Complete Guide to Start CNA Classes in Texas

Do you want to know which skills and education are attracting employers’ attention, and what profession is the most rewarding, challenging, and undeterred by the economy?

It is the nursing skills and healthcare profession buzzing around in the medical industry. The medical industry has worked hard to make people’s life comfortable and pain-free. There has been better technology helping patients in overcoming their ailments.

All new happenings in this field have just enhanced the life span of people. Perhaps, the inflation noticed in population is just because of an improvement in the medical science. This is the time when you should enroll in CNA classes in Texas, and embark on an exciting career.

Texas CNA classes will provide you a platform to launch your career as a certified nursing assistant. You can fulfill your dream about working with doctors, and registered nurses.

Though you will be working directly with patients, experienced hands will supervise you. Your service to the healthcare team and patients will hold lots of importance.

You will be responsible for providing inputs about patients’ conditions, and other details that will decide what steps to be taken to help patients’ faster recovery.

The skills and knowledge one should have before working in the healthcare industry are possible with the CNA classes.

You will learn to respond to patients’ calls for help, whom to call in emergency, how to read, spell and write important ratings such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure and heart beat.

The course will also offer your knowledge about safety measures. You will have no problems when shifting or moving patients. Further, you will have skills to use various tools and equipment’s.

How to Become a CNA in Texas?

For CNA certification, students have to enroll and complete nurse aide training approved by the state’s Department of Aging and Disability Services.

One thing that is good about CNA classes in the state is that you need not be a high school graduate. The state just wants people who are not convicted in any type of felony.

Students have to complete 51 hours of classroom study, and 24 hours of clinical skills learning. The total hours amount to 75 hours.

In Texas, you can work as a certified nursing assistant even before you receive the certification. This opportunity is for those students who have enrolled in the training program.

However, certification is a must within four months from joining the course. This is a good way to work and learn simultaneously.

After 75 hours of training, passing the exam is compulsory for the certification. The state’s nurse aide registry gives students, succeeding in the written and practical exam the ‘certified’ status.

CNA Training Program in Texas

The projection about the nursing assistants’ demand in the state is the reason behind so many educational centers offering the CNA training program.

Government experts state that the job market for training nursing assistant will grow over 25 percent from 2016 until 2026. To work in the medical industry, it is necessary to be listed with the nurse aide registry.

Secondary schools and post-secondary schools in Texas offer CNA training. Options for the course are also available with employer-sponsored programs.

Many healthcare facilities in the state offer courses at reasonable rates. They even hire students enrolled in the program.

It takes only four weeks to complete the course. Even the entire training cost is below $500. Students have to pay few dollars extra as an exam fee and charges for background check.

Recovering the tuition cost is also possible if the certified candidates are employed by long-term care facilities within one year from the day of certification receipt.

Authorized Free or Low Cost CNA Classes in Texas

Whatever you read about the CNA duties are within your capacity after completing CNA classes in Texas. All you have to do is step out and look for the training places in your area.

You can also search on the Internet for the training program. The Internet will list colleges, universities, and the state’s Red Cross Chapter.

If commuting to the class is not possible, distant learning course through correspondence or online training are the other choices for you.

