CNA Training Classes in Missouri

The healthcare team of doctors and nurses is incomplete without nursing aides. Undoubtedly, doctors and nurses are more qualified for patients’ treatment and are the team’s prime members.

The moments these professionals spend with the patients are limited up to the treatment. Once the treatment is over, they have to move on to another patient. This practice is true to their profession since the number of people hospitalized in the facility is more.

However, to enable them to prepare the patients for treatment, they need strong support, so that much of their time is given toward planning and analyzing the medication or operation. Nursing aides perfectly fit into this supporting role. In addition to the prep work, they monitor the patients’ conditions post-treatment and help them get better. If you want to join the healthcare team, you need to get nursing training from CNA classes in Missouri.

If you live in a city that comes in the Missouri State, you can quickly join the CNA course. Before that, find out if a nursing career is what you want to take.

The decision will be easier if you come to know the CNA job descriptions.

Certified nursing assistants or aides help doctors and nurses in patients’ treatment. They take care of patients during hospitalization. They save time for doctors and nurses by recording patients’ information and keeping various ready reports, enabling the doctors to decide the course of treatment.

For patients, nursing aides perform a variety of roles. They feed them, bathe them, assist with a bedpan, groom them, and give medication as prescribed by the doctors.

This is not the complete list of what nursing aides do. The duties will vary depending on the healthcare facility and the department.

For example, a department where an Alzheimer patient is admitted will have different responsibilities than the orthopedic or cardiac. The CNA course will allow the handling of all the nursing work regardless of the setting and department.

How to Become a CNA in Missouri?

When you have decided to join the nursing industry, the first thing you should do is to enroll in a state-approved CNA training program.

To find out the course status, you should read the Department of Health and Senior Services website’s information. In Missouri, this department administers the training and certification procedures.

The Missouri state approves most of the community colleges and vocational schools. You can enroll after checking the approval status.

If you cannot take the traditional classes, you have an online training option in Missouri. The course should not be less than 175 hours. It must include 75 hours of classroom instructions and 100 hours of practical training.

Complete the course and challenge the certification exam. U.S. states have a standard exam format that includes written and practical tests.

The written test will contain 100 multiple-choice questions.

Demonstrating five to seven nursing skills in front of the instructors on a person acting as a patient is all you need to do to clear the test. Secure minimum 75% marks to get registration with the Missouri Nursing Aide Registry.

Prerequisites for Nurse Aide Courses

Following requirements must be fulfilled to pursue a CNA course in Missouri:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Criminal background check
  • Medical and drug test
  • Good conduct
  • Good communication skills
  • Optimism/Patience
  • Consistency

Approved CNA Program in Missouri

Many CNA programs are offered through various high schools, vocational-technical schools, community colleges, nursing homes, medical institutions, long-term care centers, etc.

The students should always search for the state-approved courses from such a wide spectrum of choices. Taking the classes from accredited schools has an advantage regarding course content, exam pattern, certification, licensing, job opportunities, etc.

The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services is appointed by the state government to make rules and regulations regarding nurse aide certification. You must enroll in CNA programs in Missouri approved by this department to avoid disqualification for the state exam.

The state approves some of the CNA classes in Missouri that have earned a reputation over these CNA schools in Missouri. They have become popular because of the quality training that is imparted in these colleges.

  • Preferred Futures Healthcare Academy in Warrensburg
  • Boonslick Technical Education Center in Boonville
  • Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City
  • Jefferson College in Hillsboro
  • Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield

The Red Cross Society in Missouri also provides CNA courses if you want to spend less. Options are also available through distance learning education via the Internet.

By enrolling in state-approved programs, you can easily crack the state exam and start practicing as a certified nursing assistant.

