Best Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

Blood pressure monitors are a must in every home, especially if one of the family members suffers from high blood pressure. However, choosing the perfect one for you can really be a difficult task, since there are many kinds, and every kind has its own special features.

Here are few helpful tips to help you find the best blood pressure monitor for you:

If you want to begin your research online, most of you will type ‘’blood pressure monitor” or “best blood pressure monitor” on Google, and then you will see an overwhelming number of types and versions of different brands available. The options will range between four main categories which are the standard armband monitor, the wristband monitor, fingertip applications and of course the computer-integrated mini-computers.

Keep in mind that although there is a big number of options out there, it doesn’t mean that you can easily find the one that is perfect for you and answers all your needs.

There are many companies and manufacturers who are working day and night to be at your expectations and give you all that you are asking for when they’re making their devices. So, all what you have to do is to look for the features of the monitors then select the one you like the most.

You may have in mind few brands or kinds of blood pressure monitors, or you may be confused and have no idea where to start your research. In both cases, here are four easy tips to help you determine which one is right for you:

1. The blood pressure monitor must be tested and approved

First of all, a blood pressure monitor is a medical device which helps you track and maintain a good health. Therefore, to make sure and comfortable that it will give you an accurate reading of your blood pressure, it must be tested and approved.

Several independent medical device associations exist everywhere, and their duty is to test the device capabilities and to ensure that they meet all your needs and give you accurate information.

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) is one of the most trusted organizations which tests and publishes standards and lists of devices that fit those measurements every year. Most device manufacturers publish whether their product adheres to AAMI standards in the items description.

2. Your monitor must meet your physical conditions

Blood pressure monitors come in different physical sizes to suit children, pregnants, obese or any other individual circumstances.

“One size fits all” is really hard to be found in the world of blood pressure monitors, so when you are searching to buy one, keep your own conditions in mind. When you choose some available devices, ensure that this device fits your needs and is the right one for you. Since you will be using it for a while, you have to invest some time in searching for what works for you.

3. You must have a look at the additional features

Narrowing down your choices can be based on your body type, and on other features too. Some blood pressure monitors can record the time and day when you measure the blood pressure, and some devices also measure your pulse and give other health readings too.

Blood pressure monitors come in different shapes and sizes, as well as different variations to fit all situations. Some extra features may include: an optional two-person mode if more than one family member will use it, a simple one-button design or more, the ability to connect the monitor with your computer or cell phone, detecting atrial fibrillation, storage to save the records of the last 100 readings and many others.

4. Before taking this step, you have to consult your physician

Your real physical circumstances and needs can be determined by only you with the help of your doctor or physician. Your physician absolutely knows a lot about blood pressure monitors and can give you the needed advice which helps you to choose the perfect type that might be the best for you.

Therefore, you have to make sure to consult your doctor with all the questions which are flowing in your mind before buying blood pressure monitor or any other medical device, because such instruments play a crucial role in securing a healthy future.

Our Top 7 Picks

1. Omron Evolv Wireless – Best Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

Omron is considered as one of the best manufacturers and sellers of blood pressure monitors for 40 years, and this blood pressure monitor from Omron can be considered as one of the best innovative upper arm one-piece blood pressure monitors, because it gives accurate readings and more data points as well as it eliminates any interference from movement. This monitor also uses our exclusive heart health algorithm, advanced accuracy.

Its shape plays a crucial role in making this process an easy task, that’s why it was redesigned from the ground up and all the tubes and wires were eliminated. Omron Evolv Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor can be connected via Bluetooth to the Omron app on your smartphone, this new technology enables you to track and save all your readings over time to show them to your doctor or nurse.


  • Omron Evolv Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor has many special features which make it a recommended brand by most doctors and pharmacists.These monitors have special including:
    It has an innovative one-piece design without any awkward wires or hoses to take clinically-accurate readings.
  • It is sleek and compact to take reliable readings at home, office, car or plane.
  • connected to Omron app with Bluetooth technology to save your records and share it with your nurse and doctor.

2. Omron 10 Series Wireless – Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor for Small Arms

This OMRON 10 series wireless upper arm blood pressure monitor with cuff offers precision and comfort as well as it fits standard and small arms. It also ensures providing a consistent precise reading for your blood pressure with its Advanced Accuracy and has a built-in arm cuff storage case.

You can know all the information you need about your blood pressure when you just touch the button, and you don’t have to worry at all as the manufacturer assures that it gives accurate numbers.

There are two models, one carries the number BP786N and the other carries the number BP786, but they are really considered the same item. The manufacturer made some minor technical changes to the components of the monitor, so he changed its name to BP786N, but its quality and features are the same.


