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Nursing Schools for CNA in Idaho

Here are many people who have lost their jobs or see no growth prospects in the near future due to the economic downtimes. Some people are in jobs that are not giving them any satisfaction but are continuing with it to keep the bread and butter rolling in. In such a situation you can look towards a profession which can give you a sustainable income and satisfaction of serving those in need. The healthcare industry has opened the door for you with an easy to get into job of certified nursing assistant. You can get started by enrolling in one of the CNA nursing schools in Idaho if you are a resident of this state.

 Nursing assistant is an entry level job in the medical field; while the doctors and nurses focus on the core medical needs of the patients, you can assist them by serving patients in non-medical activities like bathing, feeding, changing clothes, patient transfers etc. Many CNA classes in Idaho offer the basic training required by nurse aides to perform their duties as per expectations. The demand for nurse aides is very high and you can make a fruitful career by enrolling in one of the training programs in the state.

Free Nursing Assistant Program in Idaho

Name of the Nursing Home Address Phone No. Fax No. Website
Bear Lake Memorial Hospital 164 South 5th  Street,Montpelier, Idaho 83254 (208) 847-1630 http://www.blmhospital.com
Bingham Memorial Hospital 98 Poplar Street  Blackfoot, Idaho 83221 (208) 785-4100 http://www.binghammemorial.org
Boundary Community Hospital 6640 Kaniksu Street,Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805 (208)267-3141 (208) 267-2202 http://www.boundaryhospital.org
Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation – Mountain Valley 601 West Cameron Avenue, PO Box 689Kellogg, ID 83837-2004 (208) 784-1283 http://www.mountainvalleycare.com
Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation – Nampa 404 North Horton Street,Nampa, ID 83651-6541 (208) 466-9292 http://www.nampacarecenter.com
Nell J. Redfield Memorial Hospital 150 North 200 West,Malad City, ID 83252 (208) 766-2231 http://www.oneidahospital.com
Owyhee Health and Rehabilitation Center 108 West Owyhee, PO Box A,Homedale, ID 83628 (208) 337-3168 (208) 337-4892 http://owyheehealthandrehab.com
Parke View Rehabilitation & Care Center 2303 Parke Avenue, Burley, Idaho 83318 (208) 677-3073 http://parkeviewrehab.com
Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation – Weiser 331 East Park Street,Weiser, ID 83672-2053 (208) 549-2416 http://www.weisercarecenter.com
Ashton Living Center 700 North 2nd Street,Ashton, ID 83420 (208) 652-7461 (208) 652-7595 http://ashtonmemorial.com
Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation – Aspen Park 420 Rowe StreetMoscow, ID 83843-9319 (208) 882-4576 http://www.aspenparkhealthcare.com
Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation – Caldwell 210 Cleveland Boulevard,Caldwell, ID 83605-3622 (208) 459-1522 http://www.caldwellcare.com
River’s Edge Rehabilitation and Living Center 714 North Butte Avenue, Emmett, Idaho 83617 (208) 365-4425 http://www.riversedgerehab.com
LewistonVeterans Home 821 21st AvenueLewiston, Idaho 83501 (208) 750-3600 http://www.veterans.idaho.gov
PocatelloVeterans Home 1957 Alvin Ricken Drive,Pocatello, Idaho 83201 (208) 235-7800 http://www.veterans.idaho.gov
Karcher Estates 1127 Caldwell Boulevard,Nampa, ID 83651 (208) 465-4935 http://www.karcherestates.com
Life Care Center of Post Falls 460 North Garden Plaza Court, Post Falls, ID 83854 (208) 777-0318 (208) 777-0328 http://lifecarecenterofpostfalls.com
Life Care Center of Sandpoint 1125 North Division Street, Sandpoint, ID 83864 (208) 265-9299 (208) 265-9710 http://lifecarecenterofsandpoint.com
Lincoln County Care Center 511 East 4th Street,Shoshone, ID 83324 (208) 969-9107 http://www.lincolncountycarecenter.com
Lost Rivers Medical Center 551 Highland Drive, Arco, ID 83213 (208) 527-8206 http://www.lostriversmedical.com
Pocatello Care and Rehabilitation Center 527 Memorial Drive,Pocatello, Idaho83201 (208) 478.3333 http://pocatellocare.net

Becoming a nurse aide in Idaho

 The health and welfare department of Idaho is the responsible authority to recognize the training programs in the state and regulate the norms for the state certification exam. You must be of the age of 18 years with a high school diploma or equivalent degree to be able to enroll in a recognized training program. On completion of the program you must pass the certification exam which has a theory and a practical paper; you must pass both these papers to get certified.

The cost of training will vary from $400 to $2,000 depending on the institute you select for training. The costlier programs will include all the charges including the study material, practice equipments etc. Some institutes also include the certification examination fee which is around $120. You can contact the health department to check for recognized community colleges or vocational institutes which provide free CNA classes. Some hospital facilities also offer free training and you will have to research for such programs in your neighborhood.

After you complete training at one of these classes you have to fulfill other requirements for CNA certification in Idaho . You must submit two id proofs, two passport size photographs and two fingerprint cards for background check with an immunization report that you are not suffering from TB or any other communicable diseases. Once you fulfill these requirements the state health department will notify you that you can appear for the certification exam.

Nurse aide programs in Idaho

 Nurse aide programs are offered at community colleges, technical training institutes, hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities. In Idaho the mandatory training hours are set to be 120 hours with 80 hours of classroom study and 40 hours of clinical training in laboratory or clinical setting. Apart from the statutory requirements some CNA nursing schools in Idaho require you to pass an entrance exam to join their programs.

The course contents are set as per the directives given by the health department; the classroom study consists of communication skills, medical terminology, nursing fundamentals, resident rights etc while the clinical training consists of infection control, taking vital signs, personal care etc. All these topics are necessary to make students understand the role of nurse aides and to pass the state certification exam.

In most training programs you have to get a cardiopulmonary restoration (CPR) certificate if you don’t already have one. Other training given includes first aid treatment and responsiveness in emergency or critical situations.

Idaho has the reciprocity clause in place and if you have CNA certification from another state you can apply for transfer of license with the health and welfare department. Idaho is one of the few states that do not charge any fee for transfer of license or for certificate renewal.

Opportunities for nursing assistants in Idaho

 At least 8,000 nursing assistants have reportedly worked in various hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare settings in Idaho in 2011 and the demand will keep on growing at least for the next five years, so you will have many career opportunities as a certified nursing assistant. As far as salary is concerned you can start earning from $16,000 a year and with expertise and experience you can expect to earn around $30,000. The average salary of CNAs in Idaho is $26,000 which is just about the same as the median for the country.

If you take up specialization in psychiatric or pediatric care you will have chances of earning a better salary than that of an average nursing assistant. If you have higher aims you can take up professional qualification, become a RN and have a rewarding nursing career.

CNA nursing schools in Idaho offer the training required to obtain skills of a certified nursing assistant and give you employment opportunities in the healthcare profession.

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