CNA Courses in Texas: A Must Read Guide

There are many colleges in Texas, accredited by Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) that provides certified nursing assistant courses. Completing such a course is necessary, as this will allow you to opt for Texas CNA certification exam, which must be passed to attain a CNA license in Texas.

This course provides at least 75 hours of training, divided between classroom training and clinical hands-on training. Following topics are covered during the course of this training:

  • Patient care and handling
  • Daily living activities, sanitation, and nutrition
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Safety and emergency procedures
  • CPR training
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Medical terminology
  • Encouraging residents’ rights
  • Documentation and reporting

Prerequisites for CNA Courses in Texas

  • Clean criminal record
  • Passing medical and drug test

Required Skills for CNA Courses in Texas

  • Good behavior
  • Good communication skills
  • Patience/teamwork
  • Consistency

Authorized CNA Courses in Texas

Name of school Address Phone No Fax No Official Website
Cedar Valley College 3030 North Dallas Avenue, Lancaster, Texas  75134, USA (972) 860-8201
Concorde Career Institute 3015 West Interstate 20,Grand Prairie, TX 75052 (469) 348-2500, (800) 693-7010 (469) 348-2580
David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center 11155 Gateway West,El Paso, TX 79935 (915) 594-0022 (915) 591-0166
Galveston College  4015 Avenue Q, Galveston, Texas 77550 (409) 944-4242 (409) 944-1500
South Texas College 3201 West Pecan, McAllen, Texas 78501 (956) 872-8311 (800) 742-7822
Texas Health School 11211 Katy Fwy, Suite 170Houston, TX 77079 (713) 932-9333 (713) 932-0313
Trinity Valley Community College 100 Cardinal Drive,Athens, TX 75751 (903) 675-6200

Procedure for Applying for State Certification Exam

Make certain you apply for Texas CNA certification exam within 2 years from the date on which your course was completed. It includes 2 sections: a written test section and clinical skills evaluation test section.

Written test involves students in solving 70 multiple choice questions, which must be completed within 2 hours. In this test, theoretical nursing knowledge is evaluated.

Instead of written test, an English or Spanish oral test can be taken by requesting it in the examination application form.

For this, candidates are provided with earphones and cassette (containing recorded questions).

Oral test includes two components. The first one includes solving 60 multiple choice questions, while second part includes solving 10 word-recognition questions, which is provided in English only.

Candidates’ clinical hands-on skills are judged during the skills test, where they are asked to perform any 5 arbitrarily chosen (assigned) skills under the supervision of a proctor.

Results will be based on performance in written test and in skills test (in each skill).

Make sure you do well in each skill, since failure in even a single skill will declare you as failed in skills test and will require you to retake that test in the next attempt.

If you excel in this exam, Texas Nurse Aide Registry will give you a CNA license in Texas, enabling you to find work at any related place in Texas.

Failing in any one of the tests (written or skills) in first or second try will need you to retake that test only.

If you do not succeed in this exam in your third attempt, you will be required to undergo CNA course and appear state certification exam all over again.

You must have been employed for at least 8 hours as a Certified Nurse Aide, executing nursing tasks over the past 2 years in Texas in order to get approved for CNA license renewal. This must be done after every two years, since it allows you to maintain your working status in that state.

Texas CNA Reciprocity

Reciprocity is the process that allows one to shift to another state for employment.

This facility is available in the State of Texas. For this, obtain a reciprocity form, which is available on the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) site.

It consists of two sections. A candidate fills the first section, after which it is sent to current state registry for completing the second section.

Following this, it is given back to that candidate. It is then sent to Texas Nurse Aide Registry for substantiation. Following points must be proved during verification:

  • Valid certificate from the state where he/she is presently under employment
  • Good reputation in that state
  • Clean criminal background

You will be informed about your transfer status following verification. If you are able to meet all requirements, CNA license will be provided, by means of which you can acquire employment in Texas.

CNA Salary In Texas

A Certified Nurse Aide in Texas normally earns around $24,000-$26,000 per annum and $11-$13 per hour plus benefits.

Once you get employed, salary increases with experience and additional certifications.

Even the demand has increased for CNAs recently and is expected to see a high rise in CNA position and similar fields in future.

Thus it will be fruitful for candidates to undergo CNA education in Texas, ensuring the fulfillment in making a rewarding and everlasting CNA career.

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