospital you can even get free training.

Those who have already paid for the training and have offers from medical facilities can get the cost of training reimbursed by their employer.

The employer must reimburse this amount after 90 day; the nurse aide leaves the job before this period the facility need not repay the cost.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Minnesota?

There are two nurse aide training curriculum adopted by the state; one by the state colleges and universities and one by the Red Cross Society.

Both these programs have approval of the MDH; all the recognized programs must last for at least 75 hours. Out of this 16 hours are for clinical training which is conducted under the supervision of a RN.

The clinical training involves nursing and personal care skills like vital signs, bathing, feeding, grooming etc., while classroom study involves imparting knowledge of the various theory subjects that a nursing assistant should know.

After the training program in one of the CNA nursing schools in Minnesota you must attempt to pass the certification exam which has a written paper where your knowledge of the nursing practice will be evaluated and the skills paper which will examine the practical skills of the examine.

If you pass the exam your name will be listed in the Nursing Assistant Registry and to stay on the registry you must put in professional practice for at least eight hours every two years and should not have charges of any malpractices.

CNA from other state can transfer the license by filling the Interstate Endorsement form; this process can take around 30 day before your name is listed in the registry.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Minnesota?

At the end of 2016 there were around 32,000 nursing assistants employed in the state and the demand is growing by the day which makes for an exciting career.

The salary average stands at $27,000 which the same across the United States and you can earn anything between $16,000 and $35,000 a year in the state.

As the overall health of the citizens in Minnesota is very good nurse aides are mainly required in long term facilities or adult day care centers and the salaries in such facilities are higher.

If you study further and become a RN you can earn a salary from $50,000 to $94,000 and the average salary in the state is $74,000 a year.

CNA nursing schools in Minnesota follow two curriculum’s; one set by the community colleges and universities while the other is set by Red Cross; both these curriculum are approved by the state and you can enroll in any of the programs to become a certified nursing assistant.


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