CNA Training in New Mexico: Starter Guide

As the population in New Mexico is aging, it is clear that the need for health care professionals will increase day by day.

Among all the health care professionals, the certified nursing assistants are the most fundamental ones and deal with the most basic patient care duties. CNAs are considered as the backbone of the nursing industry and thus, they are always in demand.

Many young graduates nowadays think to enroll in the formal training courses for becoming certified nurse aides.

Taking classes to become a CNA today is the first step towards shaping the bright future in nursing profession. In the state of New Mexico, all the certified nurse aides are certified by the Department of Health.

Overview of CNA Training in New Mexico

There are many options which the students can opt for taking the formal training of certified nursing aide. It is always recommended that the students must enroll in the state approved CNA programs.

They meet the standards of course content, duration and exam pattern. The students can take admission to a high school or a technical school or an independent academy or nursing home or a long-term care facility.

Generally, the cost of training is affordable; but there are some facilities which offer to pay for worthy students from low economic background.

Those students for whom the respective nursing home agree to pay for, have to sign an agreement of working for that facility for a specified time span.

A typical state approved CNA training program in New Mexico lasts for 75 hours, as per the federal requirement. The entire duration is split into a classroom instruction setting and a clinical situation.

First the classroom session is accomplished and then, the students undergo the clinical hands-on practice. The classroom session involves organized lectures on the theory topics, interactive sessions between the students and instructors, group discussions, etc. Through these activities, the students learn and understand the theoretical concepts related with nursing.

They are set to implement this knowledge in their actual practice session. The students are taken to an actual living health care setting for the clinical hands-on practice.

Here the students get to acquire and develop the clinical skills related with nursing. They are guided and supervised by their course instructors as well as the nursing professionals at the respective setting.

The students practice the tasks of a CNA and get acquainted with the clinical environment, real patients, communication skills, emergency services, etc.

Course Content of CNA Training in New Mexico

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Medical terminologies
  • Basic patient care and safety
  • Health and hygiene
  • Basic nutrition
  • Infection control techniques
  • Assistance in the daily activities of the patients
  • Patients’ rights and ethics of nursing
  • Taking vital signs
  • Preparing health charts and reporting to the doctors

All these topics are covered in the duration of 75 hours and the students also develop some additional skills too.

They learn to recognize the patients’ signs and symptoms, communicate inter-personally, precisely communicate in written English, make arrangements for simple dressing, measure BP, pulse rate and respiratory rate accurately. All these skills are very helpful while the actual practice is going on.

CNA Exam in New Mexico

Once the students complete the training program of 75 hours, they are supposed to take the state approved CNA exam. This exam is administered by a company named Prometric Services.

The exam is taken in 2 sections – a written test and a clinical skills test.

The written test asks 60 multiple choice questions and the students must score 70% or above in this test.

The clinical skills test is nothing but the evaluation of the students on the basis of the skills they perform. They are asked to perform any 3 randomly chosen tasks from the list and 2 more tasks which are mandatory. These mandatory tasks are hand washing and indirect care.

Both these tests evaluate the competency level of the students based upon the technical knowledge and clinical skills shown by them. Better the performance shown by the students better is their competency level.

The examiners constantly supervise the students for if they commit any small mistake. Those who have the better competency level pass the exam successfully.

Once the students pass in the exam they obtain the certification by state. After getting certified, they also become eligible to apply for the license.

Certification and license enable the students to continue the nursing practice anywhere across the state. They are the proofs that signify the ability of the candidates to work as a full time CNAs at professional settings.

Taking classes for CNA in New Mexico has some advantages too. Almost all facilities offering training for certified nursing aide also offer facilities like residential service, mess service, high quality education and positive environment for studying.

Thus, the students should definitely opt for the certified nurse aide training programs in New Mexico.


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