CNA Training in Florida: Complete Guide

The health care industry in the state of Florida is very vast and thus, constantly requires highly qualified working professionals to serve for the health care provision.

The health care, medical and allied fields include working professional such as doctors, nurses, nursing aides, licensed nurses, registered nurses, etc.

Each of these levels of the profession does require a specific qualification level and a particular skill set.

Certified nursing assistant is the very first entry level position that enables the people to enter the vast field of health care, especially nursing.

In Florida, the certified nursing aides practice their work under the guidance and supervision of licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) at the health care and medical settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, private health care centers, public health care facilities, mental care facilities, elderly care centers, convalescent homes, long-term care facilities, etc.

They are mainly responsible for providing with basic patient care and communicating between the doctors and their patients. While providing the patients with basic health care, they have to perform a lot of challenging tasks.

These tasks need perfection and dedication towards working for the disables. The skills and knowledge required for working as a certified nursing aide are acquired from the CNA training.

Many nursing schools, vocational and community colleges, technical schools, medical institutions, nursing facilities, etc., offer CNA programs for the students who wish to go ahead with the nursing education and job.

Overview of CNA Training in Florida

All the courses for certified nursing assistant in Florida involve a total of 120 hours program. The classes are comprised of 2 kinds of sessions – theory and practical.

The theory sessions are covered up in the in-class lectures by following a specific time schedule.

The practical part is conducted in the clinical hands-on practice sessions, usually in a laboratory or in an actual clinical facility.

The technical classroom lectures enable the students to learn and understand all the theoretical aspects of nursing.

They include basic patient care, basic science, human body mechanism, anatomy and physiology, basic nutrition, health and population education, patient safety and hygiene, personal hygiene, communication skills, etc.

Clinical hands-on sessions enable them to acquire, practice and develop the tasks that are to be performed by the certified nursing aides during their duty.

They involve feeding the patients and providing with medication, bathing and grooming, bed making, providing with bed pan, providing with catheter care for female patients, helping the patients stand up and move, re-positioning whenever required, preparing simple dressing, maintaining health charts, obtaining vital signs, reporting the health updates to the doctors, etc.

While continuing hands-on training, the students also get to know how to intercommunicate and how to communicate in written English precisely.

Exam for CNA

The Florida state’s Department , Division of Medical Quality assurance (MQA) and Board of Nursing mandate that the students who accomplish their classes for certified nursing assistant must take an exam for the same. Passing in this exam successfully leads to the certification and license.

The CNA state exam comprises of 2 papers of which one is based upon technical or theory syllabus and the second one is based upon the practical or clinical syllabus.

The first paper generally asks to solve a specific number of multiple choice questions; while the second paper asks to perform any 3 given clinical tasks under the supervision of instructors and senior nurses, but within the given time.

The state exam tests and evaluates the students technically as well as clinically. Passing in both the papers successfully shows the competency of the candidates as the prospective CNAs.

They get the certificate and can also apply for CNA license by the formal procedure. The students who get certified are listed on the records of nurse aide registry of the state along with their personal information and working status information.

This database helps the employers get relevant required information about their prospective employees and their working experience.

Certification Requirements

  • No compulsion to attend an approved CNA training
  • High school diploma or a GED (general educational development) test passing proof
  • Above 18 years of age
  • Passing the competency test for certified nursing assistant
  • Level-2 background screening with a fingerprint card

Advantages of CNA Training in Florida

In the state of Florida, one can become a certified nursing assistant even without taking formal classes or attending an approved training program.

There is a provision in which the students can challenge the state approved exam for CNA without enrolling in any accredited classes for the same; provided that they must be above 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or an equivalent GED test proof.

If they cannot pass the exam, they can retake it for 3 more consecutive times in order to get certified. If they do not pass even after 3 attempts, then they are mandated to attend an approved formal CNA training and then reapply for the exam.

One more advantage of taking the classes for certified nursing aide in Florida is that the students can start working at a professional facility even when they are taking nursing education. This enables them to earn and learn at the same time.

Thus, enrolling in a state approved CNA training in Florida opens a wide variety of career options for those who want to pursue career in nursing industry.


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