Information About CNA Uniform & Scrubs

Uniform is essential in the nursing profession both aesthetically and from a hygiene point of view. It not only boosts your confidence in the job but also emanates positive vibes. It reminds you of your duties and responsibilities that you learn during CNA training.

Most importantly, it helps people to recognize whether you are a nursing aide, a practical nurse of a registered nurse. If you are interested in donning the CNA uniform, you must know the different trends and types of uniforms used in the healthcare industry.

The Evolution of CNA Uniform

When the nursing occupation evolved, unanimously the white color carried on for many years. Maybe this has to do a lot with the nun’s profession since the white dress they wear resembles purity. However, as changes begin to take place in the medical world, gradually the white color uniform shifted to other colors.

Besides the color, the style, and design too got a makeover. Now hardly you would be able to see the old traditional CNA uniforms that were much prevalent during the 19th century.

Today, you can see different colors and styles in CNA uniforms for both men and women. To appeal with their dress, each healthcare facility has applied its own style and dressing code. Mostly, scrubs are been used in the job because of the comfort it provides during working. Even the quality of the cloth is different.

Previously, cotton clothes were used that usually needed to starch them.

Now, with scrubs in use, there is no need to starching the dress.

Some healthcare facilities go with unique themes just to identify themselves from other lots. They even offer CNAs the flexibility to select their dress. Therefore, many healthcare professionals have their dress which they get it either stitched from outside to buy it. On the other hand, many facilities provide dresses to their employees and still adhere to the traditional dress.

How to Choose CNA Uniforms

Selecting proper CNA uniforms is important in the profession since they have to be on their toes throughout the job. Lots of dexterity is needed in the nursing job. The shoes and dress they wear should allow them to move around comfortably. If the dress is not comfortable, it will be difficult to do the job.

Imagine if you are working as a nursing assistant, and you need to attend a patient suffering from a stroke. If you are not wearing a comfortable dress, you will not be able to bend and use your body efficiently. Since it is your job to help the patients and save their lives, you must pay heed to what you wear. Being uncomfortable with what you wear may put patients’ lives in danger.

Since scrubs are the most comfortable, stylish, and fashionable dress, most of the healthcare settings resort to this. Moreover, there are a variety of colors and designs available in scrubs.

If you are a nursing assistant and working in an infant unit, you can wear scrubs with a design that attracts kids. Since children like bright colors and designs, you can choose to wear scrubs with

  • Teddy bear
  • Smiley faces
  • Famous cartoon character
  • Or anything that will make them happy seeing it.

CNA Uniform for Men

Today, CNA uniforms also provide many options for men.

Mostly, men prefer navy blue color or water-green color since both these colors have the property of coolness and calmness. Though pants and shoes will be the same, there would be a definite change in the shirt they wear. It will be a short jacket intended to help in preventing infections.

Buying CNA uniforms is convenient just like wearing them. There are many local departmental stores and supercenters like Wal-Mart and Kmart. You can even purchase the uniform through online shopping. eBay, Flipkart, and Amazon are some of the famous sites that offer CNA uniforms for sale.

Just make sure while buying your uniforms that it should be according to norms set by your employers, plus the style and design should match your profession.

What are the Best Scrubs for CNAs? – Our Honest Opinion

As CNAs we often work long shifts, and we prefer to do this with comfortable clothing. Just like anything else, there are great, soft scrubs, and there are crappy, horrible ones too. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to have nice soft scrubs that are not too tight, move with my body and compliment my figure.

There are tons on scrub manufacturers these days. I ordered a pair of scrubs from every manufacturer I could find and wore each pair of scrubs for a week, before writing this review. I wanted to give you my honest opinions based on actually wearing the scrubs. I wanted to consider price, softness, durability, number of pockets, (cause nurses love pockets), colors and how well they hold up in the washer and dryer. All these things are important when you’re trying to find the best scrubs for you.

