CNA Classes in Utah

Are you a CNA student looking for some help with your search? Do you know about the various requirements, costs, and length of time that it takes to complete your training? Are you wondering about which schools are best suited to your needs? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you! You’ll find all the information that you need in order to make an informed decision.

CNA Training Classes in Utah

There are a few different options for CNA classes in Utah. You can register for classes on campus at any of the state’s community colleges or universities which offer nursing programs. Distance education is another option, where you enroll in one of the many online schools that provide instructor-led courses at a time convenient to you. Finally, some schools will offer an evening program or weekend classes if you need more flexibility when it comes to your schedule.

  • Bridgerland ATC in West Logan
  • CNA NOW, LLC in Ogden
  • Cole Holland Training Center in Salt Lake City
  • Nursing Education Center in Bountiful

These training centers offer such quality training that they have a passing percentage of over 90 percent consistently for many years. The AAA CNA Training Centers are pioneers in nurse aide training in the state of Utah.

Where can you Find Free CNA Training in Utah?

Often, Free CNA training can be found where healthcare is provided. This typically means a hospital or nursing home. It may also be possible to find opportunities with employers outside of the healthcare industry if they offer paid time off or tuition reimbursement for employees who are seeking to obtain credentials and experience in the healthcare field.

Armed forces personnel can have access to free CNA training as well as some hospitals that provide this type of services for veteran and active duty patients (see VA).The Utah Nursing Board often hosts continuing education events for professionals working in the nursing field that include information on various types of continuing educational certifications including those related to CNAs.

Here is a List of Free CNA Classes in Utah

  • Alpine Transitional Rehab Center
    Contact Number: (435) 723-7629
    Address: – 997 South, 800 West, Brigham City, Utah: 84302
  • Alpine Valley Care Center
    Contact Number: (801) 785-3568
    Address: – 25, East Alpine Drive, Pleasant Grove, Utah: 84062
    Fax: (801) 785-5908
    Email Id:
  • Arlington Hills Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (801) 322-5521
    Address: – 165 South, 1000 East, Salt Lake City, Utah: 84102
    Official Website:
  • Aspen Ridge, Utah Valley
    Contact Number: (801) 724-6500
    Address: – 1992, South Columbia Lane, Orem, Utah: 84097
    Fax: (801) 724-6550
    Official Website:
  • Avalon Care Center, Bountiful
    Contact Number: (801) 951-2273
    Address: – 523 North Main Street, Bountiful, Utah: 84010
    Fax: (801) 951-1701
    Official Website:
  • Brigham City Nursing & Rehab Center
    Contact Number: (435) 723-7777
    Address: – 775 North, 200 East, Brigham City, Utah: 84302
    Fax: (435) 723-8773
    Email Id:
  • Brighton Gardens, Salt Lake
    Contact Number: (801) 359-0050
    Address: – 76 South, 500 East, Salt Lake City, Utah: 84102
  • Bear River Valley Care Center
    Contact Number: (435) 257-4400
    Address: – 460 West, 600 North, Tremonton, Utah: 84337
    Fax: (435) 257-4384
  • Berkshire Rehabilitation & Comfort Care
    Contact Number: (801) 223-4344
    Address: – 370 West, 500 North, Orem, Utah: 84057
  • Castle Country Care Center
    Contact Number: (435) 637-9213
    Address: – 1340 East, 300 North, Price, Utah: 84501
    Fax: (435) 637-4976

How to Become a CNA in Utah?

To become a CNA you must assemble an education and training plan. The next step is to meet the prerequisites and complete CNA training before taking and passing the certification exam.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses in Utah

  • To be 16 years or older
  • Have a high school diploma or GED (Recommended)
  • Good communication skills (Both reading and writing)
  • Passing physical exam
  • Passing a criminal background check
  • Having a current immunization and negative TB test

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Utah?

The state-recognized training programs must offer 100 hours of courses for new hires. The clinical practice should be at least 24 hours, while the other 76 will need to cover theoretical study topics.

Classroom Session 76 hours
Clinical Session 24 hours
Total 100 hours

What You Will Learn During The Training?

This course is broken up into 2 parts to help you get the most out of your time. The first part consists of classroom instruction, and during this session students are taught about what they will need in order to take on their new position as a CNA. Lectures from experienced instructors give them knowledge that can be used immediately when they enter the live healthcare setting for hands-on practice with nurses who supervise and guide them through all skills needed for being successful at their job.

Course Content of CNA Training in Utah

  • Basic science and human body mechanism
  • Medical terminologies
  • Basic patient care and safety
  • Personal and patient hygiene
  • Health and population science
  • Infection control techniques
  • Assisting the patients in their daily activities
  • Basic life support system and emergency services
  • CPR training
  • Taking vital signs of patients
  • Preparing health charts and reporting
  • Communicating between the patients and doctors

Procedure for The Utah CNA Certification Exam

The CNA certification exam includes both written and skills testing. You will need to complete 75 multiple choice questions on topics including nursing knowledge for the written test, but it’s worth double checking before tacking this quiz because if you don’t get at least 75% or more correct answers then there isn’t much use continuing with other portions of the examination process! In skill testing, candidates must perform 5 randomly selected tasks as well as vital signs and handwashing within 20-40 minutes, so make sure these are up your alley beforehand.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 75 Multiple Choice 90 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skills 20 – 40 Minutes

Utah CNA exam costs are as follows:

Written and skills exam $75
Written retake $35
Skills retake $40

How Much Does Utah CNA Program Cost?

The average cost of nurse aide training in Utah is $800, which will cover all the expenses and provide you with a range to choose from. Some programs start at as low as $300 but they only take care of tuition charges–you’ll have to buy your own study books and supplies for those classes. Choose a program that meets your requirements so you don’t spend any more than necessary.

Is Financial Aid Available for CNA Program in Utah?

Financial assistance is available, though it varies by state and institution. Some students find that they need to take out loans for their CNA program in Utah but loans are still helpful considering the high-paying salaries of CNAs. Private refundable scholarships may also be available to some students and grants can usually be found if you apply directly to your financial aid office.

It’s possible for those who qualify for grants or scholarships to cover even part of the cost! Community colleges offer night time classes at reduced rates so that workers can avoid a different shift at work. Funding becomes more limited with distance education programs but there are public hospitals in Utah that offer scholarships to employees who want to return for training as a licensed practical nurse or certified nurse aid.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Utah?

Certified nursing aides are making around $28,890 a year. Entry-level CNAs can make up to 18K annually and those with experience may be able to earn 38k per annum.

We hope you’ve found our blog post helpful. The requirements to become a CNA are not the same for everyone and it is important that you understand what each one means before committing your time and money. If you have any questions, be sure to visit our FAQ page or contact us.