How to Get CNA Certification in New York

The healthcare industry is bound to grow in the years to come and so are the various jobs in this huge industry.

So if you plan to change your job and become a nurse aide in this state, then you should consider taking up a course that will train you for this job.

After you get a CNA certification in New York, you will be eligible to apply for jobs in various patient care settings and facilities.

How to achieve CNA certification in New York

Although a nurse aide faces several challenges on a daily basis, your training prepares you to face them in a better manner. You will need to search for schools that offer this kind of training.

There are several technical schools, private schools and colleges and community colleges where this course is offered. However, many of them might have a selection process to shortlist candidates for their program.

You need to clear their screening process to gain entry into the program. They might check if you are proficient in the use of the English language and can communicate in it. You will need to have your high school diploma or a GED to get enrolled in the program.

Other criteria for getting accepted in the program are to show that you do not have any criminal background and that you do not have any communicable disease. Some schools might ask you to provide your immunization cards.

After you complete your training program, you will have to clear your competency exam within two years of completing your course. In the state of New York, this is conducted by Prometric Services.

This test has two parts,

  1. The written test
  2. The skills test

The written test comprises of 60 multiple choice questions that have to be answered within 90 minutes.

For the skills test, you will have to demonstrate five skills in 30 to 40 minutes. These skills will be selected randomly out of all the skills taught to you during your coursework. If you forget to show the main steps of the procedure, then you may get in trouble.

You will get three chances to pass the written test and three chances to pass the skills test. If you still are unable to pass the exam, you will have to retake the training program.

You will have to pass in both the written and the skills test to get your certification. Your results will be declared online and you can review them.

Requirements for CNA Certification New York

If you want to get certified in the state of New York, you should get enrolled in a training g program that provides you with 100 hours of training.

Out of these 100 hours, 70 hours should be part of classroom training and the remaining 30 hours should be part of clinical experience. You should be at least 18 years of age and have your high school diploma or GED.

You will need to submit proof that you do not have any criminal background and you are a healthy individual who does not have any disease. For your background check, your fingerprint cards will be required, which can be attained from any local agency like the police station.

Step 1 – To download the application click the link below:

Online Application

Paper Application

Step 2 – Submit your application to the following address

ATTN: NY Nurse Aide Program
7941 Corporate Drive
Nottingham, Maryland 21236

The New York State Department of Health plans the CNA training program in New York. The course duration is different with each training provider.

One will finish it in 100 hours and another in 130 hours. In both cases, you will be learning

  • Anatomy
  • Basic nursing skills
  • Human psychology
  • Different needs of patients
  • Providing emotional care and support
  • Learning medical laws for patient rights
  • Communicating with patients
  • Relatives and the medical staff, etc.

The training will also cover clinical aspects of nursing jobs.

Cost of CNA Training Program in New York

Most of the colleges in the state charge a total tuition fees that range from $450 to $1450. When you start looking for schools that have reasonable rates, make sure you check up the entire cost of the program, including the supplies, training materials, exam fees and so on.

If you belong to the low-income group and cannot afford to take up this training program, then you can apply for grants or a loan. You can also search for a community college in your county and check if they will provide any financial aid or scholarships to students.

You can also check if there are any vacancies for trainee nurse aides in a long term care facility where you will get free training. These employers will hire you and cover the entire cost of the training, provided you will work for them for a fixed period of time.

Renewal of CNA Certification in New York

You should have worked for a minimum of seven hours for payment after you got certified as a nurse aide; this process is slightly different than renewing CNA certification in New Mexico.

This is because your certification will remain valid for the next 24 months after you get placed on the registry. If you did not work in this duration, then you need to either retake the test or retake the entire course and the test to get your certification.

If you are currently working somewhere, your employer should pay your fee and should also help you to get certified again.

If you want to relocate to this state, then you will have to apply for reciprocity in the state you are currently working and submit a copy of your certification, fill the application form for transfer, and pay the fees.

If the date of expiry of your current certification is not available on the registry of your state, then you should provide proof from your current employer that you have worked for a minimum of 7 hours for pay in the past 2 years under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse.

Step 1 – To download the application click the link below:

Step 2 – Submit your application to the following address

Attn: NYS Nurse Aide Registry Recertification
7941 Corporate Drive
Nottingham, MD 21236

Certified Nursing Assistant Reciprocity

If a certified nursing assistant is planning to move to New York State, he/she has to apply to the New York Nurse Aide Registry and request a transfer/reciprocity form.

Then the completed form along with the transfer fee and necessary documents to be mailed to the local registry. If you appear clean in the background check, your profile would be placed on the registry. Once your details are registered with the local registry, you are eligible to work in New York.

If you are planning to join CNA training in New York, or to relocate, it is advisable to check the requirements, training and reciprocity with the local nurse aide registry. Anyway, by deciding to become a nursing assistant, you are heading towards a great future.

The nurse aides have to face many challenges in their daily routine and have to provide emotional and moral support to patients. However, most of the nurse aides claim that they find these challenges quite rewarding at the end of the day.

There is a lot of scopes to learn even after you take up a basic course of a nursing assistant. Your CNA certification in New York is only one step towards gaining a job; you will have several choices to specialize in this career. The starting salary for these professionals is $24,000 and can easily escalate to $35,000 after you get some experience.


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