How To Transfer Your CNA Registry To A New State

Every one of us, at some point or the other in our lives, desired to be of some help to the ones who are ailing and sick, which is quite understandable considering our social factors.

It is a fact well understood that in one of the noblest professions in the field of health care service, that is, that of the certified nursing assistants, it actually becomes quite difficult the moment we decide to shift base to a different state, and start work there.

This is because conditions, as well as the rules and the regulations, are different from every state to the other. For this very reason, the certified nursing assistant has to do thorough research as regards the laws of the next state, where he/she wants to start work.

Switching your CNA registry to a new state would mean that there might be a few different criteria as well as regards the eligibility factors in the new state where you want to start work. In some cases, the certified nursing assistant is required to completely go through the theoretical part of the subject as well as the training part.

However, the best part is to find out how best this kind of situation can be avoided as it would mean a whole lot of wastage of money and time all over again.

The first step that can be taken in switching your CNA registry to a new state is to contact the local CNA office for registration. From therein, the application to transfer your license can be asked for and at the same time, it would be well advised to enquire about what are the necessary things to be done.

Not to forget at this moment is to ask the office personnel, whether the new state that you are planning to shift to allow for reciprocity.

In the case of those states, which allow for the process of reciprocity, it is best to file for the same.

The next thing to be done after this is to find out regarding the process of submitting the application, that is, whether it needs to be taken back to the concerned office, or has to be sent via mail at the email address of the new state office for the process of registration.

There has to be a thorough check-up by the FBI as well, as regards the background of the nursing assistant, that is, whether any criminal cases are pending against the nursing assistant or not, and if found in the affirmative, then there are chances of refusing to allow for registration in that particular state.

At other times, wherein it is found out by the FBI that no criminal cases are pending against that nursing assistant. The whole process of registration actually speeds up, allowing the certified nursing assistant to start work as early as possible.

It is very important to bear in mind that sometimes it takes as much as almost two months for the entire process of verification by the CBI.

It is advised to the certified nursing assistants to get in touch with the registration office of the new state as soon as they move into there because many other credentials are necessary to be submitted. For that the sooner, the better it is for the nursing assistant to start his/her work.

Unfortunately, there are some states which do not have the provisions for reciprocity, and in this case, the requirement is to appear for the CNA exam of that new state all over again

Hence in consideration of this factor, it is a wise thing to get in touch with the new state’s registration office before the nursing assistant plans to shift to that new state, as there might be a delay due to these reasons at the start of work.

All the things regarding the fees for taking the CNA exam in the state, if any, and then the place as well as the time when the test would be conducted can be found out much before actually going to the registration office.

Of course, even though there are a few things that can be known either via emails or on the phone, it is always well-advised to meet the personnel from the registration office and find out the actual information first hand, by meeting him or her.

Once all the details have been found out, it is now up to the nursing assistant to make himself or herself eligible to start working as a certified nursing assistant in the new state as well.

Though switching your CNA registry to a new state might involve a few initial hiccups, if the homework has been well done, it should not take a long while, before you are well on your way to once again starting your work in the form of a certified nursing assistant, and fulfill your desire of serving the sick persons.


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