New York Certified Nursing Assistant Information

New York population and cost of living has greatly contributed in the growth of the healthcare industry. Since the number of in-house patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities are increasing, the industry is falling short of nursing assistants. This has created good job opportunities for nursing assistants. The current shortage of trained healthcare individual has risen up to 15, 000 per year. This is a clear signal stating the availability of job for nursing assistants. If you want to flow with this growing trend, you must become a CNA in New York.

In a large state like New York, there is no dearth of options in finding and taking the course. One visit to the local nursing board or clicking on the search engine will do all the things for you. You will get to know the state-approved classes in your area, duration of the course, fees, and other requirements. When enrolling, pick the class that is near your area so that you can easily commute by public transport or through your personal vehicle. You can also choose the timing as per your convenience if you are already working.

New York CNA Requirements

Certified nursing assistants are employed by healthcare facilities. They help patients in lots of activities such as bathing, grooming, toileting, eating, lifting and shifting. Before allowing you to work directly with patients, New York State requires you to complete CNA training program approved by the Department of Health. You will receive training in varieties of subjects such as anatomy, psychology, nutrition, medical terminology, stopping infection, and client rights. The course span is for 75-hours, which get over in a few weeks.

Upon training course completion, you will need to pass the certification exam. Prometric Services is the authorized testing agency that administers the exam. Exam consists of written and practical tests to evaluate your technical and clinical skills. Passing the exam with required percentage will help you in placing your profile on the New York State Nursing Home Aide Registry.

Who can work as a certified nursing assistant in New York?

If you are looking forward to work as a certified nursing assistant in New York, you need to meet few requirements according to the New York State Department of Health. To get employment, a CNA license is the pre-requisite. Further, it should be active at the time of applying for a job. If you were an experienced person, your employment record would be checked before appointing you. The next step will be your background check. This step is same whether you are a fresher or experienced candidate. Employers would like to confirm if allowing you to work with patients and the medical is safe or not. If you pass all these criteria, you can work as a nursing assistant in New York.

Salary of a certified nursing assistant in New York

Being a large and costly state, New York State offers decent salary to certified nursing assistants. You can easily expect a difference of 17% in New York CNA salary as compared to other states’ salaries for this same designation. The current average salary in New York would range in between $27,000 to $30,000 per annum. Your experience can fetch you five to eight thousand dollars extra.

Training Program in New York

The New York State Department of Health plans CNA training program in New York. The course duration is different with each training provider. One will finish it in 100 hours and another in 130 hours. In both the cases, you will be learning anatomy, basic nursing skills, human psychology, different needs of patients, providing emotional care and support, learning medical laws for patient rights, communicating with patients, relatives and the medical staff, etc. The training will also cover clinical aspects of nursing job.

Certified Nursing Assistant Reciprocity

If a certified nursing assistant is planning to move in New York State, he/she has to apply to the New York Nurse Aide Registry and request them a transfer/reciprocity form. Then the completed form along with the transfer fee and necessary documents to be mailed to the local registry. If you appear clean in the background check, your profile would be placed on the registry. Once your details are registered with the local registry, you are eligible to work in New York.

If you are planning to join CNA training in New York, or to relocate, it is advisable to check the requirements, training and reciprocity with the local nurse aide registry. Anyway, by deciding to become a nursing assistant, you are heading towards a great future.

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