List of Free or low cost CNA classes in Texas

  • Alameda Oaks Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (361) 882-2711
    Address: – 1101, South Alameda, Corpus Christi, Texas–78404
    Fax: (361) 882-9527
    Official Website: lcca.com
  • Alamo Heights Health & Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (210) 828-0606
    Address: – 8223, Broadway, San Antonio, Texas – 78209
    Email Id: shelly.pascale@fundltc.com 
    Official Website: alamoheightshealth.com
  • Alice Regional Hospital Snu
    Contact Number: (361) 661-8354
    Address: – 2500 East, Main Street, Alice, Texas – 78332
  • All Seasons Care Center
    Contact Number: (713) 643-2628
    Address: – 6150 South, Loop East, Houston, Texas – 77087
    Fax: (713) 643-8175
  • Allenbrook Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (281) 422-3546
    Address: – 4109, Allenbrook Drive, Baytown, Texas – 77521
    Fax: (281) 422-0376
    Email Id: allenbrook.adm@nexion-health.com
  • Almeda Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (713) 528-2716
    Address: – 5925, Almeda Road, Houston, Texas – 77004
  • Carrizo Springs Nursing & Rehab
    Contact Number: (830) 876-5011
    Address: – Eighth and Clark Street, Carrizo Springs, Texas – 78834
    Fax: (830) 876-9414
  • Carthage Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (903) 693-6671
    Address: – 701 South, Market Street, Carthage, Texas – 75633
    Fax: (903) 693-6687
  • Cartmell Home for Aged & Orphans
    Contact Number: (903) 727-8500
    Address: – 2212, Reagan Street, Palestine, Texas – 75801
    Fax: (903) 727-8501
    Official Website: cartmellhome.org
  • Cartwheel Lodge, Gonzales
    Contact Number: (830) 672-2887
    Address: – 1800, Cartwheel Drive, Gonzales, Texas – 78629
    Fax: (830) 672-8039
  • Cartwheel Lodge, Luling
    Contact Number: (830) 875-5606
    Address: – 1105 North, Magnolia, Luling, Texas – 78648
    Fax: (830) 875-5857
  • Castle Manor
    Contact Number: (972) 494-1471
    Address: – 1922, Castle Dr, Garland, Texas – 75040
    Fax: (972) 272-2103
  • Castle Pines Health & Rehab
    Contact Number: (936) 699-2544
    Address: – 2414 West, Frank Avenue, Lufkin, Texas – 75904
    Fax: (936) 699-3355
  • Cedar Falls Care Center
    Contact Number: (319) 277-2437
    Address: – 1908, Sixth Street, Wichita Falls, Texas – 76301
    Fax: (319) 266-1082
    Email Id: cedarfalls@hcminc.com
  • Heart Of Texas, Mason
    Contact Number: (325) 347-6383
    Address: – 110 East, College Street, Mason, Texas – 76856
  • Hearthstone, Round Rock
    Contact Number: (512) 388-7494
    Address: – 401, Oakwood Boulevard, Round Rock, Texas – 78681
  • Heartland Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (512) 335-5028
    Address: – 11406, Rustic Rock Drive, Austin, Texas – 78750
    Fax: (512) 335-0709
  • Heartland Health Care Center, Willowbrook
    Contact Number: (281) 955-9572
    Address: – 13631, Ardfield Drive, Houston, Texas – 77070
    Fax: (281) 955-1597
  • Port Lavaca Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (361) 552-3741
    Address: – 524, Village Road, Port Lavaca, Texas – 77979
    Fax: (361) 552-5808
  • Prairie Acres
    Contact Number: (806) 250-3922, (806) 250-5599
    Address: – 201 East, 15th Friona, Texas – 79035
    Fax: (806) 250-2132
    Email Id: prairieacres@wtrt.net 
    Official Website: prairieacres.5u.com
  • Prairie House Living Center
    Contact Number: (806) 293-4855
    Address: – 1301, Mesa Dr, Plainview, Texas – 79072
    Fax: (806) 293-2804
    Official Website: www.prairiehouselivingcenter.com 
  • Providence Memorial Hospital
    Contact Number: (915) 577-6011
    Address: – 2001 North, Oregon Street, El Paso, Texas – 79902
  • Windsor Place
    Contact Number: (972) 228-8029
    Address: – 2537 West, Pleasant Run, Lancaster, Texas – 75146
    Fax: (972) 224-8836
  • Windsor Place
    Contact Number: (903) 645-3791
    Address: – 507 East, Watson Boulevard, Daingerfield, Texas – 75638
  • Winnie L. Nursing Facility
    Contact Number: (254) 697-4985
    Address: – 2104 North, Karnes Cameron, Texas – 76520
  • Winterhaven Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (713) 692-5137
    Address: – 6534, Stuebner Airline Road, Houston, Texas – 77091
    Fax: (713) 692-5155
  • Wood Memorial Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (903) 569-3852
    Address: – 320, Greenville Highway, Mineola, Texas – 75773
    Fax: (903) 569-1168
  • Woodhaven Nursing & Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (631) 791-9894
    Address: – 1200 North, Jackson Street, Sulphur Springs, Texas – 75482
    Official Website: suffolkassistedliving.com

CNA Certification Requirements in Texas

It is easy to earn CNA certification in Texas if you comply with the state’s regulations. When you are trying for the certification, the first requirement is your age.

Though high school diploma is not asked while enrolling, but being 18 years old is a must. The state needs you to complete the course that has approval from the nursing board. This is compulsory to appear for the exam.

To appear on the nurse aide registry, the state requires you to pass the certification exam. The exam involves a written and a practical test.

The former one consists of multiple-choice question for testing your technical knowledge. The latter test will judge your practical skills.

Prior preparation along with regular attendance in both the classroom and clinical session are the only ways to ensure that you score passing grades in the exam.

CNA classes in Texas are shorter. You can finish the course with few weeks or when you have completed 75 hours of training. The course cost is also affordable since many educational centers offer training below $500.

The training program is a surely a way to a successful nursing career. CNA training provided in the state is the definite path to success.


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