Nursing Assistant Classes in Delaware

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a career that can help roll the wheels of your household expenses and contribute to society? Many professions will allow you to achieve both these needs simultaneously. For example, you can become a doctor, scientist, or engineer and help the community by doing your job.

However, all can’t be one of these professionals due to personal reasons. Such people still have options that can provide them an opportunity to both earn and help fellow beings. The best choice in this regard is to become a nursing aide.

To work as a nursing aide, you have to learn the necessary healthcare skills and be certified by the Nursing Board of your state. Join the Delaware CNA classes to do it online or enroll in any local college or institute providing the CNA training. After enrolling in the Delaware CNA classes, you will take education from the experienced people working in the healthcare facilities.

How to Become a CNA in Delaware?

CNA applicants have to complete a minimum of 75 hours of training according to the Federal government guidelines. However, the Delaware state requires the candidates to finish 150 hours of training that includes theory and practical. To enroll for the certification exam, you are required to be 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or equivalent degree.

You should also have a driver’s license and a social security number. The Delaware state also makes sure that the aspirants should have good knowledge of mathematics and possess English proficiency.

To apply, you need to submit two fingerprint cards for a background check locally and nationally. Two passport-sized photos, medical certificates, and documents claim that you have completed the required number of training hours with the application form.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses in Delaware

Although the requirements to undertake CNA courses in Delaware are negligible, the applicants are required to undergo the following tests successfully:

  • Criminal background check
  • Medical examination & drug test

Meeting the requirements mentioned above is necessary for the applicants to pursue such courses from the state, but what’s equally essential is accompanying them with the following skills:

  • Good behavioral skills- This will help them to deal with patients
  • Excellent interpersonal skills- This will make their communication with doctors, nurses, and patients valuable
  • Patience- This will help them to cope up well with their work & disabled patients
  • All-round consistent performance- This will ensure excellence in work

Finding CNA Training Program in Delaware

Many high schools, vocational schools, community colleges, nursing homes, medical schools, etc. offer certified nursing aides training. All these facilities may differ in their policies regarding admission requirements, length, of course, cost of classes, etc.

In Delaware, CNA courses are regulated & offered by the Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection (DLTCRP). You must apply for a DLTCRP approved nurse aide course only. To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Delaware, you will have to apply for CNA courses in Delaware, after which you will be required to pass the certification exam.

Here are a few training programs accredited by the DLTCRP

  • Always Care Health Services, Inc.
    • 1203 College Park Drive Suite # 102
    • Dover, DE 19904
    • PH: 302-677-1560
  • Camtech, Inc.
    • 240 N. James Street, Ste B2
    • Newport, DE 19804
    • PH: 302-998-8166
  • Wilmington Job Corps Center
    • 9 Vandever Avenue
    • Wilmington, DE 19802
    • PH: 302-230-2539
  • Delaware Skill Center
    • 13th and Clifford Brown Walk
    • Wilmington, DE 19801
    • PH: 302-654-5392

Free Nursing Assistant Classes in Delaware

The cost of CNA classes in Delaware is generally affordable. Still, many institutions and universities offer free courses for those who really cannot afford to pay for the fees.

These facilities provide the training for free but expect those students to work for them for a specified time after graduation. This proves to be advantageous to both sides. The students get free education and work experience for further career prospects, and the facility receives qualified and skilled workers without paying them. The private and governmental agencies also announce financial help programs across the state regarding scholarship and sponsorship.

List of nursing homes in Delaware that might propose free CNA Classes for interested candidates:

Nursing Homes Address Contact No
Cadia Rehabilitation Capitol Healthcare, Dover 1225 Walker Road, Dover, DE 19904 (302) 734-1199
Gilpin Hall 1101 Gilpin Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19806 (302) 654-4486
Kentmere Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center 1900 Lovering Avenue, Wilmington DE 19806-2123 (302) 652-3311
Stonegates 4031 Kennett Pike, Greenville, DE 19807-2047 (302) 658-6200
Arbors At New Castle 32 Buena Vista Drive, New Castle, DE 19720 (302) 328-2580
Courtland Manor Nursing & Convalescent Home 889 South Little Creek Road Dover, DE 19901 (302) 674-0566
Mary Campbell Center 4641 Weldin Road, Wilmington, DE 19803 (302) 762-6025
Delaware Veterans Home 100 Delaware Veterans BoulevardMilford, DE 19963 (302) 424-6000

If you wonder whether the training would help get employment, you must read the U.S. Bureau of Labor report. The report states that nursing aides will rise to 18% in the next few years. You need not have to worry, since you will also have an option in your hand to work freelance.

What You Will Learn During the Training?

The certified nursing aide course program consists of 2 types of courses – technical and clinical.

The technical part covers all the theoretical concepts related to nursing, and they are dealt with in classroom sessions. The practical part covers all the clinical concepts of nursing, along with their practice. The students spend their clinical sessions in a laboratory or an actual clinical environment.

Many of the facilities take their students to the living care homes for the clinical practice sessions. This makes the prospective CNAs get used to the actual professional work environment. Here the students also learn various skills such as interpersonal communication, precisely written communication, handling and operating advanced equipment, etc. Also, We have free CNA study guide here.