OMRON 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with cuff has many features including:

  • Easy-Wrap ComFit Cuff (it completely fits upper arms 9″-17″)
  • It has a smart ability for managing and tracking up to 100 readings on the monitor and recording unlimited readings on your smartphone ( you must have Omron’s free iOS and Android applications on your smartphone)
  • To make it easier for you, it has multicolored indicator lights which show a comparison between your results and the normal home blood pressure levels.
  • It’s increased memory storage allows you to track your and your family’s health with an advanced monitor capable of storing the last 200 readings for many persons at the same time.
  • No worries anymore with the accuracy of this technological monitor that automatically displays the average of the last 3 readings taken within the last 10 minutes as well as detecting any irregular heartbeats.

3. Omron BP742N 5 Series – Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor for Extra Large Arms

The 5 Series home blood pressure monitor is provided with Omron’s Advanced Accuracy to eliminate all your worries and ensure consistent precise readings. Accuracy is the first rule when dealing with Omron’s products especially this 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

This special model helps you measure your blood pressure quickly and easily. It also has a few extra features than the 3 Series Upper Arm, including a wide range cuff that fits standard and large arms, dual settings for two users and a memory storage space for 100 readings.


  • It is recommended by most doctors and pharmacists for its good quality and accuracy.
  • It makes you feel empowered by its accuracy and displaying the average of the last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes.
  • It quickly and automatically compares your readings with normal home blood pressure levels using the BP Level Indicator.
  • This monitor alerts you instantly if it detects any irregular heartbeat while measuring your blood pressure.
  • Its advanced memory storage allows you to monitor and record the last 100 readings for more than two persons.

4. Omron 7 Series Wireless – Best Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

As Omron is a popular brand recommended by most doctors all over the world, you can be sure that all its products, especially 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, had proved their accuracy with heart zone guidance.

For more than 40 years, Omron has been building blood pressure monitors and improving them to fit all your needs. It is easier now to manage your health at home which is the main goal of Omron blood pressure monitor.

The Omron 7 Series Ultra Silent Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor can help you to check your blood pressure and heart beats without putting your life on hold, and it gives you the accuracy and the portability you are asking for.

Just as all Omron blood pressure monitors, Omron wrist monitors are tested and validated for accuracy. You can use Omron’s monitors without any worries thanks to its clinical validation which can ensure that Omron blood pressure monitors and especially this one meet the highest standards of precision and reliability. However, it is very important to place the device at the same level of your heart to get an accurate measurement when using this wrist monitor.

This monitor displays blue and orange indicator lights which help you to find the correct position by guiding your wrist to your heart level, so when you see the blue light, you know that your wrist is at heart level and the blood pressure monitor automatically activates and gives you the readings.


The 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor has unique features including:

  • It is a recommended brand and the number one selling Manufacturer of Blood Pressure Monitors.
  • This monitor is tested and validated for accuracy.
  • It has a special feature called Heart Zone Guidance, this only activates the monitor when your wrist is at heart level.
  • It also has an Irregular Heartbeat Detector which warns you for irregular heartbeats during the measuring of your blood pressure.
  • It is provided with a 100 Memory Storage with date and time stamp to help you review your readings at any time.

5. Omron 10 Series Upper Arm – Best Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

The Omron 10 Series home blood pressure monitor has a special expandable cuff that fits all sizes of arms including medium and large ones. Moreover, it is provided with Omron’s Advanced Accuracy that plays a big rule in ensuring consistent, precise readings. You can know all the details which you need to know about your blood pressure when you just touch the button and no worries with this monitor that provides accurate numbers only.


As all Omron’s products, the Omron 10 Series home blood pressure monitor has special and unique features to help you measure your blood pressure and gives you accurate readings including:

  • The exclusive TruRead technology offered by this special monitor ensures the accuracy, it automatically takes three consecutive readings waiting one minute only between each reading, then it calculates the average.
  • Omron 10 Series monitor is comfortable to use and simple to adjust. Actually, it has a pre-formed ComFit Cuff which easily inflates around your entire arm, this helps to avoid incorrect cuff positioning and ensures getting a precise reading.
  • It has an expandable cuff which fits all sizes of arms including large ones.
  • For those who use it all the time, this monitor is provided with an easy-to-read screen. This special screen facilitates reading the measures since it features a backlight, very large digits, and multi-colored indicator lights. It compares your readings with the normal home blood pressure levels.
  • It also enables you to track your health with increased memory storage, this will easily allow you to measure and store the last 200 readings for you and other persons too.

