Approved CNA Training in New York: Dummy’s Guide

In order to meet the ever growing need for qualified and highly skilled health care professionals, New York provides a large number of options for certified nursing assistant training programs.

In New York, many schools, technical academies, community colleges, nursing homes, medical institutions, independent programs, long-term health care settings etc., offer a good quality CNA training.

The students who wish to pursue the long-term career in nursing industry should search widely for the best and state approved training programs for certified nursing aides in order to enroll in one of them to get a kick start.

The aspirant nursing professionals are certified by the New York Department of Health. The types of courses available are in-campus, online, free, paid and distance learning courses. However, in-campus and free courses are the most preferred ones.

CNA Training Requirements in New York

  • One must be 16 years old
  • One must possess high school diploma or an equivalent GED test proof
  • If one does not have the diploma, one should have completed at least 9th grade level education
  • One should produce an up-to-date immunization proof along with MMR and PPD
  • One should possess good communication skills

Outline of CNA Training in New York

The total duration of an approved course program is about 100 hours. It may extend to 120-130 hours at some facilities.

This duration is divided into 2 sections which are technical classroom session and the clinical skills session.

The first session is conducted in the classrooms of the facility and the theoretical aspects of nursing are covered in this session.

The students learn and understand the comprehensive syllabus through lectures, audio-visual interactive sessions, discussions, and at time, certain demonstrations by the course instructors.

All these academic activities enable the students to understand the theory behind the nursing practice which is very helpful for a prospective nursing professional.

After completion of the classroom instruction, the students are taken to any nearby living health care setting for the hands-on practice session.

Here they get to learn and develop their manual skills regarding the laboratory tasks of certified nurse aides.

Besides the syllabus, the students also learn some additional skills to be implemented while working as a certified nursing assistant.

The course instructors and the senior nurses at the respective setting guide and supervise the students. This tends to make the students perform the tasks more accurately.

Some facilities have the third session in addition to the first 2 sessions. This session is comprised of lab technique practice. The students are told to practice some lab techniques under the supervision of instructors. Thus is usually the shortest session as compared to the first 2 sessions.

CNA Exam

The New York state contracts with the Prometric Services for the administration of the state CNA exam. The exam is taken in 2 portions.

First portion consists of a written test in form of 60 multiple choice questions based on the theory. The students must get the score of above 70% in this test.

The second portion of the exam has a clinical skills competency test. The students are supposed to perform any 3 randomly given manual tasks under the strict supervision of instructors and nursing examiners.

In addition to these 3 tasks, there are 2 more which are mandatory – hand washing and indirect care.

The students should prove their good competency level in these 2 tests so that they pass in both the tests successfully. Better the performance by the students better would be the competency level evaluated by the examiners.

Once the students pass both tests separately, they clear the state exam. Once certified, the candidates become eligible to apply for the license.

The CNA license is nothing but the proof of possession of the desired nursing talent and skills by the candidate.

Thus, the license enables the nursing aides to continue their nursing practice at any medical or health care settings across the state.

For working in any other state or for candidates from other states to work in New York, there is an agreement of reciprocity. Through reciprocity, the previous credentials and license of the respective candidates get transferred to New York.

Free CNA Training in New York

Many facilities are there who provide with such free of cost training programs. Some of them agree to pay for the entire course fees; while some would pay for half the fees.

The students need to inquire enough about such courses before they enroll in any. Federal and private agencies announce many scholarship as well as grants programs.

The students have to apply for such programs by procedure and then after getting selected, they are be able to receive the full or partial financial aid for CNA training.

Other kind of free classes are offered by some facilities in which they ask the students to work for them after their graduation. This is done by signing an agreement for a specific time span.

In short, the New York health care arena demands a lot of nursing professionals. Thus, young graduates can definitely opt for the best and approved CNA programs so as to be placed in the health care industry.


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