CNA Classes in Minnesota: That’s All You Need To Know

What do you do when you have lost a job, or could not find one suitable to your qualification and experience? It is time to add something extra in your resume to excite the employers.

That something could be a course, which should help you to take care of your expenses. When you are caught in this situation, it becomes hard to imagine going back to a college or institute for further education. If you are a recent graduate, it is good that you are continuing your education.

However, it is a tough decision for someone with no job, or in need of a career change. You can still rejuvenate your stagnant career or get an appropriate start by joining the Minnesota CNA Classes.

It is natural to ask ‘why I should join the Minnesota CNA classes’. Now that you have raised this question, you must try to find an answer by asking yourself what you expect from the course.

If the answer were the course cost, its length, flexible time, accessibility, immediate employment, then CNA course would return all that you need from it.

Yes, all these things are possible by taking the CNA classes. In Minnesota, there are numbers of community colleges and training schools that educate aspiring students.

In addition, Red Cross Society and other healthcare facilities also provide the training. Distant learning program via online is another option.

Though you may find differences in the course cost in each of the training places, you can still expect the tuition fee to be around $1000. Considering the future prospects, this cost is inexpensive.

The course length will vary depending on the training-provider. The minimum requirement by the federal government to qualify for the exam is 75 hours.

The Minnesota State requirements are a bit higher than this. Therefore, you will find the courses that run for 150 to 175 hours.

The Minnesota State has taken every possible step to encourage students, and other professionals to join the nursing industry.

In this attempt, the state has made it compulsory to keep the training time flexible so that working people can also join it if they are interested. The batches for the training are divided according to day, evening, and weekend.

If none of these timings is possible to you, then online training offered by community colleges is the best option. You can easily access the training program by visiting the Minnesota Nurse Aide Registry website.

How to Become a CNA in Minnesota?

Entering into a CNA training program is the only way to become a CNA in Minnesota. The cost is relatively cheaper, and the length of the program is lengthy than other states.

The extra hours will allow you to learn the nursing skills better. Ensure that the Minnesota Nursing Board approves the training program.

When the training program is complete, you will be ready to take the exam. Deposit the exam fee, and submit the form along with other documents to the Department of Nursing.

The exam is in written and practical format. When you pass the exam, you will receive the certification from the registry.

CNA Training Program in Minnesota

Minnesota CNA training program will train you to start working in the healthcare industry. It will also guide you in passing the CNA state exam.

The training can be finished in few weeks or months. The course cost will depend on the reputation of the college or school. A few places can train you in $650 and in three weeks.

With the training, you will have a strong foundation that will help you in capitalizing further if you continue your education. You can join the course even if you are working somewhere by applying for the evening or weekend batch.

The best thing about becoming a certified nursing assistant is that you will receive the expenses incurred in the training if you are employed by long-term care facility within one year from the receipt of certification.

Free or Low Cost CNA Classes in Minnesota

The healthcare industry needs trained people who can work as a support team and provide basic care to patients.

They are already facing a huge shortage of certified nursing assistants. You will immediately get a job in whichever sector of the healthcare industry you prefer to work.

