CNA Registry in Maine

Who maintains the CNA registry in Maine?

Maine Department of Health & Human Services
Division of Licensing & Regulatory Services
Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants
State House Station #11
41 Anthony Avenue
Augusta, Maine 04333
Phone: 800.383.2441

Who investigates complaints in your state?

Department of Health & Human Services
Division of Licensing & Regulatory Services
State House Station #11
41 Anthony Avenue
Augusta, Maine 04333
Phone: 800.383.2441

Maine CNA license gives you the freedom and the peace of mind to continue with your job as a CNA in the state without getting into any legal trouble. This is particularly helpful if you are from a state in the USA other than Maine.

Maine CNA license makes your stays and jobs legal before the eyes of the law of the state which provides an aspirant with lots of opportunities and is a good place to begin your career at.

CNA License Requirements in Maine

If you want to become a CNA you will at least need to have a GED or high school degree. However, higher qualification like, a bachelor degree or an associate degree will help you get a better start with some big names in the health care facility. The first thing that a person should do is get admission in state-approved CNA training program and at least have 180 hours of training. This training consists of both classroom instruction and hands-on clinical training. We have a list of free CNA programs in Maine, browse our this post to find out.

At the end of successful training, the candidate needs to appear for both a written test and a practical one. The written test is usually a set of 100 multiple choice questions that have to be answered within the time allowed. Similarly, the aspirant has to appear for the practical test that needs to be performed on a live model before the state examiners. To take free CNA practice tests before exam visits our this post.

This is basically, putting your understanding and grasp over the subject into action. You might feel nervous under the observation of the examiners but this is your chance to show your talent and temperament that you are ready to take the grind and manage the real-life job situation of a CNA.

You need to pass both the exams to be declared as having passed the exam. Once, you have cleared it, you become eligible to be given CNA certification and also the CNA license. This allows you to take up a job in any state in the USA. However, you need to take care of the things mentioned below:

How to Renew CNA License in Maine

The person should get the CNA license renewed every 24 months without fail. This is important so as to continue enjoying the job on hand. The CNA must have worked as a paid CNA for at least a duration of 8 hours within the last couple of years and received up to 12 hours if annual in services.

Usually, before the expiry of the license, you will receive the recertification form from the concerned department. You need to fill it up with all relevant information and send across to the concerned department in order to initiate the license renewal process.

However, if your CNA license lapses by mistake, then you can renew the license without undergoing the training and take the test again. You need to inform the state’s Department of Health and Human Services beforehand for your case to be reviewed and instruction on renewal of your lapsed license issued.

Renewal Requirements

Minimum 8 hours of paid work within 24 months


24 Months

Time Required

Two to Three Weeks

Request for Renewal Form Online

How to Verify CNA License in Maine

Maine registry verification service is available online also the service is available for 24/7. To verify the license visits the URL below and follow the instructions.

Maine CNA License Online Verification

How to Transfer CNA License in Maine

Transfer of CNA license to Maine would help you gain work permit in the state as a CNA. You need to satisfy all the conditions for that, failing which you will be required to undergo the CNA training and pass it to be allowed the CNA license to work in Maine. All applicants have to go through the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Note: For further question contact the Maine registry during the regular office hour.

Advantage of Having CNA License in Maine

A valid Maine CNA license keeps you away from the entire legal problems that usually arise in case of you being from a different state. There are opportunities aplenty in Maine for CNAs. As the population grows, so does the demand for state of the art medical facilities and hospitals, to cater to the need of people belonging to different age and medical conditions. This has lead to an increase in the demand for certified nursing assistants.

A qualified nursing assistant may find jobs with various health care facilities such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Community health centers
  • Clinics
  • Private nursing homes
  • Universities
  • Acute care centers
  • Adult daycare centers
  • Laboratories
  • Military hospitals
  • Mobile medical units

Government public health centers and even private homes of the patients who are in need of round the clock medical care and treatment.

A CNA usually works in a team of doctors and registered nurse and carries out the duties as given by the doctor. He is the direct link between a doctor and the patient as it’s not always possible for the doctor to attend to his patients personally. This is where the CNA comes into play, to provide both medical and non-medical care to the patient.

The CNA may stand low on the hierarchy of the medical professionals but that doesn’t mean that their responsibility is less or they can be done without. In fact, it’s difficult for any health care provider to sustain their services without hiring certified nursing assistants.

A good CNA is expected to have good interpersonal skills, be sensitive and well conversant in the English language so as to handle patients from different background and regions. The job of a CNA may at times be very hectic but if you have the passion and the motivation you will never regret having chosen the job of a CNA.