CNA Training Program in Virginia

We sometimes go through sorrow feelings when we know that somebody with equal intelligence is earning more than us. Perhaps, they might have studied further the benefits which they are enjoying now. That did not happen with us.

We start experiencing a strong enthusiasm and belief that to make right for the future. We must take higher education. Nevertheless, whether education will solve our purpose and help in our careers are important things to look at. Not to forget is the industrial trend. We should always put our efforts and money into the growing industry.

Therefore, before getting ourselves engaged in further studies, we must know what good it will do to us and which education or skills are the need of the hour. Nursing education and skills will surely come at the top of your mind. If you are convinced of this assertion, you must consider doing CNA classes in Virginia.

How to Become a CNA in Virginia?

Today, most of the jobs are available in the healthcare industry. It has been serving people with medical treatments and nursing care for ages. Hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care settings, rehab centers are a few of this industry’s categories. Healthcare professionals are always in need, but recently, one position that has become a center of attraction for many job seekers is the certified nursing assistant.

Follow these two simple steps to be a Virginia CNA.

To take the training, you have to look for training providers.

Training is available from a variety of sources. With the demand for nurse aides, all community colleges, schools, universities, and technical training institutes have started nursing education. Consider your comfort and budget and enroll. However, ensure that the training is for 120 hours.

After training, you need to obtain the certification to provide you legal status to work in the healthcare industry. A certification exam is the only way to receive it. Pass the written and clinical tests with the required percentage to appear in the Virginia nurse aide registry.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses

  • Clean criminal record
  • Passing medical and drug examination
  • Good mannerism
  • Excellent interaction skills
  • Teamwork
  • Consistency

CNA Training Program in Virginia

The CNA training program in Virginia teaches nursing assistant skills. With the completion of this course and passing the exam, students get a chance to enter the nurse aide registry database.

The certification will show medical employers that you are trained and trustworthy since a background check is already carried out before issuing the document. Not all the schools and colleges offering training have approval from the Virginia nursing board. Therefore, you must be careful while enrolling; otherwise, you will never get a chance to apply for the exam.

Upon finishing, challenge, and pass the certification exam securing above 70 percent to become certified.

  • Alete Home Health Solutions in Lynchburg
  • Care Plus Nursing Services and Training Center, L.L.C. in Woodbridge
  • Russell County Career and Technology Center in Lebanon
  • Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Training Department in Fishersville
  • Greene County Technical Education Center in Stanardsville

Those are some of the well-known nurse aide classes. The Alexandria and Richmond chapters of the American Red Cross also offer training programs.

How Long Does Virginia CNA Program Take?

All approved training program must train students for at least 120 hours; these are further divided into 40 hours of clinical training and 80 hours of classroom work.

Classroom Session 80 hours
Clinical Session 40 hours
Total 120 hours

What will you Learn During the CNA Program?

Out of these 120 hours, the first section is allotted for the classroom learning session, and the next section is given for the clinical hands-on practice session.

In the classroom instruction, the students undergo comprehensive teaching of all the theory which covers all the essential theoretical concepts behind the nursing practice. They learn and understand the technical basis of nursing and how to implement it during actual practice. The students have to practice all the essential clinical skills under the course instructors’ guidance and supervision in the clinical skills session.

They also get additional practical guidance from the nursing staff at a living health care setting where the hands-on training is being conducted.

Classroom Session
  • Basic science
  • Human body mechanism
  • Medical terminologies
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Infection control
  • Basic health and hygiene
  • Basic nutrition
  • Restorative care
  • Age-specific care
  • Emergency services
  • Necessary life support system provision
  • Residents’ rights and ethics of nursing
Clinical Session
  • Basic patient care
  • Basic nutrition and medication
  • Room preparation
  • Simple dressing preparation
  • Feeding the patients
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Recognizing vital signs by patients
  • Health chart preparation
  • Reporting health updates to the doctors
  • Maintaining a healthy environment around the patients

Besides all these necessary skill sets, they learn certain additional skills too. They learn,

  • How to communicate between patients and doctors?
  • How to accurately measure BP, pulse rate, and respiratory rate?
  • How to comfort the patients in the clinical environment?
  • How to develop interpersonal communication and precise written communication, etc.

Sometimes, the senior nurses and doctors also involve them while handling and operating advanced medical equipment and diagnosis.

Procedure for the Certification Exam

The day you complete a state-approved training program, you become eligible to sit for the Virginia state certification exam (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program exam).

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 70 Multiple Choice 120 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skills 25 Minutes

You can apply for this exam thrice within the specified time (2-year validity period). This exam is split into two parts: a written/oral test and clinical skills evaluation test. In the written test, a maximum of two hours is provided to complete 70 multiple-choice questions.

