CNA Tests are Necessary for Becoming A CNA

CNA Tests are Necessary for Becoming A CNA

CNA certification test is also referred as nurse aide assessment examination. This test is conducted after the completion of certified nursing aide course. This test is also called as National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). The main aim of this test is to judge the knowledge and skills of the candidate, which they have gained during the training session.

Certified Nursing Aide Exam Requirements

A certified nursing assistant is required to have the basic knowledge of nursing, which includes anatomy, preventive measures, physiology, health and hygiene and so on. These examination requirements may differ from one location to another. Some of the basic requirements include:

  • High school diploma degree or GED (General Educational Development)
  • Completion of 150 hours of training including theoretical and clinical training session

Certified Nurse Assistant Test Pattern

Certified nursing assistant test pattern is same throughout the United States, as there is a written test followed by a clinical practical test. There might be a difference in the number of question asked in the written examination.

  • Written Test: The written test includes 60-70 multiple choice questions based on the knowledge that you gained during the classroom lectures. This exam is conducted to check the candidate’s theoretical concept of nursing.
  • Clinical Practical Test: During the practical session, you will be given a set of 25 questions from which you have to demonstrate any 5 skills in front of the examiner. This practical test is conducted to check the skill of the candidate and how competent they are for being awarded with nursing certification degree.

Skills Demonstrated During CNA Test: Listed below are some of the skills that are being asked during the practical test.

  • Hand washing and personal hygiene
  • Measuring body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse rate
  • Feeding the patients
  • Repositioning the patients
  • Assisting in different range of motions
  • Dental care and cutting the fingernails
  • Dressing the wounds of the patients
  • Shifting the patients from bed to wheelchair
  • Providing sponge bath and changing the dress
  • Provide medication and drug therapy

Duration of Certified Nursing Assistant Test: The duration of this test is 2 hours that comprise of both theory and practical test.

Certified Nursing Aide Exam Books: Let us have a look at some of the common books that will help to clear the certified nursing aide examination.

  • Name of the book: CNA Exam Secrets Study Guide: CNA Test Review for the Certified Nurse Assistant Exam
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  • Name of the book: CNA Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Cram
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  • Name of the book: Nursing Assistant / Nurse Aide Exam
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  • Name of the book: CNA Exam Practice Questions: CNA Practice Tests & Review for the Certified Nurse Assistant Exam
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  • Name of the book: Competency Exam Prep and Review for Nursing Assistants
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Tips to Clear Certified Nurse Aide Test

It is important to clear both the theoretical and practical exam in order to get the nursing assistant certification. There are some points that you need to consider, as it will help you in clearing the exam in an effective manner.

  • Practice answers to all the different type of questions before appearing for the final examination
  • Be clear will all the basic concept of nursing and health care
  • Wash your hands before demonstrating the skills to the examiner
  • Do not enter the room of the patient without knocking at the door during the practical test demonstration
  • Be careful and attentive while handling the patients door during the practical test demonstration
  • Read and understand the questions carefully then answer the question in an effective manner

What will happen if the Candidate fails in a certified nurse aide Exam?

If the candidate fails in the exam for the first time, then they will be provided 2 more attempts to appear for the exam. But, if not cleared in the third attempt, then they have to go through the full training session once again.

How Do the Candidate Get Informed about the Examination?

The candidates are intimated beforehand about the date and venue of the exam through email, therefore it is important that the candidate provides the correct contact details.

After passing the CNA test, you will be awarded with CNA certification degree then you can apply for license from the license authority. The procedure for obtaining license takes 3-4 weeks after which you will be eligible to apply for certified nursing aide jobs in any of the health care organization in their state.

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