Details Guide to CNA Training in Indiana

The certified nursing assistants are called as ‘certified nurse aides’ in the state of Indiana. They are those nursing professionals who serve as the front line workers in the hospitals, nursing homes, clinical settings, convalescent homes, long-term care centers, elderly care centers, etc.

As the name suggests, the certified nurse assistants assist the nurses and doctors as well as help the patients in their daily activities.

They are responsible to provide with the basic patient care and thus, are considered as vital component of the nursing industry.

Becoming a certified nurse aide requires a specific skill set and nursing talent which are rendered to the students from formal CNA programs. In Indiana, there are many training programs for certified nursing assistants and most of them are approved ones.

If one wishes to be a certified nurse aide in any medical or health care or allied facility across this state, then one has to take a proper training for the same and then pass the state approved exam to get the certificate.

An approved CNA training constitutes a total duration of 105 hours. Unlike most of the other states, this state emphasizes more on the practical aspect of the occupation during the course program. Out of total 105 hours, only 30 hours are allotted for the classroom instruction and remaining almost 70 hours are given to totally concentrate on the clinical practices.

Training for the clinical tasks tends to give a valuable experience to the students which they can utilize during their actual professional practice.

During the theory course work, the students are taught on many topics like nursing aspects and ethics, health education, population education, infection control, medical terminologies, patient care and safety, human body mechanism, etc.

All the technical knowledge is obtained by the students in this classroom instruction. The practical session is meant for practicing the tasks of a CNA in an actual clinical environment.

These tasks include basic patient care, feeding and bathing patients, grooming, bed making, preparing simple dressing, providing with bed pan, medication, collecting blood samples, supporting the patients practically and emotionally, etc.

The most important tasks involve keeping the health records of the patients in form of charts, reporting the health updates to the doctors, intercommunicating between the doctors, patients and their families, etc.

The certified nursing aide training specifically trains its students in a few skills –

  • Read chart notes
  • Working as a team member in a team of other nursing professionals
  • Observe and report accurate blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration rate and temperature
  • Help patients with walking, moving, etc.
  • Observe and report vital signs of patients
  • Clean rooms and change linens

Pre-requisites for CNA Training in Indiana

  • Age above 16 years
  • A state valid photo ID proof
  • Basic knowledge about reading, writing and conversing in English
  • Ability to perform simple Math
  • A valid social security card
  • No wrongdoings in last 7 years
  • Medical (physical and mental) fitness proof

After one completes the CNA training, then one has to successfully pass the state exam for the certification and license. The exam comprises of 2 parts of which the first part is based upon the theory or technical knowledge of the students.

Second part is based upon the practical or clinical skills which the students acquire during their practical instruction. Technical paper asks to solve multiple choice questions on theory syllable and the practical paper asks to perform clinical hands-on tasks that are supposed to be performed by a CNA during job duty.

Passing in the exam takes to the certification. Once you are certified, you are eligible to apply for the CNA license.

CNA License Requirements

If one wants to practice nursing professionally in the state of Indiana, One must be licensed by the state. License signifies that the candidate is eligible to work as a certified nursing aide and can now practice anywhere across the state.

There are certain CNA license requirements –

  • Accomplish the Indiana approved CNA training program
  • Pass the state administered competency exam for certified nursing aide
  • Pass the criminal history background check

No Reciprocity in Indiana

The one, who is already working as a certified nursing assistant in a state other than Indiana, can work in this state. They have to reapply for the approved training and state exam.

Due to the unique curriculum content of this state, the certified nursing aides from other states first have to pass the state exam and prove good competency level. Therefore, this state does not have reciprocity agreements with any other states.

CNA, being a rewarding and good paying career; can be a good option to go for. Training for certified nursing assistant in Indiana is a little different as compared to other states. One can become a successful CNA by completing course training and the state exam.


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