CNA Classes in Alaska

Many community colleges, technical schools, the University of Alaska, and local medical facilities provide nursing assistant training. By enrolling in the nurse aide training program, students learn skills to heal diseases and to support and assist the medical team and patients for faster recovery. The training program is designed to take a nursing career in any healthcare facility.

The Alaska Institute of Technology is widely known for offering the best CNA training. The Alaska Vocational Technical centre has entered into a joint venture with the Providence Health System.

Together they have created a delicate structure that helps students in achieving the best nursing education. Their training program is designed for eight weeks consisting of 230 hours. Students will learn in the classroom for six hours each day for four weeks.

To learn the hands-on experience, students have to spend the same numbers of hours for practical training. The practical training is given in any long-term care facility they have a contract with. Some of the approved training centres are given below. Also, they might offer free classes as well.

Nursing Home Address Contact No.
Prestige Care & Rehabilitation Center of Anchorage 9100 Centennial Circle, Anchorage, AK 99504 (907) 333-8100
Sitka Community Hospital 209 Moller Avenue, Sitka, Alaska 99835 (907) 747-3241
Wildflower Court 2000 Salmon Creek Lane, Juneau, Alaska 99801 (907) 463-8700
Cordova Community Medical Center P.O. Box 160, Cordova, Alaska 99574 (907) 424-8000
PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center 3100 Tongass Avenue Ketchikan, Alaska 99901 (907) 225-5171
Petersburg Medical Center Ltc P.O. Box 589, Petersburg, Alaska 99833 (907) 772-4291

American Red Cross Program in Alaska

The certified nursing assistants are the backbone of the healthcare industries. They are the qualified and trained professionals who devote their time to the well-being of the patients. What they can do for the afflicted is not even possible for the family members. The world and the medical profession need such people to help the sick recover and do their activities, just like any average person.

However, the ratio of the unwell and the caretakers are not in proportion. Today, the medical industries are facing a severe shortage of doctors and nursing assistants. The Alaska CNA programs are doing their bit in meeting the growing demand of care providers.

Before taking the CNA classes, ask yourself whether you genuinely love to help people standing on their feet and ward off their disorders. The classes are essential because the job is not simple and requires you to be on your foot always throughout the shift. Nevertheless, the satisfaction you will be deriving at the end of the day will ease all the pain you have put into the job.

If this is what you want to do, you must consider taking CNA classes in Alaska. Any person with no medical background can do the nurse aide course. Moreover, you do not have to take a loan to wait for years to complete the training and achieve the certification, unlike other nursing degree courses.

How to Become a CNA in Alaska

Given the growing demand for certified nursing assistants, many institutes are trying to make most of the opportunity by offering the nursing assistant course. When you research the training program, the result will overwhelm you.

Before enrolling yourself, you should do a little homework. No doubt, the Alaska CNA classes are the best because of their training module.

However, you must put in your money only in that training program approved by the state’s health department. Just completing the course from any unrecognized training institute will yield you no result. You can find approved CNA classes in Alaska from their office, visiting the state’s Board of Nursing website.

The state requires you to complete the CNA training two years before actually registering yourself for the certification. To be certified by the Alaska state, you must complete a one-year education in theory and practical nursing courses.

After finishing the classes, you have to submit an application and a form to the Nurse Aide Board. Personal information on physical and mental status, photo identity, proof of training, and document to verify your background is necessary to appear for the license exam.

You have to deposit around $250 to $300 as processing, background checking, certification, and examination charges with the form and application.

The board of nursing will notify you about the acceptance or denial of your application. You can appear for the exam only after getting a green signal from the board. The Pearson Vue drafts the exam papers, and it is mandatory to clear the exam. After passing the exam, the board will register and issue the certification.

The validity period of the certification in the state of Alaska is for two years. You have to renew the license before or immediately after the expiry period.

Alaska CNA Training Prerequisites

The state of Alaska has quite different CNA requirements as compared to other states. The students must have passed the high school diploma or an equivalent GED (general educational development) test. They are mandated to produce the proofs of the same.

You must be medically fit; a medical checkup to verify the same is carried out, and you can enroll in a CNA training program only after completion of 18 years of age.

The potential candidates are required to have a meeting with the training co-coordinator for an interview.

If you clear the interview, you can enroll in the course. You also have to attend the mandatory orientation session before the enrollment.

  • At least 17 years old
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Medical checkup
  • Must pass an interview
  • Well written skill
  • Good communication skill

In addition to the requirements for the CNA courses, the applicants should possess strong interpersonal skills.

Those skills will help them to interact well with doctors, nurses & patients. They should also have good writing skills to make a note of the status of patients. The applicants should be highly active & must be able to provide consistently good performance.

Topics Covered in Alaska CNA Classes

Here they get to learn the real job responsibilities under the guidance and supervision of RN instructors. CNA program outline is designed to get thorough knowledge of nursing and get used to the clinical tasks they have to perform later during their professional practice.

The students attending CNA training also build time management and organizational skills during their course work. This is the unique advantage of training for certified nursing assistants.

They are also given additional training in necessary life support skills. All this training facilitates passing in the exam and getting the certification as well as license after that. It also helps to get better job opportunities and become skilled nursing aides in the future.

Below is a list of topics you will learn during the training and according to the federal law of Alaska, nurse aides must perform the following tasks skillfully.