Missouri Free CNA Classes

Nursing homes that might lead you low cost or free of charge training in Missouri:

Nursing Homes Address Contact No
Appleton City Manor 600 North OhioAppleton City, MO 64724 (660) 476-2128
Bent-Wood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 1501 Charbonier Road, Florissant, MO 63031 (314) 921-2700
Bethany Care Center 1305 South, 7th Street, Bethany, MO 64424 (660) 425-2273
Carriage Square Health Care Center 4009 Gene Field RoadSt. Joseph MO 64506 (816) 364-1526
Fountainbleau Lodge 2001 North Kingshighway, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 (573) 335-1999
Foxwood Springs 1500 West Foxwood Drive, Raymore, MO 64083 (816) 318-2200
Friendship Village Chesterfield 15201 Olive Boulevard, Chesterfield, MO 63017 (636) 532-1515
Life Care Center of Sullivan 875 Dunsford Drive, Sullivan, MO 63080 (573) 468-3128
Maries Manor 174 Ballpark Road Vienna, MO 65582 (573) 422-3177
New Florence Nursing & Care Center 515 Picnic Street, New Florence, MO 63363 (573) 835-2025
Oakdale Care Center 2702 Debbie Lane, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901-2650 (573) 686-5242
Parkside Manor 1201 Hunt Avenue, Columbia, MO 65202 (573) 449-1448
Farmington Presbyterian Manor 500 Cayce Farmington, Missouri 63640-2910 (573) 756-6768
Riverside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC 4700 Cliffview Drive, Riverside, Missouri 64150 (816) 741-5105
Scotland County Care Center 434 East Sigler Avenue, Memphis, MO 63555 (660) 465-7221
Ashland Healthcare 300 South, Henry Clay Boulevard, Ashland, MO 65010 (573)657-2877
The California Care Center 1106 South Oak RR#3 California, MO 65018 (573) 796-3127
Camdenton Windsor Estates 2042 North Highway 5 Camdenton, MO 65020 (573)346-5654
Camelot Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 705 Grand Canyon DriveFarmington, MO 63640 (573) 756-8911
Glenwood Healthcare 851 West Thoroughfare Seymour, MO 65746 (417)935-2992
Golden Age Living Center 404 East Third StreetPO BOX 307Stover, MO 65078 (573)377-4521
Liberty Hospital 2525 Glenn Hendren DriveLiberty, MO 64068 (816)781-7200
Life Care Center of Bridgeton 12145 Bridgeton Square Drive, Bridgeton, MO 63044 (314) 298-7444
Life Care Center of Brookfield. 315 Hunt Street, Brookfield, MO 64628 (660) 258-3367
Life Care Center of Cape Girardeau 365 South, Broadview, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703 (573) 335-2086
Miner Nursing Center 410 State Highway H Sikeston, MO 63801 (573)471-7683
Missouri Delta Medical Center 1008 North Main Street, Sikeston, MO 63801 (573)471-1600
Missouri Baptist Medical Center 3015 North Ballas RoadSt. Louis, Missouri 63131 (314)996-5000
Kirksville Manor Care Center 1705 East LaharpeKirksville, MO 63501 (660)665-3774

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Missouri?

Any state-approved program will last for at least 175 hours, divided into 75 hours of classroom study, and 100 hours of clinical training conducted by a registered nurse.

Classroom Session 75 hours
Clinical Session 100 hours
Total 175 hours

What will you Learn During The CNA Program?

The CNA training programs consist of 175 hours of coursework. These 175 hours are divided into two parts: technical classroom instruction and practical or clinical hands-on practice sessions.

First, 75 hours are for the classroom instruction session.

The hands-on clinical practice must be conducted for 100 hours in a living health care setting and under completely supervised conditions. This session can be taken as on-job training.

The technical in-class session consists of theory lectures, group discussions, interactive sessions, practice written tests, etc. All this tends to cover the entire technical syllabus of the course.

The practical session comprises the hands-on practice of clinical tasks. The students get to learn and practice all the tasks of a certified nursing assistant and learn certain additional skills that must be used while working at a living care center.

Classroom Session
  • Basic science and human body mechanism
  • Medical terminologies
  • Health and population education
  • Basic patient care and safety
  • Basic nutrition
  • Patient’s rights and ethics of nursing
  • Infection control
Clinical Session
  • Basic patient care and safety
  • Personal and patient hygiene
  • Infection control
  • Feeding and medication
  • Simple dressing preparation
  • Room preparation
  • CPR training and BLS system
  • Emergency services
  • Accurate measurement of BP, respiratory rate, pulse rate
  • Recognizing vital signs given by the patients
  • Health chart preparation and reporting

While the students perform these skills, they also get acquainted with the clinical environment and real patients.

