CNA Training in Washington: Complete Guide

In Washington, individuals who need to wind up affirmed nursing associates need to experience a formal preparing for CNA through a certify program.

CNAs provide direct care to patients in various living health care settings so that doctors, physicians and nursing staff can concentrate on addressing the larger health issues that the patients come across.

When carrying out their routine duties, CNAs provide a variety of tasks that help patients with their hygiene, nutrition and all the basic health issues.

The state offers a large number of accredited certified nurse aide training programs through various schools, colleges, nursing homes, long-term care centers and also the Red Cross Chapters. Here, it is also called as NA-C (nursing assistant – certified) training program.

CNA Training Requirement in Washington

  • One must have completed 18 years of age
  • One must have high school diploma or an equivalent GED test proof
  • One must submit a valid state ID proof or driver’s license
  • One must submit the latest immunization proof and fitness proof
  • One must submit the criminal background check proof

Outline of CNA Training in Washington

Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) serves for the certification programs and testing of the certified nursing assistants.

An approved training program in Washington lasts for about 75-100 hours.

Some facilities restrict the time span for the training to 75 hours; while some may extend it to 100 hours.

This meets the minimum hour requirement set by the national nursing authority. The course work is divided into 2 sections.

The first section comprises of the classroom learning session and it takes relatively more time that the next session.

The in-class section is nothing but the theory or technical classes which cover the portion through various lectures, discussions, audio-visual interactive sessions, etc.

The students are taught by the highly qualified course instructors who also give demonstrations for the sake of quality education. The students learn and understand the theoretical basis of nursing practice and also get to know how to implement it while performing the clinical tasks.

In the second session of clinical skills practice, the students undergo the hands-on practice of all the essential tasks to be performed by the CNAs.

They are guided and supervised by their course instructors as well as the nursing staff at the health care setting where they are practicing. They get used to the actual clinical environment, real patients, emergency services, etc.

They are also taught how to handle and operate the advanced medical equipment that they will use in their line of work.

Topics Covered in CNA Training in Washington

  • Basic science
  • Human body mechanism
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Basic patient care and safety
  • Personal and patient hygiene
  • Infection control techniques
  • Assisting the patients in their daily activities
  • Medication and dressing
  • Room preparation
  • Taking vitals of the patients and reporting to the doctors
  • Health chart preparation
  • Intercommunication between the patients and doctors

The students also acquire certain additional skill sets such as interpersonal communication, precise written communication, maintenance of healthy environment around the patients, recognizing signs and symptoms shown by the patients, accurate measurement of BP, respiratory rate, pulse rate and temperature of the patients.

Some hospitals, medical training facilities, ambulatory facilities and community colleges offer training programs for free but one will usually have to search them out as they are rare and hard to find.

The best way to find the free classes is to directly contact the nearest hospital or nursing home or a facility for if they offer such kind of courses.

Online CNA Training in Washington

The state of Washington also has various CNA programs online too.

They may vary in duration and cost of the courses due to varying time span required to complete the course work. The portions are covered in the same manner as that in the offline or in-campus course; but taking classes online just needs paid registration before actual classes.

However, even if the course is online; the students might have to attend some part of the course work through the state-mandated laboratories and clinical settings.

This enables them to obtain the technical as well as practical knowledge for the state exam.

CNA Exam

Once the students successfully accomplish the state approved course program, they become eligible to appear for the state CNA exam.

The exam follows the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) pattern for evaluation of the competency level of the students.

The students have to take 2 tests based on the technical and practical syllabus covered during the course work.

The first test is a written one which asks 70 multiple choice questions on the technical portion; while the next test involves the performance of any 5 randomly given clinical skills from the available list. Both these tests evaluate the competency of the students in technical knowledge and clinical protocols.

After passing the state exam successfully, the students become eligible to obtain the CNA certificate and license from the Washington Department of Health. They then are ready to start and continue nursing practice across the state.

Taking CNA classes through an accredited facility in the state of Washington holds recognition in the nursing field. The students can definitely go ahead with enrolling in one of the best approved programs.


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