Finding a CNA Study Guide for Your Needs

Finding a CNA Study Guide for Your Needs

It is a universal standard of finishing any training program with an exam. The exam decides how well you have attended the course. If you are approaching for a CNA exam, you should be serious with your preparation. Even though you have participated in every classroom and clinical setting, you should still be mentally alert when taking the exam. Luckily, there are many CNA study guides available in the market. There is no need to worry in finding the best guide since obtaining them are as easy as carrying a pen and a paper to an exam.

CNA study guide will surely help you in preparing for the certification exam. If you desperately need it, you should begin your search by having a conversation with your training instructors. Their experience will help you in grabbing the best CNA study guide. They are more knowledgeable in this regard since they have already collected opinions from students about study guides. If they suggest you to buy any one particular study guide, just ask them what good things it contains and how it could be useful. A word of advice from your instructors will make a lot of difference in passing the exam.

Next, speak with your training coordinator and request few contact numbers of students who have passed the exam before you. Some of them might even be working as a nursing assistant. Make an appointment, meet them personally, and seek their opinions in preparing for the exam. They will guide both on technical and practical aspects of the exam. If possible, request them to lend the notes they have collected during their time. Few students have the habits of making notes of everything that can be useful in the future. Just ensure to return the material back to them when you have done with it.

The internet is the best place to find a CNA study guide for your needs. You will also have to go through the reviews on study guides written by ex-students. Those reviews will be helpful in selecting the best and useful one. You will not only save your money and time, your confidence will also increase.

Another advantage of online searching is the price factor. Since the nursing assistant’s profession is the hottest selling even under slow economy, many organizations are trying to encash on it. You will find study guide published by different companies. Someone who has served the nursing industry may have written those study guides. Depending on sales policy of the companies, you will surely find changes in the price quote of the product you have chosen. Go for that price that is affordable to you.

See how simple it is to find a CNA study guide for your needs. However, there are few points you should stress on before buying it.

The two parts of CNA exam are written and clinical tests. The written test will have multiple-choice questions related to nursing training. The numbers of questions, and the time allotted to answer it will depend on the state you are appearing for the exam in. However, you need to prepare yourself in answering 70 to 100 questions in 1.5 hours.

Demonstration of any five nursing skills in front to the state examiners will be the part of the clinical test. You may need to arrange a person on your own to show the clinical skills.

When you know the exam pattern, you will have no difficulty in deciding what you need from the CNA study guide. To brief the main points about study guide, you must find one that covers questions on basic nursing skills, physical care skills, psychology care skills, role of a nursing assistant. The study guide also includes a CD recorded on live nursing practice.

When you sit to solve the question paper from the study guide, record the time. You may not be able to complete those questions in the set time, but with practice, you will soon be able to finish it in the given time. To polish you clinical skills, seek a reference from your training coordinator. Visit the healthcare facility and try to observe nursing assistants closely. Gaining experience before your exam will boost your confidence, and you demonstrate your skills to the examiner freely.

Keep in mind that when finding a CNA study guide for your needs you must pick one that focuses on preparing for the exam. With guidance from your training instructors, discussion with ex-students, and reading reviews on study guide, you can easily pass the CNA exam.

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