6. Ozeri CardioTech BP3T – Best Digital Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

Ozeri offers CardioTech products which are trusted and have clinically proven technology. Most of their products, especially Ozeri CardioTech BP3T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, are recommended and used by many doctors, physicians and hospitals around the world. The CardioTech Premium Series BP3T Blood Pressure Monitor is compact, portable and easy to use.

Additionally, it is an advanced 2-user arm-cuff monitor powered by a state-of-the-art CPU. This additional technology improves accuracy by utilizing a double pulse detection algorithm capable to enhance pulse wave detection.


The CardioTech BP3T has amazing features which make it a unique blood pressure monitor, including:

  • It utilizes a dynamic measurement technology called MWI (Measure While Inflate). This special, advanced technology reduces the measurement time and increases the user comfort.
  • This monitor features many special things including touch sensitive buttons, a Blue LCD with LED backlight and a slider switch for an easy user selection.
  • It has a remarkable storage since it stores up to 120 blood pressure readings with date and time memory recall.
  • It automatically classifies the readings according to World Health Organization hypertension guidelines with an intelligent graphical display.
  • It calculates the average blood pressure of the last 3 readings and gives a warning when measuring an irregular heartbeat.
  • It was rated as the best one by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute for providing accurate readings and impressive features.
  • It is backed by a 5-year warranty and provided with 4 AAA batteries, a medium to large sized arm cuff, a bag, and user manual.

7. MOCA Cuff – Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor with App for (iOS/Android)

MOCA Cuff is popular for its amazing and effective health products, especially for its wrist blood pressure monitor. Combining medical-grade technology with elegant, compact design and being an FDA- approved wrist blood pressure monitor makes this monitor the best of its kinds.

MOCA Cuff was designed while keeping the idea of style and comfort in mind as well as providing a remarkable accuracy. It has an elegant carrying case to take it with you wherever you go, and it is designed to have a lightweight and compact size to offer you convenience and portability. This makes it easy to incorporate blood pressure monitoring at anytime, anywhere.

MOCA Cuff is specialized by being FDA-approved, which ensures providing accurate measurements of your systolic and diastolic blood pressure along with heart rate, it is tested and used by most clinics.


  • There are many special features for Moca Cuff blood pressure monitor, including:
  • Each measurement includes a color-coded indicator to see where your health stands.
  • You can manage and track your readings using the MOCA CARE App.
  • Tracking can also be done directly on your blood pressure monitor since its memory records the last 200 readings.
  • Actionable insights are provided to improve your health.
  •  You can get the opportunity to receive health tips based on recommendations from the American Health Association.
  • You can share your readings with your loved ones, doctors, and health care providers.

Testing the Blood Pressure at Home:

Those who suffer from high blood pressure must test it all the time which means at home, office and every where. Therefore, if you or one of your family’s members have been diagnosed with borderline or high blood pressure, then you have to notice that home testing is a crucial event in your everyday life to track a good health. Accurate blood pressure measurement can be easily done with a reliable, good quality blood pressure monitor.

Moreover, taking multiple readings of blood pressure at home is actually more accurate than testing it once at a doctor’s office.

It is so easy to buy an at-home blood pressure monitor, especially that you don’t need a prescription to buy one. However, before taking such step and spending your money to buy it, it is better to talk with your physician about whether you need one and what specific features you must ask for.

How to Get Accurate Blood Pressure Monitor Readings at Home:

  1. Check your blood pressure each day at the same time.
  2. Avoid doing exercises, or having any tobacco, and caffeine for at least an hour before the examination.
  3. Make sure that you do not need to use the toilet, and never eat a big meal before it.
  4. Lay down and take a rest for 5 minutes before measuring your blood pressure. Additionally, your arm should be relaxed, not tensed and at the correct height, so you may need to support it with a cushion.
  5. Wear loose-fitting clothes like a short sleeved t-shirt or any other loose-fitting clothes to be able to push them up comfortably when you want to measure your blood pressure. You have to use the cuff on bare skin, not on clothes.
  6. It may sound weird, but use the same arm for taking the blood pressure readings every time, because each arm may give you a slightly different reading. Therefore, it is better to use the arm which your doctor always uses when measuring your blood pressure.
  7. Remain quiet during the test, don’t move or talk.

When should you check your blood pressure monitor?

Measuring your blood pressure must be done twice a day, and for many days to get the accurate reading. Most doctors suggest to measure it once in the morning with an empty stomach before eating or taking any medications and measure it again in the evening before going to sleep. Additionally, to make sure that the results are accurate, check your blood pressure more than once.

Who Benefits From Home Monitoring?

