4 Ways To Improve Your CNA Nursing Skills Like a Pro!

If you want to make a successful nursing assistant career, then it is essential that you develop good CNA nursing skills to serve patients in their healthcare needs.

A CNA works in varied settings like a nursing home, hospital, medical facility, adult daycare center etc. Your duties may partially vary from one setting to another but the basic responsibilities remain the same. After completion of your CNA training you must make sure that you brush up your CNA practical proficiencies before you take the certification exam;

Doing so will assure that you clear the practical paper and if you study hard for the theory paper as well you can rest assured that you will be a certified nursing assistant, ready to serve patients in healthcare once you obtain the state license. There are many options available to brush up on your CNA nursing abilities and you must research for the option suitable for you.

1. CNA Clinical Skills Lab

This is one of the best options to develop your clinical abilities further and get a professional review.

The CNA clinical skills lab is suitable for students who have finished their CNA training program or for those who were enrolled in an online program and need practical experience of the craft they have read about or watched videos on the internet.

These classes are of the duration of five to six days and are conducted under the guidance of Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN).

In these labs you get a chance of practicing all the tasks that you have learned during the training program; you can practice taking vital signs, catheter care, transfers to wheelchairs or stretchers with/ without the use of belts etc.

You can review the actual skills learnt in various healthcare settings and get exposure to routine procedures and documentation. You will also get used to reporting to the supervising nurse and following his/ her instructions.

These labs allow you to interact with patients and other team members in healthcare settings and you get a better understanding of their responsibilities.

Apart from hands on experience and receiving and reacting to instructions from nurses the courses in these labs involve extensive practice and you will be provided with a CNA clinical skills study guide;

You can even prepare your own checklist for reference. If you feel that you want a skills DVD for further practice and review you can purchase a set. To join a CNA clinical skills lab research for one such course in your locality.

2. CNA Skills Practice Tests

This is another option available to review your CNA job skills but it is an individual responsibility to take these tests in a professional manner as these will be taken by you in your home with the help of a couple of individuals who may be family members, friends or co-students.

The important point to be kept in mind while taking the practice test is that you must not take it lightly because the environment may not be professional; you must be focused so that you can review your abilities properly and based on that review you can prepare for the practical exam.

During a skills exam you have to perform the tasks in presence of a state examiner and if you don’t practice with intent you may find it hard to pass the practical paper.

3. Online Skills Videos

This is the best option if you have enrolled in an online training program but others may also find it helpful if the online videos available are utilized properly to improve your clinical abilities.

The skills are performed by experts and they explain each and every procedure before exhibiting it. You can watch these videos and make notes and checklist and then practice the tasks at home.

It is mandatory that you attend the clinical classes irrespective of whether you have enrolled in an online course or a traditional course.

If you have joined an online course, watching these videos before the practical classes will be an added advantage for you as you will have prior information about the skills you will learn in the clinical lab.

4. CNA Skills Study Guide

These are a great source of information about the capabilities CNA must possess; good study guides are available which you can use to judge your preparedness for the CNA skills test.

They contain detailed information about all CNA nursing proficiencies with a complete explanation of the procedures involving every task. Most of these guides come with DVDs for further assistance in enhancing your expertise.

You can properly understand the process of skilled nursing and your job responsibilities and etiquette that must be followed.

You can study them carefully and learn the best methodology for every task and if you follow them during the exam the examiner will definitely give you good grades; keep following them when you practice as a nurse aide and you will prosper in the profession.

If you can find out which of these options suit your practice requirements best and follow the guidelines you will surely pass the clinical skills test with flying colors.

Developing and harnessing CNA nursing skills can lead to a bright future if you want to; many of the RNs in this country started their careers as nursing assistants with an eye for a prosperous nursing career, you too can be one of them.


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