CNA Training in Delaware: Start to Finish Guide

While all other industries are in their decline period and facing economic crisis, health care industry is the only one which is creating better revenue as well as better new opportunities for the newcomers. As medical and health care fields never fall short of demand of working professionals, there will be unending opportunities for the health care professionals for sure.

People working professionally in these 2 and allied fields include doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, etc. nursing assistants are the front line workers who are in the largest demand, and thus, CNA is considered as an entry level position in the nursing field.

By becoming a certified nursing assistant, one can enter the nursing field and can further pursue the career by continuing education or professional practice.

The continuing education enables people to reach various steps after the position of a nursing aide; while the professional practice renders a constant working experience in order to achieve a bright future.

Certified nursing assistant needs to be responsible and dedicated towards the work. One has to have a zest of working for the disables. These qualities are accompanied by the talent and skills given through the CNA programs and then, a successful certified nursing assistant gets a good kick start for future career.

The nursing assistants have to work at various nursing homes, hospitals, convalescent homes, public health care clinics, mental health care facilities etc., and also under the supervision of private medical practitioners.

They have to provide the patients with basic health care and assist them during their treatment. All these tasks demand a great deal of skill and perfection which decide the success of the certified nursing aide.

CNA Training Outline in Delaware

Many high schools, vocational schools, community colleges, nursing homes, medical schools, etc., do offer trainings for certified nursing aide.

All these facilities may differ in their policies regarding admission requirements, length of course, cost of classes, etc.

In Delaware, the entity responsible for the training and testing program for CNAs and for the CNA Registry is The Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection.

The certified nursing aide course program consists of 2 types of courses – technical and clinical.

The technical part covers all the theoretical concepts related with nursing and they are dealt with in classrooms sessions.

Practical part covers all the clinical concepts of nursing along with their practice. The students spend their clinical sessions in a laboratory or an actual clinical environment.

Many of the facilities take their students to living care homes for the clinical practice sessions. This makes the prospective CNAs to get used to the actual professional work environment.

Here the students also get to learn various additional skills such as interpersonal communication, precise written communication, handling and operating advanced equipments, etc.

Duration of CNA Training in Delaware

The minimum duration of CNA training throughout the United States of America is 75 hours. However, Delaware is the only state that conducts CNA trainings for 150 hours compulsorily. Out of these 150 hours, the technical and clinical sessions are given an equal importance (75 hours for each).

This is designed so that the students get thorough knowledge and also get enough time to learn as well as practice the clinical skills.

CNA Exam

To become a certified nursing assistant, one must pass the licensing exam after completing an approved course program for the same.

The exam is conducted in 2 parts.

First part is of a written or an oral test. It asks mostly multiple choice questions.

In the second part, the students have to perform the given clinical tasks within the given time. These tasks are continuously supervised by their course instructors and the senior registered nurses. On the basis of the technical knowledge and practical skills, the students are evaluated.

On passing the exam successfully, one becomes eligible to get the certificate and apply for the license. Once the candidates get their license, they can work anywhere in the state at any health care or medical facility.

If a certified nursing aide from some other state wants to shift to Delaware and continue working professionally, then there is no need to reapply for license. This state has the facility of transfer of CNA license by reciprocity. The respective candidate can get the credentials and license transferred from the previous state.

The cost of CNA classes in Delaware is generally affordable; but for those who really cannot afford to pay for the fees, there are free classes offered by many of the institutions and universities.

These facilities provide with the training for free, but expect those students to work for them for a specified time after graduation. This proves to be advantageous to both sides. The students get free education and work experience for further career prospects, and the facility gets qualified and skilled workers without paying them.

Financial help programs are also announced by the private and governmental agencies across the state in form of scholarship and sponsorship.

The nurse aide registry maintains a record of personal information and professional working status of all the nursing professionals across the state.

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