5 Diseases Common To CNA and How to Avoid Them

As a CNA, you are constantly exposed to different types of diseases. You may not realize that the diseases you encounter on a daily basis could be harmful or fatal if not treated early enough. If left untreated, these 5 common infections can lead to serious health complications for both patients and CNAs alike. This … Read more

10 Money Saving Tips for CNA

There are many ways to save money as a CNA. If you have never worked in the medical field before, it may seem like there is no way to save money without affecting your income. Fear not, for there are many tips and tricks that can help you remain financially stable while still working hard … Read more

Nurses or CNAs – Who Works Harder?

Both nurses and CNAs work hard, but it is up to the individual to decide which job they think is harder. People take different approaches when determining which profession requires more physical labor or emotional intelligence. Nurses are in charge of diagnosing patients and providing them with care, while CNAs provide support for nursing staff … Read more

Top 10 Mobile Games for CNAs

CNAs don’t only use their hands to poke and prod at patients. Sometimes, they can be found playing mobile games on their phone or tablet to wind down after a tough day at work. Check out these 10 fun mobile games that CNAs will surely love! 1) LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum – Free – iOS … Read more

15 Things CNA Never Tell Their Patients Wish They Would

CNAs and nurses are often seen as the ‘angels’ of the hospital. They go above and beyond to help patients, but they also have their own thoughts and feelings on what it is like for them in this profession. Here are 15 things CNAs never tell their patients that they wish they would.  1. You … Read more