Red Cross CNA Certification Program

Red Cross CNA Certification Program

Many people want to pursue CNA certification program to have a career in nursing and healthcare sector as CNA jobs pay well and offer great scope to grow professionally too. The certification helps you to get listed in the registry of your state and increases the chances of getting well-paid jobs. Red Cross CNA certification is also much preferred by such aspirants who want to work as certified nursing assistants.

Training programs for CNA are also offered by Red Cross and the important thing in such programs is that you can practice anywhere across the country if you are certified by Red Cross. Red Cross is a reputed organization which works for the cause of well-being of people and a certification from such an institute will only help you in the long run. You get professional training and exposure to many aspects in the concerned sector and the training would be valued by employers who want to hire you.

Benefits of Red Cross CNA training program

The CNA training program at a local Red Cross chapter is considered to be excellent and students passing out of here are considered best in the field. The possibilities of student ending up with jobs in best medical facilities is very high and these nursing assistants have a proven record of a higher growth rate as far as succeeding in the field is concerned. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the ratio of students success is more than average, hence a CNA from Red Cross draws higher hourly wages as compared to other training programs.

The training conducted by Red Cross is the most cost effective program and to be trained by an organization like the Red Cross sums it up even more. The organization provides greater exposure to nursing during training which will give you an added advantage at startup and will be a morale booster for you.

CNA Training at Red Cross

The duration of the course is similar and varies from one state to the other. You should think and decide whether you can put in enough effort and dedication in order to pursue the program as the CNA training course is said to be tougher. Red Cross CNA certification is one of the best programs and the standards are set high to provide the best professional training possible.

You will have to attend the classroom and clinical sessions compulsorily as attendance is given utmost importance for the successful completion of certification. The performance of the students in classes and tests should be satisfactory in order to get certified. You need to get the required percentage of marks in the final examinations as well so as to get license through a reputed organization like the Red Cross. The organization is known for its aim to provide medical help to people who need it and cannot afford it. So, a certification by the American Red Cross is recognized across all the states.

Topics covered during training

The Red Cross CNA training covers all the aspects necessary to prepare students for certification and make dedicated nursing assistants. Students are taught to monitor the vital signs like recording temperatures, blood pressure, pulse etc.

Students learn assisting patients with their daily activities of bathing, exercise and bathroom use along with maintenance of personal hygiene and keeping the surroundings clean. Appropriate methods of safely assisting patients in moving and transfers along with documentation is also a part of the training program.

The topics can be broadly termed as following:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Medical ethics
  • Disease and prevention
  • Basic health and environmental studies
  • Basic science
  • Medical terminology

Red Cross CNA Classes

Certified nursing aide trainings at Red Cross chapters are held at flexible timings, but the duration depends upon the location of the chapter. The course content exactly meets the standards set by the state authorities and covers all the essential aspects related to nursing. The course is divided into technical session and practical session. The technical part is covered by the highly qualified nurses in theory sessions (also called as classroom sessions), while the practical part is covered in the clinical hands-on session in actual clinical environment. After completing the course program, the students have to successfully clear the exam approved by the state. This exam tests their knowledge in both senses, technical as well as clinical. If one passes both the tests, then only one can get the certified nurse assistant certification and license. Of not, there is an option of reappearing for the respective test.
The Red Cross Society has a great history for providing excellent nursing aide and maintain their reputation since 1881. This organization happens to be one of the most important organizations in the world. There are many institutes and organizations that offers the training program but among all other, Red Cross curriculum is one of the best. The Red Cross CNA training classes have a reputation of providing an excellent platform for growth in the nursing sector. One of the most important advantages of going for American Red Cross CNA training is that unlike many other certification programs for nursing aide, the certification is recognized nationally. In other words, once you obtain a certification through American Red Cross CNA training, you can work any where in country.

The training offered by Red Cross are so popular because of the high standards of the training and the kind of instructors who train the aspirants. Another important reason behind this immense popularity is that the American Red Cross CNA training is valued among employers and your chances of landing up in a lucrative job as soon as you finish the certification increase tremendously.

Importance of CNA Certification

Once you have decided to pursue the CNA certification course, you will have to be prepared to work hard and make the best of the knowledge and skills taught to you. It is very much necessary that you are physically and mentally fit in order to complete the certification successfully.

The examination towards the end of the course has two parts namely the skills test and the written test. You are required to clear both the tests with the required score which may be as high as eighty percentages. The skills test will evaluate you based on the practical knowledge you have been taught during the clinical sessions and the written test evaluates based on the theoretical knowledge taught in the classes. The main advantage of a Red Cross CNA certification is that you would not have any difficulty in getting a well paying job.


You will have to be eighteen years old and should have completed at least high school diploma. You should be completely fit and would have to submit a certificate indicating the same. You will have to co-operate in the background check which is mandatory in every institute including the Red Cross. You must not be convicted of any crime or felony in the past and you may also have to submit two letters from officials who hold respectable positions in the healthcare sector.

The medical checkup is compulsory as you will be expected to work closely with the patients and you should be free of infections or diseases in order to take care of the patients effectively. You will also have to be fit so as to complete the classes and training sessions which may be tiring and exahusting The fee for the whole program will be minimal as it is offered by Red Cross and you can also avail the grants offered by the government through such organizations. There would be a minimal screening fee of $35 which would not be refunded if you are not selected for the program.

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Red Cross CNA is a very valuable certification recognized by all kind of healthcare institutes across the United States. So, you will not have to bother about the job opportunities available to you after completing the certification. Many employers prefer hiring certified nursing aides who have undergone training from organizations like Red Cross. The program will make you a thorough professional who is fully capable of providing care for patients who need medical help because of any physical or mental condition.

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