  • Angels Care Center
    Address: – 300, North Dow Street, Canon Falls, Minnesota-55009
    Contact Number: (507) 263-4658
  • Annandale Care Center
    Contact Number: (320) 274-3737
    Address: – 500, Park Street East, Annandale, Minnesota-55302
    Fax: (320) 274-3631
    Email ID: Info@ahcsmn.org
    Official Website: ahcsmn.org
  • Anoka Care Center
    Contact Number: (763) 421-2311
    Address: – 1040, Madison Street, Anoka, Minnesota-55303
  • Apple Valley Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (952) 236-2000
    Address: – 14650, Garrett Avenue, Apple Valley, Minnesota-55124
    Email ID: info@applevalleyhealthcare.com
    Official Website: applevalleyhealthcare.com
  • Appleton Municipal Hospital
    Contact Number: (320) 289-1580
    Address: – 30, South Behl Street, Appleton, Minnesota-56208
    Official Website: appletonareahealth.org
  • Barnesville Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (218) 354-2254
    Address: – 600, Fifth Street Se Box No. – 129, Barnesville, Minnesota- 56514
    Fax: (218) 354-2153
  • Barrett Care Center Inc
    Contact Number: (320) 528-2527
    Address: – 800, Spruce Avenue, Barrett, Minnesota-56311
    Email ID: bcctr@runestone.net
    Official Website: barrettcarecenter.com
  • Battle Lake Good Samaritan Center
    Contact Number: (218) 864-5231
    Address: – 105, Glenhaven Drive, Battle Lake, Minnesota-56515
    Fax: (218) 864-5498
  • Bayshore Health Center
    Contact Number: (218) 727-8651
    Address: – 1601, St Louis Avenue, Duluth, Minnesota-55802
    Email ID: CarrieBaney@ecumen.org
    Official Website: bayshoreduluth.org
  • Belgrade Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (320) 254-8215
    Address: – 103, School Street Box No. – 340, Belgrade, Minnesota-56312
  • Benedictine Health System
    Contact Number: (800) 833-7208, (218) 786-2370
    Address: – Duluth, Minnesota, 55805
    Fax: (218) 786-2373
    Official Website: bhshealth.org
  • Country Manor Health Care and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (320) 253-1920
    Address: – 520, First Street Northeast, Sartell, Minnesota-56377
    Email ID: info@countrymanorcampus.org
    Official Website: countrymanorcampus.org
    Fax: (320) 253-2848
  • Courage Residence
    Contact Number: (763) 588-0811, (888) 846-8253
    Address: – 3915, Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, Minnesota-55422
    Fax: (612) 520-0577
    Email ID: sue.warner@couragecenter.org
    Official Website: couragecenter.org
  • Crest View Lutheran Home
    Contact Number: (763) 782-1626
    Address: – 4444, Reservoir Boulevard Northeast, Columbia Heights, Minnesota-55421
    Fax: (763) 782-0857
    Email ID: info@crestviewcares.org
    Official Website: crestviewcares.org
  • Crestview Manor
    Contact Number: (218) 948-2219
    Address: – 649, State Street, Evansville, Minnesota-56326
    Fax: (218) 948-2004
  • Crossroads Care Center
    Contact Number: (507) 376-5312
    Address: – 965, Mcmillan Street, Worthington, Minnesota-56187
    Fax: (507) 376-9536
    Email ID: crossroads@iw.net
    Official Website: worthingtonnursinghomes.com
  • Crystal Care Center
    Contact Number: (612) 535-6260
    Address: – 3245, Vera Cruz Avenue North, Crystal, Minnesota-55422
  • Evergreen Terrace
    Contact Number: (218) 326-3431
    Address: – 2801, South Highway 169, Grand Rapids, Minnesota-55744
  • Fair Meadow Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (218) 945-6194
    Address: – Box No. – 8, 300 Garfield Avenue Southeast, Fertile, Minnesota-56540
  • Fair Oaks Lodge
    Contact Number: (218) 631-1391
    Address: – 201, Shady Lane Drive, Wadena, Minnesota-56482
    Fax: (218) 632-5028
  • Fairfax Community Home
    Contact Number: (507) 426-8241
    Fax: (507) 426-7340
    Address: – Tenth Avenue Southeast, PO BOX No- 131-M, Fairfax, Minnesota-55332
    Official Website: fchmn.org
  • Fairmont Medical Center Mayo Health
    Contact Number: (507) 237-8500
    Address: – 835, Johnson Street P.O. Box No– 835, Fairmont, Minnesota-56031
  • Greensview Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (218) 694-6987, (218) 964-6552
    Address: – 416, Seventh Street Northeast, Bagley, Minnesota- 56621
    Fax: (218) 634-3490
  • Guardian Angels Care Center
    Contact Number: 763-441-1213
    Address: – 400, Evans Avenue, Elk River, Minnesota-55330
    Official Website: guardianangelsmn.org
  • Harmony Healthcare
    Contact Number: (507) 886-6544
    Address: – 815, Main Avenue South, Rr #1, Box No. – 173, Harmony, Minnesota- 55939
    Email ID: contact@harmonycommunityhealth.org
    Official Website: harmonycommunityhealth.org
  • Haven Homes, Maple Plain
    Contact Number: (763) 479-3655, (763) 479-1993
    Address: – 1520, Wyman Avenue, P.O. Box No. – 369, Maple Plain, Minnesota-55359
    Email ID: robertm@havenhomesinc.com
    Official Website: havenhomesinc.com
  • Lewiston Villa Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (507) 523-2453,
    Address: – 505, East Main Street, Lewiston, Minnesota-55952
    Fax: (507) 523-3699
    Email ID: jodi.barton@bhshealth.org
    Official Website: lewistonvilla.com
  • Lexington Health and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (651) 645-0577
    Address: – 375, North Lexington Parkway, Saint Paul, Minnesota-55104
    Fax: (651) 642-9262
  • Linden Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (651) 439-5004
    Address: – 105, West Linden Street, Stillwater, Minnesota- 55082
    Fax: (651) 430-2127
  • Little Sisters of the Poor
    Contact Number: 651-227-0336
    Address: – 330, South Exchange Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota-55102
    Email ID: adstpaul@littlesistersofthepoor.org
    Official Website: littlesistersofthepoorstpaul.org

CNA Certification Requirements in Minnesota

To get the certification in Minnesota, you have to complete the course approved by the Minnesota Nursing Board. The course should be of 175 hours containing classroom and clinical practices.

You must attend the classroom instruction for 75 hours, and the remaining 100 hours for hands-on experience. After that, you need to pass the CNA certification exam that consists of written and practical test.

The passing percentage depends on the state. However, most states expect you to obtain at least 70% marks for the certification.

To qualify for the certification exam, the state requires you to possess a high school diploma, and be 18 years old. You need to pass the FBI background check.

Further, you need to submit medical proof stating that you carry no allergy or disease that can pose risks to colleagues and patients.

Hope, you have all the answers you were searching for joining the Minnesota CNA classes. Now you have to take immediate steps and enroll in the CNA course in any college or school offering best training facilities.

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