My Experience On What Is It Like To Work In Nursing Homes?

Seeing my grandma suffering from age-related problems filled me with lots of emotions. Though I was a teenager at that time, I still recognized the type of care elderly people needed. We were lucky to have a good nurse in Mrs. Vachon who used to provide nursing care to my grandma at our home. Since … Read more

How Does a CNA Prioritize and Organize the Workday?

How Does a CNA Prioritize and Organize the Workday

The fact that two of the main aspects of a CNA job, time management and organization skills, totally being ignored in the CNA training somewhat confuses, and makes me lament over it. Students who want to learn these skills have to spend extra time and money, since training providers offer it as an extension course. … Read more

How to Make Your CNA In Services Count

cna in services

When I am back home from work, nothing satisfies me than recollecting the activities I go around at my workplace. That may surprise you, but when you learn my job, you too will fall in love with it. I am proud to say that I belong to a profession that is regarded as sacred as … Read more

How to Get Your First CNA Job

How to Get Your First CNA Job

I completed my CNA training at Ohio in 2008. At that time, the certified nursing assistant profession was just catching up in the job market. Many educational centers were flourishing up throughout the state. Each of them promised a guaranteed job with a certification. Unlike now, finding healthcare facilities that offer job training as well … Read more