Wyoming CNA Classes: It’s Easier Than You Think It Is!

Even the best in the business are finding it difficult to hold their feet on the ground owing to the turbulent economy. Companies are applying stringent measures and are hell-bent on cutting jobs.

If people with advanced degrees and having years of experience are facing problems, imaging what must be going in minds of those who do not have high education and sufficient experience. Such people should be deeply indebted to the population that has provided them a source to make a career out of it.

If you are one among them who is worried about a future, it will ease your mind in knowing that jobs are still available in the healthcare industry. If you belong to Wyoming, you must see that this industry is waiting for trained nursing assistants. To end their wait, and start a flourishing career, you must join CNA classes in Wyoming.

If you are trying to relate population with the CNA classes in Wyoming, you should understand that excess patients in the healthcare settings are putting extra pressure on doctors and nurses.

On the top of it, elderly population is just adding to their woe. To provide care to the senior citizens and those troubled with injuries and illness, there is a need of nursing aides.

Trained certified nursing assistants are capable in looking after elderly and all-age patients.

The demand of nursing assistants in the state alone is slated to increase by 25% till 2026. This means the number of nursing assistants working presently in the state will be doubled within few years.

There is no better time than now to enroll for CNA classes in Wyoming. The best thing about the CNA course is that you can start earning even from the first day of enrollment by working in any nursing home or daycare center.

To continue working, you have to complete the training and pass the certification exam to add legal values to your knowledge and skills.

How to Become a CNA in Wyoming?

CNA training is a must to be professionally qualified for the nursing assistant’s position. It is also necessary to take the training course with those having recognition from the state’s Department of Health.

With the list from the local registry or from their website, locating training program is not a big deal. The training course must be of 75 hours. It should include minimum 16 hours of clinical practices.

Few training programs in Wyoming offer more than the required 75 hours of training. Look for the best training facilities and your convenience while enrolling.

Once you have complete the required training hours, the last step is to pass the state competency evaluation exam. Similar to other states, exam comprises of written and practical tests.

Tests are based on your training program. Pass these tests to enter your profile in the database of the state’s nurse aide registry.

CNA Training Program in Wyoming

As the demand of certified nursing aides is growing in the state, more centers that are educational have started offering CNA training.

All such training programs are managed under the surveillance of the state Department of Health.

It is mandated that the training should not be less than 75 hours. It should combine classroom teaching and clinical training in a legal healthcare facility.

The training program is to explain and prepare you for the duties and responsibilities of nursing aides. It will teach you in managing day-to-day care activities required in the healthcare centers.

Experienced nursing professionals will provide lecture, and presentations on the nuances of the job. They will help you in gaining technical knowledge that will help you in assisting the healthcare team.

The clinical training will begin in a facility where patients are hospitalized for treatment.

You will learn by providing direct care to patients under strict observation of registered nurses. As the training ends, you will be ready to challenge the exam.

Approved Free or Low Cost CNA Classes in WY

If a doubt about where to take CNA classes in Wyoming is in your mind, you can clear it by stepping into local nurse aide registry. You will receive complete guidance about getting CNA education free of cost.

The registry officer will provide you a list of training centers that they recognize it. Further, you will also know about local Red Cross Chapter offering the course that is approved and reasonable as well.

List of Free or low cost cna training in Wyoming

  • College Of America, Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Contact Number: (307) 632-7048
    Address: – 6101, Yellowstone Road, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009
    Official Website: collegeamerica.edu
  • CNA Training Center, Cheyenne
    Address: –3100, Henderson Dr., Cheyenne, WY-82001
    Contact Number: (307) 778-8861
  • West Park Hospital LTC., Cody
    Contact Number: (307) 527-7501, (800) 654-9447
    Address: – 707, Sheridan Avenue, Cody, Wyoming 82414
    Email Id: jkaiser@wphcody.org 
    Official Website: westparkhospital.org
  • Health Education Services- CNA Training Course
    Address: – 40, Sunshine Dr., Lander, Wyoming-82520
  • Weston County Health Services
    Contact Number: (307) 746-4491
    Address: – 1124, Washington Boulevard, Newcastle, Wyoming 82701
    Fax: (307) 746-4579
    Official Website: wchs-wy.org
  • Wyoming Indian High School CNA School
    Address: –320 West, Main Street, Pavillion, Wyoming-82523
  • Carbon County Higher Education Center
    Contact Number: (307) 328-9274
    Address: –812 East, Murray, Rawlins, Wyoming-82301
    Fax: (307) 328-9273
    Email Id: jelswood@cchec.org 
    Official Website: cchec.org
  • Wind River High School Nurse Assistant Course, Riverton
    Contact Number: (307) 856-6327
    Address: – 1994, Cougar Dr., Riverton, Wyoming-82523
  • Central Wyoming College Nursing Assistant Course
    Contact Number: (307) 855-2000
    Address: – 2660, Peck Avenue, Riverton, Wyoming 82501
    Fax: (800) 735-8418
    Official Website: cwc.edu
  • Fremont County School District Outreach, Riverton
    Contact Number: (307) 455-2625
    Address: –320 West, Main Street, Riverton, WY-82501
  • Western Wyoming Community College
    Contact Number: (307) 382-1713, (307) 382-1600
    Address: – 2500, College Dr., Rock Springs, Wyoming 82901
    Fax: (307) 382-1636 
    Email Id: webmaster@wwcc.wy.edu 
    Official Website: wwcc.wy.edu
  • Sage View Care Center
    Contact Number: (307) 362-3780
    Address: –1325, Sage Street, Rock Springs, Wyoming-82901
  • Valley View Health Care Center
    Address: – 207 East, Holly Avenue, Saratoga, Wyoming 82331
    Contact Number: (307) 326-8212
    Fax: (307) 326-9611
  • Westview Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (307) 672-9789
    Address: – 1990 West, Loucks Street, Sheridan, WY 82801
    Fax: (307) 673-1079
  • Westward Heights Care Center
    Contact Number: (307) 332-5560
    Address: – 150, Caring Way, Lander, WY 82520
    Fax: (307) 332-3690
    Email Id: administrator-lan@vhsmail.com 
    Official Website: vetterhealthservices.com
  • Wind River Healthcare Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (307) 856-9471
    Address: – 1002 Forest Drive Riverton, WY 82501
    Fax: (307) 856-1665
  • Wyoming Medical Center Transitional Care Unit
    Contact Number: (307) 577-2278, (307) 577-7201
    Address: – 1233 E 23rd Street, Casper, WY 82601
    Email Id: info@wyomingmedicalcenter.org
    Official Website: wyomingmedicalcenter.org
  • Worland Healthcare Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (307) 347-4285
    Address: – 1901, Howell Avenue, Worland, WY 82401
    Fax: (307) 347-2154
    Official Website: worlandhealthcarecenter.com

CNA Certification Requirements in Wyoming

All prospective candidates longing for CNA certification need to fulfill prior conditions. They should have a minimum education till high school, and 18 years of age.

At the time of registering for the training program, they should hold a good standing in the society. The state nursing board also requires them to pass a medical exam.

Further, at the end of the course, they need to submit a course completion certificate and fingerprint cards to check their involvement in sorts of crime.

The last step for the certification is to pass the competency evaluation test. Students have to answer 72 multiple-choice questions in the written test and demonstrate five nursing skills for clinical test. Students clearing both the tests would be honored with the certification by the nursing board.

CNA classes in Wyoming are the best options for those whose education is limited. The course will help them to take a career in the healthcare industry. Candidates who are high school graduates and 18 years old can enroll for the training program.


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