20 Reasons to Become a CNA

Ever thought about a career as a CNA? Maybe you’re looking for a change of pace from your current job or maybe you want to earn more money? Whatever the reason, becoming a CNA is rewarding and beneficial. If you are considering this profession, here are 20 reasons why it’s worth it.

1. Easy to get into the CNA program

You may be surprised to find that getting into the CNA program is easier than you think. Many people assume that it’s extremely difficult, but with requirements like a minimum of high school diploma under your belt and good grades, the process becomes much more manageable. Plus, if you’re applying for an accelerated program where you get your certificate in six weeks instead of twelve, the process gets even easier.

2. Affordable program

Not only are CNA programs simpler to get into than you might think, but many of them also offer affordable courses on average from $700 to $1500. For example, if you’re attending school in Canada or the United States, your tuition fees will be significantly lower compared to other students who attend medical schools. Plus, some universities that include large hospitals on campus actually waive their tuitions completely!

3. Quick training process

If you’re considering becoming a CNA, you’ll be glad to know that the training process is fast and doesn’t require a lengthy commitment. In some cases, it can take as little as 6 weeks while others will last for about 12 weeks.

4. Flexibility with your schooling

Since there are so many different types of CNA programs available, including on-campus programs and online programs or even evening and weekend programs, you can choose the one that best suits your learning style and lifestyle.

5. High salary

There is such demand for trained CNAs right now that the salary is climbing. On average, you can earn upwards of $30,000 per year and with overtime your earnings could be even higher than this.

6. Variety of job locations

Whether you want to work in big cities or small towns, there are so many options available as a CNA. In fact, most areas have hospitals and/or clinics which means you’ll have the chance to travel and discover new places.

7. Flexible work hours

There are so many different shifts you can work as a CNA, including day, evening and night. This means you’ll have the freedom to accommodate your children’s school schedule or whatever else is going on in your life.

8. Opportunities for advancement

Regardless of how long you’ve been working as a CNA, there are always opportunities for promotion. Depending on your area of expertise, you can move into leadership roles and become a Nurse Manager.

9. Rewarding career

You’ll get to work in an industry that’s full of fast-paced action and satisfaction every day. Whether it’s delivering life-saving care or helping someone who is terminally ill find peace, there are so many moments where you can make a difference.

10. Variety of specialties

From oncology to pediatrics, there are dozens of different areas you can specialize in as a CNA. This means that not only will your daily responsibilities vary but also the people you work with and care for.

11. Great benefits

Not only do CNAs receive excellent medical coverage but many employers also offer retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, and more. This means when it comes to taking care of your health and financial future, you’ll be covered.

12. Great vacation benefits

In many cases, Nurses are awarded two to four weeks of paid vacation time per year which gives them the opportunity to take a break from work and recharge.

13. No long-term commitment

If you’re considering making a career change, becoming a CNA isn’t something that needs to last forever. Since there are so many different areas of specialization, you can change your mind about where you want to work or what type of patient population you care for.

14. Opportunity for networking

You’ll have the chance to meet a wide variety of people as you interact with patients and colleagues. This means that your bond will grow stronger not only with those around you but also with yourself since there are always new lessons to be learned in this field.

15. Great retirement benefits

As mentioned before, Nurses receive excellent medical coverage which is something they can continue to benefit from once they’ve retired. Plus, many employers offer a matching retirement plan which gives your savings an additional boost for those golden years.

16. Amazing job outlook

As the Baby Boomer generation ages and people continue to seek medical treatment at hospitals all over the world, there is simply a greater demand for more CNAs. This means that you’ll always have a job to go to and the profession will only continue to grow in popularity over time.

17. Fast-paced action

There’s no such thing as monotony when it comes to this career choice because every day is different. Since there are so many patients who need your help, you can expect to be on your feet all day long.

18. Opportunities for travel

You may not have the freedom to take off whenever you want but Nurses are often given opportunities to work in different countries or states, depending on what their specialty is. This means that traveling will become a part of your job and it’s an exciting way to see the world.

19. Caring for others

You’ll be in a position to help people on an everyday basis and provide them with the care they need when it matters most. Whether you’re working at a hospital or even in-home health, this is one of life’s true pleasures.

20. A great work-life balance

Since there are so many different hours you can work and specialties that require different shifts, it’s possible to create a schedule that works for your life. Whether this means working part-time or on weekends only, there are many options available when it comes to choosing the right place of employment.

As you can see from this list, becoming a CNA is rewarding and beneficial in many ways whether it’s your life goal or you’re simply exploring career options. Whether you’re looking for a change of pace or want the satisfaction of helping others every day, this profession offers so much more than most can imagine.

If this is the path that truly interests you, it’s important to do some research and consider what type of lifestyle would be best for you in terms of hours worked and shift schedules. There are many wonderful opportunities available when becoming a CNA so take a look at our website today to learn more.