Illinois Nurse Aide Registry

Who maintains the CNA registry in Illinois?

Health Care Worker Registry
525 W. Jefferson St.
Springfield, IL 62761
Phone: 844.789.3676
Fax: 217.524.0137

Who investigates complaints in your state?

Illinois Department of Public Health
Office of Health Care Regulations, LTC Field Operations
525 W. Jefferson St. Springfield, IL 62761
Phone (24-hour hotline): 800.252.4343

Having an Illinois CNA license makes your stay in this state legal before the eyes of the law and lets you enjoy your job. There are many good job openings for CNAs in Illinois and it’s preferred by many to carry their career ahead at.

The health sector of Illinois’s economy is ever growing and offers opportunities galore for the right candidate. Like many other states, Illinois has a shortage of CNAs, leading to great demand for the services of qualified and able CNAs who will be able to contribute to the health care service industry. However, before one starts to work as CNA in the state of Illinois, he has to go through procedures to qualify as a CNA and start working.

CNA License Requirements in Illinois

A CNA aspirant has to be at least sixteen years of age and at least possess a high school degree but a higher education like, Bachelor’s degree or an Associate degree can catapult you into the big league and may also fetch you higher entry level pay. Once, the candidate has passed the degree he can go for CNA training program which is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The CNA training is offered by various Institutions and colleges in Illinois and for those who are unable to go for the regular courses can always opt for the online CNA courses on offer by many Universities. The CNA training program prepares a potential CNA to sustain the pressure and demand that comes with a job of CNA. To find a quality CNA program in Illinois browse our this post.

The candidate must have completed 120 hours of learning during the training, out of which 80 hours must have been classroom training and the remaining 40 hours should be of hands on clinical training.

After the successful completion of the training, the candidate has to appear for the CNA test which comprises of both written and practical test. The written test is usually a set of 100 multiple choice questions that need to be answered within the time allowed while the practical test is conducted on given medical conditions or cases that need to be performed on a live model before the state examiners. To practice the exam test before the exam, visit our this post.

The state examiners would be keenly watching your skills, talent and temperament with which you go about the tasks on hand. This says a lot about how you are going to handle real-life tricky situations. Do not let the situation to get the better of you, be calm and prove to the examiners that you are ready to be absorbed into the competitive world of CNA jobs.

The candidate will have to pass both the written as well as the practical test in order to clear the CNA test and awarded with CNA certification and CNA license. However, in the event that you fail the exam, you have the option to reappear the test but you need to check with the state health department as to the number of attempts you are allowed.

Advantage of Having CNA License in Illinois

Having a valid Illinois CNA license makes your stay and the job in the state of Illinois legal without inviting any problem. With the ever-increasing population, growing is the demand for high tech hospitals and facilities. This has lead to the demand of CNAs; there are no health facilities that can sustain their work without the services of CNAs.

A CNA usually works in a team of doctor and registered nurse and carries out the responsibilities as instructed by the doctor. He is the direct link between a doctor and his patients and is a point of communication for both the patients and the doctor.

Once, the candidate has cleared the test, he can start his job search in various health care settings like,

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Acute care centers
  • Adult daycare centers
  • Private nursing homes
  • Military hospitals
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Community health centers
  • Government public health centers and even the private homes of the patient.

A certified nursing assistant in Illinois can make an average salary of $31,000 per year. Some facilities also provide you with benefits other than the salary like, health care facilities, retirement saving plan and paid leaves.

The candidate should get himself registered on the Illinois CNA registry within four months of being hired as a certified nursing assistant with some health care facility. A certified nursing assistant is allowed a CNA license, which enables him to go to any state in the USA and continue with his profession. The CNA however needs to take care of a few things as given below.

How to Verify CNA License in Illinois

Illinois CNA license status can be verified online. To verify the license, go to the link below and follow the steps.

Illinois Nurse Aide License Verification

How to Renew CNA License in Illinois

The candidate needs to renew his CNA license every two years. He needs to meet the requirements like; he should have worked as a paid CNA with some health care facility in the last two years and not as a volunteer. This helps keep your certification active on the Illinois Nurse Aide Registry.

If you have not worked within the previous 24 months, you most probably stand to lose your CNA license. You should fill up the recertification form and send it across to the concerned authority along with the requisite fee so as to begin the renewal process.

Note: For a renewal application form contact Illinois registry.

How to Transfer CNA License in Illinois

Having a valid Illinois CNA license is helpful if a certified nursing assistant from some other state wishes to move to Illinois in search of better job options and to push his career forward. Transfer of your CNA license enables you to move to the state of Illinois and not miss out on that attractive job offer or realize your dream of pursuing your career in Illinois.

However, the candidate must have attended and cleared the CNA program and the CNA test respectively. You will have to undergo a thorough background check to see that you don’t have any convictions to your name in the prior state or any history of abuse, negligence and you are not wanted for any criminal offense.

You will also be required to undergo an immunization test to make sure you have a good health condition and can’t be a threat to people you will be dealing with and the patients you will be attending to.

Illinois Out-of-State Nurse Aide Application

The CNA provides both the basic medical and non-medical services to the patients and spends most of his time looking after their needs. A good CNA is expected to be well conversant in the English language besides being sensitive and having good interpersonal skills so as to be able to deal with the patients fruitfully.

The job responsibility of a CNA may sometimes be very tight and might require you to report for duty even on the holidays or when you are on leave. But if you have the passion and the motivation to devote yourself to the service of the helpless this is the job you will never regret having chosen.


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