These questions are based on nursing concepts (theory). Undertaking this test in an oral format requires you to specify it in the examination application form.

The oral test comprises two parts: the first part consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. The second one consists of 10 multiple-choice questions (meant to judge the ability to recognize commonly used English nurse aide words).

Earphones are provided, through which candidates listen to the questions (recorded in the cassette) and accordingly answer them. Either question is repeated twice or thrice during this test. You must pass both these tests to pass this exam eventually.

Ensuring this condition will endow you with a CNA license in Virginia, giving you the authority to work as a Certified Nurse Aide in any health care sector in that state. Failing in this exam either in the written or in the skills section, will require you to retake that section only.

Your future will affect badly if you fail this exam on your third try, as this will necessitate you to complete a course and certification exam in Virginia all over again.

Renewal of a CNA license is needed before it expires. This must be done after every 2 years. For this, you must have worked for some hours as a CNA, executing nursing activities in any licensed facility over that period in Virginia. Doing this will ensure employment extension in that state.

How Much Does Virginia CNA Program Cost?

The training cost varies from institution to institution and place to place. Those in the metropolitan area will have to roll out more money for training than those in the countryside. The cost starts at as low as $300 and can go up to $1500. The programs offered at an average cost of around $800 and more cover for books, equipment for practice, uniform, and exam fees.

Written and skills exam $94
Oral & skills exam $94
Skills exam $69
Written exam $25
Oral exam $25

The costlier ones cover the FBI check and medical exam charges as well.

What if you Can’t Afford the Cost?

The American Red Cross program may be offered free of cost to those willing to take an active part in the various social service programs conducted by them. Others can get free training in nursing homes and facilities that have job openings for nursing assistants. These programs can be beneficial to those who can’t afford to pay for the training.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Virginia?

The average payment of certified nurse assistants is USD 26,000 per year. The entry-level candidates working in this field can earn up to USD 16,000 per year. The experienced CNAs can earn an average income of USD 25,000 per year.

The average annual payment of certified nurse aides in different industries is mentioned below.

Designation Average Annual Payment
Psychiatric Aide USD 38,000
Pediatric Care Center USD 79,000
Hospital and Nursing Home Based Aide USD 40,000
Home Health Aide USD 26,000
Personal Caregivers USD 34,000
Long Term Care Based Nursing Assistants USD 52,000

Virginia is a prosperous state, and the median per capita income in the state is excellent, but the economic crisis has taken a toll on most industries.

This is a sustainable salary in these times, and with the high demand for the next five years, the salary is bound to grow. If you have a keen interest in nursing, you can become an LPN or RN in the future; the average salary for these professionals is $46,000 and $81,000 respectively.

CNA program in Virginia thus offers a great career opportunity for aspiring nurses. If you have a flair for this profession, this is just the right time to join one of the schools and get a head-start on your nursing career.

Employment Opportunities

Virginia nurse aide classes are the nursing education program that will fetch you an entry-level position in the medical field. With this education, you will start your career as a certified nursing assistant.

The teaching will become a foundation that will make you a registered nurse in the future. With this fast track training program’s help, you will have a key that will unfold all the interesting medical field concepts. The healthcare industry throughout the globe is set to grow.

If you go a few decades back and see the list of the industries that have done well, you will surely see the healthcare industry listed in the first ten names. Since the world has failed in controlling its population, there is no turning back other than making provisions for treatments and care of people.

If the healthcare industry’s history has not yet charmed you, and you are more concerned about the future, maybe the recent statistical report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor on demand for nursing assistants will impel you in joining the Virginia CNA classes.

The picture about future employment portrayed by the government experts says a lot about the nursing profession’s popularity. You will never regret taking the training because you will help people get better and live longer. The job will also help in taking care of your family as well.

Where Does Virginia CNAs Work?

There are around 100 hospitals in the state and many more nursing homes and other medical facilities. These require certified nursing assistants who can assist patients in bathing, dressing, moving around, exercising, etc. This reduces the burden of registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN).

Health assurance companies like Medicare advocate nurse aides as it cuts down the medical expenses in a big way. To serve patients professionally, fundamental training is required for aspiring nursing assistants, and it is mandatory as per the law. CNA classes in Virginia offer the required training.


Virginia is one of those states that have a mixed health record; the state’s maximum health issues reflect people being obese or overweight, causing illness. This means that the healthcare needs of the state are very high. But there is a shortfall of trained professionals in the state, which has created a significant imbalance. CNA courses in Virginia are doing a great job of training people to assist the nursing staff in providing patients’ primary healthcare needs.


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