8 Tips to Grow Your Resume Skills As a CNA

While writing any resume the objective is to attract recruiters to your profile so that you can get as many job opportunities as possible; same is the case with a CNA resume.

When you write a resume, skills are the most important aspect that need to be highlighted.

The CNA clinical skills are most likely to get you to a job interview as they matter the most for a certified nursing assistant’s job. It is necessary that you keep your resume precise yet make it talk about your skills and experience to make your resume stand out from other resumes.

We will discuss all essentials of resume skills which will be a guideline for you to write an effective resume and ease your job hunting process.

Ideally a CNA resume should be of maximum two pages and a cover letter; it will make your job application of three pages which is the acceptable standard.

The format of a CNA resume should be as follows:

  1. Contact Details
  2. Career Objective
  3. CNA Skills
  4. Educational Qualifications
  5. Work Experience
  6. Example
  7. Voluntary Work
  8. And References

Below are the details of each of the sub-heads of the resume:

1. Contact Details

You should give information about the contact details at the beginning of the Resume, preferably in the header. It should contain your name, address, telephone number and e-mail id.

The recruiter can easily contact you if he finds your profile matching to the employers liking, so this information should be at the beginning.

2. Career Objectives

The career objective should be in tandem of the job you are applying for; it should be tailor made for the specific job.

For example the career objective for a Hospital CNA job should be different from the one for an Adult Daycare CNA job because the job responsibilities differ.

When you state your career objective don’t boast but sincerely state your goals that could prove to be an advantage for the CNA job you are applying for.

Below are examples of career objectives; first is for a Hospital CNA job and second is for a retirement facility.

  • Career Objective: To work as a Hospital CNA and gain valuable experience to advance in a rewarding nursing career
  • Career Objective: To utilize my CNA skills in providing healthcare assistance to the elderly people who need warm and comforting care

3. CNA Skills

Certified Nursing Assistant is a skills oriented job so you must be able to elaborate the skills you have learned during training and those that you may have acquired by experience.

Following are some CNA job skills you can mention in your resume.

  • Complete knowledge of taking and recording the vital signs of patients; be it blood pressure, temperature or pulse and respiration
  • Certified cardiopulmonary restoration skills
  • Good bedside manners to assist patients in changing positions, changing bed linen of occupied bed
  • Good experience of ambulating patients to different departments for various checkups and complete understanding of the varied documentation required for patient transfers
  • Proven track record of maintaining hygienic surrounding
  • Ability to educate patients and their family members about the healthcare needs
  • Can assist multiple patients at the same time without mixing up their healthcare requirements
  • Experience in dressing, grooming, feeding patients and providing bedpans

4. Educational Qualification

In this section mention the CNA training program you undertook with the name and location of the community college or nursing school.

Mention if you have any specializations along with basic CNA training like Pediatric care or Psychiatric care etc.

Mention any program you are enrolled into for advancing in the nursing career.

All these aspects are essential to ensure good job openings and good salary.

5. Work Experience

List out all the work experience you have mention the name of the employer with address, your designation (Junior CNA, Associate CNA, Senior CNA etc.) with the time period.

Give a brief job description in each of your employment and mention the status of employment; part-time or full-time and mention the type of employment; contractual or permanent.

6. Example

Worked with St. Johnsons Hospital, Chicago, IL as an Associate CNA from Jan 2018 to March 2020 on a full-time, permanent basis. My duties include (list all the job responsibilities that you carried out in brief).

Make sure you don’t repeat the information provided in the skills section; mention the specific responsibilities of the particular job.

7. Voluntary Work

Mention any Voluntary work you have been involved in as it states that you can go the extra-mile to give care to those who need healthcare assistance. It is a reflection of your personality and gives the employer an idea about the kind of professional you can be.

So it is good to list out all the voluntary work that you have done to boost the chances of getting more job opportunities.

8. References

Give two or three references of people who know you personally and professionally as employers like to do a background check before selecting candidates.

Mention the persons’ name, designation in the organization and contact details.

Make sure you inform the people listed in your references section that you are using their name for the purpose so that the person is not caught unaware.

The CNA resume skills mentioned above will be great guidelines to prepare a good CNA resume and attract prospective employers when you are looking out for a new job in the nursing profession.


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