Classroom Session
  • Basic science
  • Human body mechanics
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Basic patient care
  • Patients’ rights
  • Infection control
  • Personal care skills
  • Communication skills
Clinical Session
  • Reading, writing, and speaking in English
  • Patient care and basic hygiene
  • Feeding and grooming of patients
  • Interpersonal communication between patients and doctors
  • Infection control
  • Recording of vital signs
  • Documentation of patients’ status
  • Keeping track of the physical, mental, and developmental characteristics of patients
  • Safe transfer and repositioning
  • Taking care of essential nutrition
  • Maintaining a healthy environment
  • Emergency procedures, whenever required

While the students learn this course content, they also acquire and develop interpersonal communication skills and time management skills.

The Alaska employing agency may conduct such training and testing programs for CNAs and home health aides, provided that they should meet the standards set by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Alaska?

Most of the prerequisites for the training program are the same in many states in the United States. The only significant difference is that the obligatory training hours in Alaska are 140 hours, out of which 80 hours are dedicated to practical training. In most states, the training hours are set at a minimum of 75 hours. So if you enrol in a training program in Alaska, you are bound to obtain better CNA skills than some of the other states as the training here is more comprehensive.

Classroom Session 60 hours
Clinical Session 80 hours
Total 140 hours

Procedure for the CNA State Exam

Once you complete your CNA course, you can apply for Alaska State Nurse Assistant Competency Examination. This exam consists of a written test and clinical skills evaluation test. The written test consists of 70 multiple choice questions, meant to test conceptual nursing understanding. For practising free CNA demo test visit our this post.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 70 Multiple Choice 120 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skills 25 Minutes

This test can be taken in viva form too, for which you must request it in the examination application form. Candidates must perform any 5 skills during the skills test, wherein a proctor randomly selects and assigns these skills to the candidates.

Performance in each skill is evaluated. Ensure you do well in each skill, as failing in even a single skill test will require you to take skills tests once again. As soon as you successfully pass the exam, you will get registered under the Nursing Assistant Registry in Alaska. For more information on Registry, license and verification process visit our this post.

After achieving this registration, it will become possible for you to practice as a registered nursing assistant in the care center, hospitals, clinic, or any other section that provides nursing facilities.

Who is the Regulatory Board?

The Alaska board of nursing is responsible for confirming and keeping up CNAs’ status in the state.

Who Takes the Exam?

The CNA test in Alaska is controlled by the NACES Plus Foundation related to Pearson VUE.

How Much Does Alaska CNA Program Cost?

The overall cost for the CNA course in Alaska is around $1500-$2000. The fees for CNA schools in Alaska include all the study material, equipment, and uniform for the classes. It also consists of the certification exam and license fee, so you don’t have to pay any additional charges once you have paid for the training.

Written & Practical Exam $50
Oral & Practical Exam $55
Initial Certification $100
Fingerprint $60
Application fee $50

Suppose you are financially incapacitated due to the global slowdown and cannot bear this training’s expenses. In that case, you can find out that some facilities offer free programs on the condition of six to twelve months of employment with them after you receive your license. There are other scholarships and financial aid programs on offer by community colleges or universities.

How Much Does a CNA Make In Alaska?

After such comprehensive training, which is almost double what you get in other states, it is natural that you will become a highly efficient nurse aide.

The average CNA payment in Alaska is USD 16 per hour, which means USD 32,500 per year. The entry-level candidates can expect to earn USD 21,000 per year, and the experienced candidates can make up to USD 42,000.

Mentioned below is the list of the average annual salary for nurse assistants who work in different industries for CNA.

Designation Average Annual Pay
Psychiatric Aide USD 42,000
Pediatric Care USD 36,000
Hospital Nurse Aide USD 23,000

The average pay for LPN in this state: USD 48,000

The average pay for LPN in this state: USD 75,000

These wages may increase significantly with experience & additional certifications. In addition to this, it has been estimated Alaska is expected to see growth around 36% in the CNA position over the next few years. Thus there is a very high scope for all the aspirants in making a lifelong & gratifying career in the nursing industry.


The primary requirement of patients indeed is to get proper and timely medical treatment. Still, other allied services are also needed by patients to ensure a speedy recovery to get back to their everyday lives.

This is where certified nursing assistants’ role comes to the fore; CNAs are the healthcare sector’s support pillars, assisting patients in basic needs under a doctor or a nurse’s guidance. Being served by a well-trained nurse aide is far more important for patients than their family members’ support many times.

Unfortunately, the number of nursing assistants available is not anywhere close to the demand for such trained professionals; in the faraway states like Alaska, the difference is even more staggering. This is where CNA nursing schools in Alaska play a pivotal role in closing the gap between demand and supply by providing opportunities for those who want to start a nursing assistant career.

Alaska is the biggest state of the US area-wise, but the state’s population density is low; but because of the varied terrain and climatic conditions, medical care for people in Alaska is always in high demand. This leads to good demand for certified nursing assistants in the state.

But before deciding to enter this profession, you must give it a second thought. You must have a liking for helping patients in routine tasks because a nursing assistant’s job, although very important, is a thankless job. Once you are clear that you have a flair for the nursing profession, get a head start by enrolling in CNA classes in Alaska, and you don’t need to have any prior medical experience to get started.

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