CNA Training in Maryland: All in One Starter Guide

Jobs for the position of CNA are one of the fastest growing jobs in the market. Health care and medical fields are ever expanding and also offer non-ending employment opportunities.

Considering this factor, many young high school graduates are now turning to the career in health care field. The very first and safe step towards this career is nothing but to become a nursing professional.

Certified nursing assistant is an entry level position in nursing profession and is considered as the fundamental of nursing.

The job of certified nursing assistants is quite challenging and responsible due to the tasks that they have to perform. They have to look after the basic patient care and safety, hygiene; assist the patients with their daily activities, communicate between the patients, senior nurses and doctors, etc.

The tasks of a certified nursing assistant need skills and nursing knowledge. Those who wish to continue their long-term career in nursing must take admission in the classes for becoming certified nurse aides.

These classes render the knowledge about all the nursing aspects and other essential skill sets.

CNA training in Maryland is offered through many high schools, community colleges, nursing homes, medical institutions and a few freestanding organizations like Red Cross. The students can search for the best of the programs and enroll in for the certification.

According to the board of nursing, it is mandatory for every nursing professional to have certified, regardless of what the position title is. Thus, is necessary to take a formal training and then get certified as a nursing assistant to work in the state of Maryland.

Course Outline of CNA in Maryland

The outline of the course is designed and regulated by the state’s nursing board. The programs get an approval from the state’s nursing board and the higher education commission.

CNA Training Requirements in Maryland

Getting enrolled in the classes has some requirements –

  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Minimum high school level education
  • Social security number
  • Immunization proof

The total duration of an approved training program is 100 hours involving technical or theory classroom instruction as well as practical or clinical practice.

Classroom Instructions

In classroom instruction, the students will learn nursing skills such as

  • Basic patient care and safety
  • Basic nutrition
  • Health and hygiene
  • Ethics of nursing
  • Taking vital signs
  • How to look after the patients with specific disorders
  • How to deal with age-specific patient care
  • Basic life support systems (BLS)
  • Emergency services, etc.

They get this knowledge through various handouts, discussions, interactive sessions and lectures.

Clinical Practice

In clinical practice, they get an actual hands-on training in an actual living health care setting.

There they get to deal with the clinical environment, real patients, guidance and supervision of senior nurses, etc.

They also learn to handle and operate advanced equipment’s. They may also be involved in direct or indirect diagnostics. They learn and develop their nursing and communication skills.

The most important task of a CNA is to serve as a communicator between the patients and doctors. This session is mostly conducted in a nearby clinical setting under full supervised conditions.

CNA Exam

The state of Maryland uses the pattern of NNAAP exam (National nurse aide assessment program). It comprises of 2 sections – technical and clinical.

Technical section has 70 multiple choice questions and the students have to answer them on the basis of the theory portion covered during the classroom instruction.

Clinical section asks the students to perform 5 randomly given clinical tasks which are constantly supervised by the course instructors and registered nurse examiners.

On the basis of skills and talent shown, the students are evaluated on their competency level. If one passes in both the tests separately, one gets certified. Then after applying for the license and getting the same, one also gets the name listed on the records of state’s nurse aide registry.

The license is required to be verified and renewed after a regular interval of 2 years so as to avoid the deactivation or expiry.

Reciprocity Requirements

CNAs from other states can also continue their nursing practice in this state, provided that they must have completed 100 hours of course program in nursing. They can transfer their credentials and license to Maryland by a legal procedure and start working there.

Free CNA Training in Maryland

There are some private or freestanding institutions which offer free classes for certified nursing assistants. These classes cover the entire portion which is same as that of the paid classes.

The only condition is that the students must sign an agreement of working for a specific period in same facility immediately after their graduation.

Advantages of CNA Training in Maryland

Taking a certified nursing assistant training has its own distinct benefits. The most important one is regarding job opportunities. The students are exposed to various employment opportunities in the state of Maryland as well as in Virginia and District of Columbia.

The second advantage is that they tend to cover all the essential course content thoroughly during only 100 hours of training.

Even if the certified nurse aide program in Maryland lasts only for 100 hours; it covers all the nursing aspects thoroughly and also gives an additional advantage of getting jobs in the same or adjacent states right after the graduation as a CNA.


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