Prayer for Passing CNA Exam

*Please pray in your own religion.

Thank you for helping me get through nursing school, and being with me every step of the way. Father I ask that while I study for my CNA exam your holy spirit guides me to use discernment and critical thinking skills so that I can retain any information needed to pass my test. Father, I ask that you would take away from me all self-doubt and fear. When I make my way to the exams room, please be with me so that when test day comes around everything will go smoothly. Thank you for being a fortress of strength guiding my every step through this process by your side. Please continue to watch over us in Jesus’ name AMEN!

Prayer Before Exam

God, o mighty please hear my pray. For I only want one thing and that is to pass the CNA exam in the up coming weeks. Please give me strength and knowledge so that I may understand my studying materials and become a medical savior! Amen.

Prayer Before Exam

Dear Lord, I pray for help as I sit to take my CNA exam tomorrow. Please guide me and be with me so that everything goes smoothly. Help rid of all anxieties by putting trust in you. God thank you for your love and blessings on us! This is what I’m praying today in your most precious name Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Prayer After Exam

Lord, I took the CNA exam 1/01/22 and have not heard back from anyone yet. But my heart is calm knowing that you are in control of these circumstances. My faith rests on your word and promises that you will bring about a successful outcome for me because it is what’s best for everyone involved! And after all, isn’t doing our best to help others what we’re made to do? So thank you Lord in advance- no matter how this turns out or whatever happens next, thanks be unto God who works everything together for good” (Romans 8:28). AMEN!

Retake Exam Prayer

Dear Lord, Please be with me when I sit to take the CNA exam for the second attempt tomorrow. I believe having been unsuccessful the first time haunts me and reinforces my anxiety. I know that only with your strength and guidance, I will pass. I want nothing more than to spread your grace to people in need and spend my lifetime doing so. Please fill my heart and soul tomorrow while I take the test so that fear and anxiety doesn’t have the opportunity to cloud my mind.
I pray this in the name of your son. Jesus.