Scientifically, Everyone knows that the blood pressure raises with each heartbeat, and it falls when the heart relaxes between these beats. Additionally, your blood pressure can vary depending on many changes including changes in posture, emotions, exercise, diet, medications, as well as sleeping, so one measurement for our blood pressure at the doctor’s office doesn’t always provide accurate information about your health. On the other hand, a series of readings taken for many days using a home blood pressure monitor can provide a clearer and more complete picture of your heart health to you and your doctor.

A home blood pressure monitor is very important, especially for:

  • Patients who started high blood pressure (HBP) treatment, use it to determine the effectiveness of their treatment.
  • Patients requiring everyday monitoring instead of intermittent measurements which the office visits provide, including those suffering from coronary heart disease, diabetes, and/or kidney disease.
  • Women who are pregnant, since preeclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension can develop rapidly and endanger the women and her fetus’s health.
  • People who sometimes recognize high readings at the doctor’s office, but want to be sure whether they have true HBP or not.
  • People who become nervous in the doctor’s office, since this nervousness will naturally affect their blood pressure readings.

General Types of Home Blood Pressure Monitors

There are two popular models for home blood pressure monitors, these models are the arm-cuff models and wrist-cuff models.

When you decide to buy one and need to narrow your choices, take all the available options and features of the blood pressure monitor into consideration including performance, brand, features, and price, colour, size, and style.

Arm Monitors

These easy-to-use monitors automatically inflate the cuff, measure your blood pressure and display the readings. Most of them offer extra special features like “risk category indicator” which flags high readings. Additionally, some more developed models can give you the opportunity to download the results of your blood pressure to your computer or smartphone, thus it becomes easier to share them with your doctor, especially when you are taking several measurements a day.

Pros of arm monitors:

Since high blood pressure is a popular problem these days, some models have multiple user memories, which allow several persons in your household to measure and record their blood pressure at the same time.

Cons of arm monitors:

With all arm monitors, it is crucial to use it in a certain position with a correct fit of the cuff, and if it is tight a lot or in the wrong way, then you may get inaccurate readings.

Wrist Monitors

These monitors are easier to use but less accurate than arm monitors, and they are fully automatic.

Pros of wrist monitors:

They are compact, lightweight and portable.

Cons of wrist monitors:

The body position is so effective when using a wrist monitor, so position the cuff at heart level o get an accurate reading.

How to Use a Home Blood Pressure Monitor to Measure your Blood Pressure:

It is very easy to use a blood pressure monitor to measure yours, just follow these steps:

  1. Whether you are using an arm or wrist monitor, follow the instructions that come with your monitor to put the cuff.
  2. If you are anxious or uncomfortable, lay down for few minutes because anxiety rises your blood pressure temporarily.
  3. Keep silent and don’t move or talk with anybody when you are checking.your blood pressure.
  4. Measure your blood pressure two or three times but keep two minutes between each reading and then work out the average. Don’t panic or worry if you find that your first reading is higher than the next reading because it is normal and happens with everyone.
  5. Don’t memorize your readings because you may forget them. Record them on a paper, computer or on the memory of your monitor.

While examining your blood pressure, you can also utilize a good stethoscope to get an accurate measurement of your blood pressure. Due to its high benefits and features, even doctors also recommend using a stethoscope for blood pressure measurement.

 Additional Tips for Home Users:

  1. Do not memorize your records then forget them, or round your measurements up or down. It is dangerous to not keep accurate records of your blood pressure, and eventually, it will affect the treatment which you will receive.
  2. Do not become afraid and lose your temper if you get an unexpected high reading, remember that one high reading is not dangerous and may be nothing to worry about. Therefore, wait few minutes then check your blood pressure again, but if you find in the second time that it continues to be high, then it will be better to see your doctor or nurse.
  3. Checking your blood pressure at morning and evening is enough to keep track of your health. However, if you check it too often, you will become extremely worried, nervous and stressed about any unremarkable small change in your reading. This worry is more than enough to raise your blood pressure in the short-term.


High blood pressure… It is one of the most popular diseases in the world, especially that there are no obvious symptoms to recognize this silent killer at its first stages and get rid of it. Statistics showed that more than 50% of human beings suffer from high blood pressure, and more than 5% of those patients die every year.

In America, one of every three citizens suffer from this disease which kills people more than smoking, diabetes, and obesity, so it is considered a serious problem for everyone even children. When your blood pressure increases, your risk of suffering from many kinds of health problems in the future increases too.

However, we are talking here about fatal problems, since your high blood pressure can put extra strain on your arteries as well as your heart which can cause a heart attack or stroke that ends your life. Therefore have a blood pressure monitor at home and checking the pressure rating regularly is highly recommended by doctors around the globe.

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