Procedure for the CNA State Exam

You will be required to pass the state exam following the completion of CNA courses in Delaware. It costs around $136 & includes two sections, i.e. a written section & skills section. The written section will include 60 questions, which must be completed within 1.5 hours. The skills section will involve testing the candidates in any five-skill areas within 30 to 40 minutes.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 60 Multiple Choice 90 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Random Selected Skill 30 – 40 Minutes

Although the results are immediately declared, you will get your certificate after at least ten days or more. Results will be based on the candidate’s performance in both these tests.

Once you become certified, You will be licensed under the state Nurse Aide Registry. This license will provide you with the freedom to work anywhere in the State of Delaware in any local hospital, care service center, rehabilitation center, or in any other related institution.

CNA certificates must be renewed every two years. The renewal service is free of cost. To qualify for license renewal, an applicant must perform at least 64 hours of paid nursing-related services in a health center & complete 24 hours of recognized ongoing education every two years.

If the candidate does not satisfy both these requirements, he/she will be required to complete & pass the competency test. If the candidate fails to pass this test three times on the trot, he will be required to undergo a CNA course in Delaware until additional testing is granted.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Delaware?

The mandatory training hours for a nursing assistant program in Delaware are double the federal mandate; a state-approved program must provide 150 hours of training divided into classroom and clinical study.

Classroom Session 75 hours
Clinical Session 75 hours
Total 150 hours

This provides for comprehensive training, especially on the clinical skills, as it provides for a great hand on exposure to the skills required by nurse aides.

CNA training program in Delaware runs from four to nine weeks. Classes are offered in two separate batches. The morning batch starts from 9 am and ends at 3.30 pm. The evening class’s timing is from 5 pm to 9 pm. Classes are from Monday to Thursday for the morning and evening batches. Some training institutes also offer courses for weekends.

These training programs teach students all the theory and practical knowledge; the certification exam has two papers on these subjects, and you have to pass them both.

Suppose you fail in one of the papers, you have to reattempt it. You have a maximum of three attempts, and if you still don’t succeed, you have to attend a training program again. You have to attempt the certification exam within 24 months of completing the program; otherwise, the program becomes invalid for exams.

If you have a license from another state, you must have a minimum of three months of full-time experience or should have received training for at least 150 hours. You will have to give the Delaware state certification exam if you fulfill these two requirements to obtain a state’s license. For more information on CNA registry, license and renewal process visit our this post.

How Much Does Delaware CNA Program Cost?

CNA training in Delaware will cost you from $1200 to $2000 depending on the institute you join and the number of training hours you opt for. Like CNA certification in Connecticut, you have two options for the certification exam. Clinical test and written exam will cost you $108, and if you opt for a clinical trial with an oral exam, it will cost $118.

Written and skills exam $108
Oral & skills exam $118
Written retake $40
Reschedule $25
Appeals $25
Skills retake $68
Oral retake $50

How Much Does a CNA Make in Delaware?

One of the primary research you must do before enrolling for any educational or training program is looking for that profession’s job opportunities and salary structure. According to the occupational statistics, CNAs’ job opportunities will increase by 8% until the year 2029, which means that you will have ample career avenues open if you choose this profession.

The average annual payment of CNA in Delaware is USD 28,000. Entry-level candidates can expect to earn around USD 16,000 per year, and experienced candidates can expect a remuneration of USD 37,000.

Designation Average Annual Pay
Psychiatric Aide USD 33,000
Hospital-Based Aide USD 25,000
Long Term Care USD 31,000
Basic Caregiver USD 17,000

LPN earns USD 45,000 per annual in this state

RN earns USD 75,000 per annual in this state

A caregiver can earn from $17,000 to $35,000 a year in Delaware, depending upon the education and experience. The average annual salary is around $28,500, which can be considered a good enough salary to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

In Delaware, CNA nursing schools offer training that meets all the Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection parameters to ensure that you pass the state certification exam and serve the patients compassionately in their day-to-day healthcare requirements.

What Does a CNA Do in Delaware?

CNAs work with different types of patients struggling to regain mobility due to injury or accidents, mental disabilities, and other diseases. While training, they will learn how to communicate and intercept the needs of patients who cannot express it due to illness or other problems.

Once you complete the training, you can work in

  • Hospitals
  • Private or public health care clinics
  • Mental and disability centers, etc

Registered nurses will supervise your activity and instruct you on how to do things. Few healthcare facilities in Delaware state also conduct the CNA course for those who have the certification but need to brush-up their skills because of a gap.


The nature of some jobs is so wonderful that they fuel your economic needs and, at the same time, contribute towards the well-being of society. Doctors, engineers, or scientists are some of the people who are involved in such a profession. But not everybody can make a career in these professions for a multitude of reasons.

People who can’t make it big in these professions can become certified nursing assistants and fulfill their desire to contribute to society’s betterment.

CNA classes in Delaware will be a perfect launching platform for those who have a keen interest in the noble nursing profession. But one must bear in mind that a nurse aide’s profession is not as high paying as engineers and doctors as it is a starting level profession. Nonetheless, it is a stable profession, and with the growing demand, you can rest assured that it will serve you well in the long run.

A nurse aide is the easiest way to get started in a healthcare profession, judge your flair for it, apply, and gradually move on to the higher ladder by pursuing further education. A certified nursing assistant is required to serve ailing patients in their routine activities. Even though it is not a core medical profession, you must receive training as it is a peculiar field of practice.

To ensure that you receive the required training, you must enroll in a state-approved training program. The official website of the Delaware Health and Social Services department has all the information relating to CNA courses in Delaware.

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