Here’s what I learned about each set of scrubs:

1. Cherokee Uniforms Authentic Workwear

Cherokee – These were the first set I wore, and I was quite surprised at how comfortable these scrubs were. They offer a V-neck and a round neck in these scrubs, and the price is very reasonable. I was very happy with the quality of these scrubs for the price.They fit nicely and are they were true to size. I wear them every day and with the repeated washings they receive, they have held up very well.

They look very crisp and professional but are very soft to the touch. Overall a great quality scrub at a very affordable price. The scrub tops start at about $15.00 and go up to about $24.00. Amazon has the best prices I could find on these scrubs, and they offer this scrub in tons of cool colors. They also have several pairs that have up to five pockets in the top and five in the bottom. Great news for all nurses.

2. Landau Women’s Rounded V-Neck Scrub

Landau – I like Landau scrubs because they fit very well in the washer and dryer. I would like more pockets offered in these scrubs too. They are soft, yet durable and come in a variety of colors. They are true to size and are well designed for not only a comfortable fit, but they are stylish and hug your body without being too tight. Only scrubs I have worn can be baggy around the crotch, but these fit just right. The price of these scrubs is quite affordable at around $16.00-$20.00, and once again, the price is best with Amazon as well as the selection.

3. WonderWink Women’ Scrubs

WonderWink are some of my favorite scrubs. They fit well, and I love the color variety they offer. These scrubs also offer you plenty of pockets and are not baggy in the crotch like some scrubs tend to be. The are true to size and comfortable enough to wear all day long. Amazon has great prices on these scrubs.

I have seen them in stores near me, but they are priced substantially higher there. Best to purchase these scrubs online. Priced at around $12.00-$19.00 for the top and the same for the bottoms you can’t really go wrong with these scrubs. These scrubs also wash very well and come out of the dryer unwrinkled.

4. Barco Uniforms

Grey’s Anatomy – Lovely scrubs that accentuate every curve without being clingy. They move with your body and they are very soft. They wash and dry very well and are an all around quality scrub. They’re a little more pricey than some of the other scrubs, but they really are worth the extra money. These scrubs are great for women who have large breasts, they fit without being too tight around the chest. If you love the soft fabric, these are the scrubs for you. The cost is around $22.00-$28.00 for the top and the same for the pants, but they are well worth a few extra dollars. These scrubs last a long time too.

5. Dickies Scrubs Women’s Classic V-neck Top

Dickies scrubs are nice. They are fade-resistant and tend to wash and dry well without shrinking. They do run a bit larger so check the sizing chart before you purchase any. I like the way these scrubs feel and for the price, they’re very nice scrubs.

These scrubs seemed to hold up better than any others in the washer and dryer, and they offer a lot of color choices. The price of these scrubs is right along the same lines as the other scrubs. Amazon is the best place to get Dickies; you’ll pay more elsewhere. At around $20.00-$24.00, you can’t go wrong with these scrubs.

6. Koi Women’s Scrubs

Koi – Great scrubs that fit well. The pair I wear have strings to either side, and the strings are quite long, so they get in your way a bit. I would advise you not to get the tops with string ties at all. These scrubs fit well and come in plenty of colors. They don’t shrink and are just as soft as Dagacci scrubs, which is saying a lot. There is also heavy duty stitching on these scrubs that makes them very durable. Priced at around $18.00-$27.00 for each piece, they’re well within any nurses’ price range.

7. Dagacci Medical Uniform Woman and Man Scrub Set

Dagacci – These are by far my favorite scrubs. They are very soft, yet durable. I’m tall, so I like to be able to raise my arms without the shirt raising up. They hug your body and move with you. They do extremely well in the washer and dryer and don’t wrinkle at all. That’s a great thing! They don’t shrink, and the colors don’t fade. They seem to last forever. Although they are slightly more pricey than the others, they are worth the investment. At around $27.00-$29.00 for the top and the same for the bottoms, they are still very affordable.

Today, CNA uniforms are way ahead of the traditional dress. You can prefer the comfort and design of scrubs, or you can still go with the universal white color. But nowadays it is also important to know what people would prefer to see. After all, your job is just to make them happy and comfortable while under your care.