They get to learn how to communicate inter-personally, how to take vital signs, how to provide age-specific support to the patients, how to communicate in written English precisely, how to handle/operate advanced equipment, etc.

These skills prove to be very useful at the time of the competency exam and professional practice. We have details CNA study guide for students here.

Procedure for the Missouri CNA State Exam

After completing a CNA course in Missouri, one can apply for a certification exam, which must be passed in any case if you want to become a licensed nurse aide.

This exam consists of two sections, namely a written test section and clinical skills evaluation test section.

Students focus on solving 60 – 100 multiple-choice questions during the written test, wherein their theoretical nursing knowledge is judged.

The skills test makes students perform any five skills (out of 25 skills), randomly chosen, and supervised by a proctor, wherein their clinical hands-on skills are evaluated.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 60 – 100 Multiple Choice 60 – 120 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skill 25 – 40 Minutes

Performing well in both these tests is necessary, as the results will be based on candidates’ performances in these tests. Once you do well in this exam, you will be placed under the state’s Nurse Aide Registry; thus giving you a license. Visit our this post for more information on the Missouri CNA registry.

This license will allow you to get employed anywhere as a nursing assistant in any health care center, hospital, clinic, nursing home, rehabilitation center, etc.

It will be better to pass this exam in the first appearance, although one can apply for this exam thrice. Make sure you pass in the third attempt because failure will require you to retake both a course and a certification exam in Missouri.

To ensure your employment as a nurse aide continues, you will be required to renew your license every two years.

This will require proving that you have worked as a nursing assistant over the past two years for at least 8 hours for monetary compensation, performing nursing-related duties, and Missouri activities.

How Much Does Missouri CNA Program Cost?

The cost of CNA training in Missouri can be between $400 and $1000, and it will vary from institute to institute.

The cost of the state certification exam, as fixed by the health department, is $85. The price will be $60 for the skills test and $40 for the theory paper for a reattempt.

What if You Can’t Afford the Cost?

If you are looking for low-cost programs, you can check with some local community colleges.

Hospitals and nursing homes with vacancies for nurse aides will offer free training if you are willing to work with them post-certification.

As nursing professionals’ demand is very high, almost all the states have scholarship programs for aspiring nurses; you may check for such programs with the state health department or nursing board.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Missouri?

As of 2019, more than 40,000 nursing assistants are employed in Missouri, and there is a prediction that the number will increase by at least 20% in the next ten years.

The average remuneration of the certified nursing assistants in Missouri is about USD 22,000 annually. Entry-level candidates can expect to earn a remuneration of about USD 15,000 annually. The experienced candidates can earn a remuneration of around USD 25,000 annually.

The list of average annual remuneration of nurse assistants working in different industries is provided below.

Designation Average Annual Remuneration
Psychiatric Aide USD 37,000
Pediatric Care Nurse Assistant USD 38,000
Hospital or Nursing Home Nurse Aide USD 46,000
Nurse Aides working in Long Term Care Facilities USD 26,000
Personal Caregivers USD 33,000
Home Health Aides USD 28,000

If you are looking forward to a long-term nursing career, you can pursue further education to become an LPN or RN. The average salary of an LPN in the state is $46,000, while the RN earns $79,000 a year with the potential of earning $103,000.

What Does a CNA Do In Missouri?

As a nursing assistant, you will have to support patients in activities like moving around, bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.; all these duties are healthcare allied ones, and you may have to do similar duties as delegated by the registered nurse (RN) or doctor.

The RN monitors all the duties of a CNA, and as a nurse aide, you must report any health changes of patients to the supervising nurse.

Where Does CNA Work in Missouri?

The certified nursing assistants in Missouri work under the supervision of licensed and registered nurses in various health care settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, private and public health care centers, long-term care centers, and convalescent homes, etc.


Many individuals dream of starting a nursing career, but due to some reasons, not all can fulfil the dream.

Some have family responsibilities to address and thus can’t put in years for education to start earning sooner. In contrast, others have financial problems that keep them away from a nursing degree.

But you may not lose heart if you have this unfulfilled dream; now, you can start a nursing career after taking training for a few weeks, and the cost is not alarming.

CNA schools in Missouri offer you a chance to finish training quickly and start working as a certified nursing assistant.

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